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they told me (they never told me)
by BlueAfrica in Poetry » General

by EagleFly in Poetry » General

The Flavors of Life
by starchaser in Poetry » General

The Days are Always Numbered
by JoeBookman in Poetry » General

Dear, I am Sorry.
by 269609 in Lyrics » Dramatic

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  • Reviews » Lyrics » General, Health
    Find Yourself

    Repetition of words and phrases helps the poet to emphasize an important aspect of the poem. Often times, when phrases are repeated, it creates a more emotional experience for the ...

    niichan - 1 hour ago

  • Poetry » Horror, Fantasy
    A Town Most Dreary

    A little poem about little problems.

    teamwsmf - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, Humor

    As a poet ( or writer in general ) , you want to ensure that the flow of your words is natural One of the best ways to do this ...

    niichan - 2 hours ago

  • Short Story » Teen Fiction, Mystery / Suspense
    I am not a monster (pt. 2/2)

    Briar spends the afternoon at Jackson's house putting together a report on the murder that left blood on her hands.

    TheMulticoloredCyr - 2 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Fantasy
    Abnormals (Part 2)

    Hey Jade! This is quite a bit late but here I am! I figured I better read and review this part before going onto the 3rd lol. Ok, review time...I ...

    Honora - 4 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Realistic, Other
    True Friends

    A true friend will tell you when you have made a bad poem, so true friend if I do let me know okay? You did great. I love your poem ...

    269609 - 5 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Dramatic, Realistic
    People Said

    Hey, hi, hello, and good day to you from me. Now, I'm not very experienced with poetry, so take all that I say with a grain of salt. With that ...

    TheMulticoloredCyr - 5 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Fantasy, Literature
    Shadow of the Sun

    Hi! I'm here to review your poem. As far as I can see, the whole point is awesome. I mean, the whole thing of chasing your dream.... It's really cool. ...

    yasir3537 - 5 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Teen Fiction, Fantasy
    Summoning Persephone - Chapter 32 (last chapter!)

    OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!! I love the ending! First of all, I've always felt bad for the stag, so I'm glad it's in Asphodel. Second of all, I see ...

    Gnomish - 5 hours ago

  • Reviews » Lyrics » Dramatic, Health
    Dear, I am Sorry.

    Hi there 269069! Niteowl here to leave a quick review. I love when people write songs on here! I've been wanting to refocus on writing lyrics (and maybe doing more ...

    niteowl - 5 hours ago

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Realistic
    People Said

    People said a lot. They also left out a lot.

    JadeLotus - 7 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Pure-Hearted DT

    yeah, i kinda had to submit my character page twice....i don't know what happened the first time, it just didn't show up.

    hiraeth - 8 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Bluebell's Spring [DT]

    Yeah, she definitely isn't. :P Victoria loves great, by the way! I can't wait to see how she interacts with everyone else.

    Magestorrow - 11 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Fantasy, Literature
    Shadow of the Sun

    Hello, FlamingPhoenix here with a review for you. I will try to not take up to much of your time. Okay let's get done to the review. So as I ...

    FlamingPhoenix - 13 hours ago

  • Forums » Research
    Jewish eating traditions? And general info

    I'm writing a story that contains a Jewish family of which I need assistance making sure that I'm depicting these traditions and daily routines correctly instead of basing it on ...

    AmadeusW - 18 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General
    simply blue

    I figured that I might as well type up a review for this because the image does appear correctly unlike the person below me, and I like talking about color, ...

    fraey - 19 hours ago

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and the shadows will fall beyond you.
— Walt Whitman