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pomegranate trees and folk songs
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the lines from these hands
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  • Short Story » Horror, Dramatic
    Face to Face

    I don't know how much I can say without spoiling it. I think this little Gothic-type story is one of the better ones I churned out a while back.

    Werthan - 25 minutes ago
    12+ Violence

  • Short Story » Teen Fiction, Fantasy

    Everyone is born with a countdown on their wrist, a countdown until they meet their soulmate. Follow a teen girl, Kat, as she finds her own soulmate.

    CaitlinMarie - 45 minutes ago
    E - Everyone

  • Reviews » Poetry » Horror, Other
    The Man in Grey

    Hey there! I thought I'd stop by for a review this lovely Review Day! c: I loved the undertone of horror in this poem, and the just really dark kind ...

    Holysocks - 1 hour ago

  • Forums » Writing Activities
    Challenge Your Imagination?

    MEMEMEMEMemEMEmEMEEmEMemEMEmEE ....... @Basil Me.

    Vellichor - 2 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Ascension: Alsari 4 (The Myriad book 1)

    Infinite worlds of magic and possibility await those few who are able to reach them. And don't die first.

    Feltrix - 2 hours ago

  • Forums » Writers Corner
    LMS - the memories tattooed on his skin

    Chapter 1 ~ Summary HUNTER be warned: This summary contains plot events that have not been written yet. Tread carefully. Introduce Hunter: first person perspective, with him as the narrator. ...

    SpiritedWolfe - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Quest for Fire ~ Chapter 8 ~ Felistia and Shiraku

    Guess who's back? Me! "He heard bones crack behind him and hurriedly got to his feet. Zoltar whipped around to see the Shang Fu hanging limp between an Ice Talons ...

    featherstone9086 - 2 hours ago

  • Poetry » Horror, Other
    The Man in Grey

    I forgot why I wrote this, but I'm not all that proud. I still hope you enjoy it, though. Blessings <3

    NerdTrash6000 - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Literature, Dramatic
    Who I Am

    This is just amazing. Only a couple things I want to give my opinion on. First, maybe you should add periods just to signif something new starting like after "curved ...

    skylnn00writes - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Humor
    The Chosen Grandma, Chapter 1.1

    Heyya! Voiceofdragons coming atcha with a (probably mediocre) review! I'm gonna be reviewing as I read so I don't miss anything, so if random reactions to whatever I read make ...

    voiceofdragons - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Realistic, Narrative
    in an overheated room

    I like how this doesn't really focus on their emotions at all, but that's the main thing you notice. It's like foreground-background and the poem itself is a background that ...

    Werthan - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Dramatic, Narrative
    I'm bitter in a way.

    Hey, crobbins here for a review! I wanted to start out by saying I love the title! It really draws me in! Now onto the nit-picks! I did think that ...

    crobbins - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Narrative, General
    tsunami treasures

    I like this metaphor, especially the "and i hope you'll drown with me," part. I would take out the strikethrough on the last line though, since I feel like you've ...

    Werthan - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Art » Other, Theatre
    Nature's beauty

    I think you should end the sentence at "then your right" Curl, not curled. You switched tenses. Maybe add a space between the lines "when they do you can feel..." ...

    skylnn00writes - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Science Fiction, Supernatural
    The Progeny: Chapter 44

    I should go to bed buuuut I got the green room review afterall and there's only 45 minutes left and it would be such a shame if my team lost ...

    Rydia - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Realistic, General
    Sometimes Between

    This reminded me of the Samuel Barber song St. Ita's Vision for some reason (I think it has to do with the poetic meter). If the use of spacing has ...

    Werthan - 2 hours ago

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