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​A Eulogy to Alphonsa
by NivedaJames22 in Poetry » Dramatic

by Horisun in Poetry » Humor

The Quest for Fire - Into the Mists - Chapter 43
by felistia in Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure

a s-purr-ing day
by AceassinOfTheMoon in Poetry » General

Life is eventually beautiful
by Apehdavid2 in Poetry » Humor

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  • Storyboooks » Out-of-Character Discussion
    All for Show? {OOC}

    Yes, as bright as a midnight star, ;) (totally saw that finish the simile thread) Sorta similar to my grandmother too. Thanks for the advice on her needing something a ...

    clarevelyn13 - 4 minutes ago

  • Forums » Writing Activities
    Haiku Train

    Of shiny apples That have slid across my hand And fell to grass dew

    Moonglade - 44 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Romantic
    The Selkie & the Lighthouse

    Hey there! This was super cute-- happy endings are so lovely. I've got a number of things you might consider working on, but first: In general, you do a great ...

    Ventomology - 8 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Out-of-Character Discussion
    A Bad Bar Joke [OOC]

    Reading along with A Bad Bar Joke and want some place to react to the story? Feel free to throw your thoughts here! @SebiGhoul, @SirenCymbaline and I probably won't use ...

    Magebird - 8 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Out-of-Character Discussion
    LSS: The Last Word OOC

    I think Saturday and Sunday are the best for me, and out of those two, Sunday. I could probably do any time from 10 am to 8 pm EST, and ...

    Plume - 10 hours ago

  • Poetry » Dramatic, General
    Soil of misery

    the soil of our misery.

    QueenMadrose - 10 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, Romantic
    I Love You

    I like this was cute and nice.Hats off to you for being brave.I would never have the guts to do what you did.I’m pretty much going to say the same ...

    vampricone6783 - 11 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Iceflame// Chapter 21: Welcome to the Clash

    And I'm finally caught up! Please feel free to tag me in any of the future chapters you post (though I may not get to them immediately as I'm still ...

    IcyFlame - 13 hours ago

  • Reviews » Other » Realistic, Review
    Indulgence of the Imagination

    Hi there PoetryMisfit! Being someone who’s seen little tidbits of Miyazaki (but never had the chance to actually finish watching one of his films) I thought this work of yours ...

    Liminality - 13 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Supernatural, General
    Awakening Chapter 21: Immunity

    The battle between Blake and Puter takes surprising turns.

    Otterpop - 14 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Dramatic, Fantasy
    (DRAFT) Miscreants: Inauguration - Chapter Six, Part Four

    Hey Lim! You've been doing a lot with my Awakening chapters so I figured I would return the favor! Granted I have not read previous chapters but I hope I ...

    Otterpop - 14 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Fantasy
    Among the Dragons - Chapter 1.2

    Hey Shady! Otterpop back with a quick review! I've been a little MIA with reviews lately but I definitely need to step it up. And it seems I started a ...

    Otterpop - 14 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Iceflame// Chapter 20: On the Eve of the Battle

    Ooooh this chapter name makes me think we must have had a slight time jump and also that we're preparing for the big event. In reference to my earlier comment ...

    IcyFlame - 15 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Iceflame// Chapter 19: Strategy

    We're getting there! Only two more chapters after this one until I'm up to date. It was nice to see Rose back in this chapter. It's been a while since ...

    IcyFlame - 17 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Iceflame// Chapter 18: Get Ready for Hell

    Phew chapter 18 here we go! I feel like we're building to something big and I'm wondering how you're going to make this class battle read bigger than all the ...

    IcyFlame - 17 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » General, General
    Some kind of Wonderful. 13+

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night(whichever one it is in your part of the world), Hi! I'm here to leave a quick review!! Anyway let's get right to it, I met Lee on the ...

    HarryHardy - 17 hours ago

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