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Plea of a child taken by Laughing Jack

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence and mature content.

*This is a song/poem from the perspective of a child taken by the Creepypasta character, Laughing Jack, who was created by Snuffbomb. There are also some references to childhood media, to make it more real-sounding. This is underneath my folder titled “Creepypasta Stuff”. Enjoy!*

A clown for a friend

He promised us a Neverland

Like Peter Pan, we thought that we’d soar

But just like The Lost Boys, we’re animals

We bite and we claw

At those who help us

This is a circus of deceit

We followed the scent of cotton candy

Saccharine-dreams of riding unicorns and braving the dragons

The taste of human flesh is rotten in our mouths

We can’t remember our names

“Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?

Were you ever there?”

One functioning body, we all work to make the biggest playground

The clown says that if we’re good,

Then he’ll send us back to where we belong

But the time has melded together

Everyone has gone on without us

Our friends have already pursued their dreams

They’ve rode the rollercoasters and tasted the corn dogs

They’ve tossed aside the peanuts and got the candy of their lives

But we’re still in the mess of a carnival

The calliope plays on

A sweet, silly song

The screams get louder

When someone finds the clown,

We make them drown

We jump back and eat

Adults, they’re gone

Help, it’s gone

The world calls us “The Children”

Just “The Children”

Bloodied, skeletal husks of children

Children who didn’t listen

Bad, terrible children

It’s our fault for trusting him

But we thought that he was our friend

The clown said that he just wanted to play

Never did we ask to be what we are now

Never did we ask to be the monsters we once feared

In a faraway life, we ate the meals cooked for us

We ate at home

We ate at school

We ate at restaurants

Surrounded by those who loved us

Surrounded by those who cared

Goodness, why didn’t we see?

We thought that we were alone

So we came to the clown

Who promised to treat us like Kings and Queens

To give us magic and mayhem

Now if anyone stumbles through

We bite

We eat

We eat their body

We eat their soul

At his command, we follow

They scream, they cry

They fight for their life

It’s oh so loud

They’re oh so scared

But we can’t make it stop

We know that somewhere

There’s a savior, someone who will

Take us out of this Hell

Give us back our parents

Give us back our names

Isn’t that how all stories end?

The monster gets slayed

The children get saved

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to end?

Please, I don’t want to kill anybody anymore

Please, I want to see my friends again

My parents are waiting for me

I’m done with the fairgrounds of sorrows

Take me over the rainbow, where the glorious Land of Oz waits

My teeth hurt

My hands hurt

Everything hurts

Please, I want to go home

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Sun Jun 09, 2024 5:21 pm
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Isbah wrote a review...

Hi! This is a very heart wrenching poem and I think it is well written from the perspective of a child. Although in some places I feel like the language doesn’t feel like it’s a child’s, I think the poem wouldn’t be the same if it was changed so maybe it’s better to leave it like that. I’m talking about the lines like “ Bloodied, skeletal husks of children” I don’t think a child thinks like that. But in most places, the use of imagery of school, parents, rollercoasters convey the emotions and troubles of a really young person very well.
My favourite part is,

“ Isn’t that how all stories end?

The monster gets slayed

The children get saved

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to end?”

It conveys a belief in happy endings that most people only have in their childhood. And yet it’s heart breaking for the reader at the same time because they see it through their own perspective.
Overall, I like the tone and mood of the poem and it’s well written.
Have a great day/night!

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Mon Jun 03, 2024 9:11 pm
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Coffeewriter wrote a review...

Hi there! It’s Coffee pouring by to write a comforting review for a wonderfully sentimental piece!
First of all, I’m shocked this work has zero reviews, it’s honestly great!! I don’t have vast knowledge about Creepypasta or any other stuff like that but I understand the point of the story and the motives etc. Plus, even though I don’t know details and where it’s originated from this piece made me intrigued and made me question more about characters and if they do get their “happy ending” after all.
The beginning was great, great as in it really drew me in and made me want to read more and before I knew it the poem ended. I loved the constant reference on things we all know like Peter Pan and the Lost Boys as a main reference, it really made me as a reader with fresh eyes, aware of the situation and made me really understand how the children felt as I can relate them to something well know like The Lost Boys.
I mean…they’re called Lost Boys for a reason. Plus, although they had Peter in many versions, they were never happy, in fact they stayed as children-ferocious, nasty children. No family. Limited friends and their whole lives were spent with a manipulative Peter. Really depends on what version you agree with most and what view you have. Same with this short poem.
Honestly, I just love it so much I don’t know what to say anymore!! I love the ending it really makes me want to hug the children and tell them they’re ok and that they can live a normal childhood and they can meet their loved ones. But, it is followed by a quick and sinking feeling of dread knowing even if I could,
1.They would probably be controlled by the clown forever, against their willpower
2.Sometimes…happy endings aren’t always a reality. That’s the harsh, cold reality sometimes.
Although it seems hopeless, I really wanted to reach through and hug them tight and tell them “it's ok”. It’s small but totally effective.
Thank you for reading and have a good day/night!!

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