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Jane and Mary’s greatest gift

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence and mature content.

*This is a Creepypasta fanfiction involving Jane the killer and her canon wife, Mary. Before writing this, I did not realize that there were two versions of Jane the killer. The canon Jane the killer was created by FearOfTheBlackWolf. Her last name is Richardson, her wife is Mary (also created by FearOfTheBlackWolf). Jeff the killer killed her parents, she was injected by Liquid Hate by the government which changed her appearance and is a vigilante. The non-canon Jane the killer was created by PastaStalker64 on DeviantArt. Her last name is Arkensaw, but she changed her name to Everlasting. She is in no relationship, she went to the same school as Jeff, and Jeff is responsible for changing her appearance. She only wants to kill Jeff for herself. This Jane that I wrote about is mostly Jane Richardson, I think. The only Jane Arkensaw element would have to be the fact that Jeff tried to kill her and changed her appearance in the process. Jeff the killer (Jeffery Alan Woods) was created by GameFuelTV. Anyway, hope this helped! This story is under my folder titled “Creepypasta Stuff”. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

Jane ran as fast as she could, never stopping for a single breath. She saw Jeff while she was searching in the woods, and she wouldn’t stop until he was finally dead.

The man had ruined her life when she was only an adolescent, covering her body in bleach and burning her. Sometimes, Jane could still feel the fire eating away at her skin and disfiguring her, even when Mary was around to hold her.

Jeff was trying to kill her, but she survived. She lived on.

For years, Jane hunted Jeff down. She and Mary moved from town to town, wherever Jeff may be. If Jane stopped to relax for even one second, he would be gone.

Jane appreciated Mary for sticking around. Sometimes, she wondered if Mary hated her for always trying to kill Jeff, but Mary would just kiss her and tell her that she understood, that one day, Jeff would drown in a pool of his own blood.

The same thing happened every single time until they moved into some midwestern town she didn’t care to know the name of. Jane was taking a walk in the woods when she saw Jeff standing over a young boy, his white hoodie stained with the boy’s blood.

So there they were, Jane chasing Jeff. Truth be told, killing Jeff wouldn’t only be for herself. It would be for everyone else he hurt, all the other lives that were dismantled by his knife.

Closer, closer, closer…

“Well, Jane. I’m surprised. You’re still going.” Jeff said.

They had both stopped, Jane panting profusely, Jeff grinning wider. She didn’t know how it was possible for Jeff to grin any wider, since he carved a smile on his face and had no lips, but he did.

The face of her nightmares, the pale, mocking face with the stringy, wirey black hair, the bugged-out eyes, and carved-on smile, was a reality.

“You don’t deserve an ounce of fresh air.” Jane seethed. Her voice was hoarse from the fire, her lungs felt like they were going to split open, but no, she wouldn’t stop.

Jeff laughed, an unholy, hollow sound from his corpse mouth.

Jane lunged at him, her knife aiming for his heart. She didn’t want to hear him speak again. She didn’t want to see him walk again.

Both Jeff and Jane struggled for life, knives stabbing each other. No matter how much Jane hurt him, Jeff still wouldn’t die.

“This is the very man who makes my wife cry herself to sleep every night, the very man you saw stab that boy earlier in the video.” A voice said.

Jane looked up. Standing not too far from them was Mary recording it with her phone, right on flash mode, so that’s why they everything was bright.

Jeff pushed Jane down, but Jane could hear a phone dropping and footsteps running.

Suddenly, Mary had grabbed Jeff by his hair and took out her own knife to stab him, her stabs interlocking with the ones Jane already made.

All three of them were rolling in the dirt, spilling blood, never ceasing. But it was different than before. With Mary, Jane could overpower Jeff, two to one.

Finally, Mary locked Jeff in a chokehold, certain to give him pain, but making sure not to kill him.

“Finish the job, darling.” Mary said, her voice shaking from the fight.

Sweat beaded down Jeff’s forehead. He licked his teeth, his eyes even wilder than before. He opened his mouth to speak:


Jane didn’t let him finish. She stabbed him right in the heart, blood spurting on the mask she wore to hide the face that he took from her.

Mary let go of Jeff. Both watched as he writhed and squirmed, until he stopped. Even then, Jane didn’t want to remove the knife from his chest. Not until the next morning.

Mary ran over to her phone that lay on the ground and ended the video. Jane didn’t stop to ask questions when Mary first arrived, but since Jeff stopped breathing, the thoughts came tumbling out:

“What are you doing here? What were you recording? Did you follow me? You know, you could have died. Jeff wouldn’t have hesitated to end your life. You-“

“I wanted to help. I followed you, yes, but I recorded everything, right down to the beginning, when you saw Jeff stabbing that boy. We’re going to take it to the police station and let the world know what kind of a monster Jeff was. We’re going to have a normal life, Jane.” Mary said.

Jane slumped her shoulders, overwhelmed with new worries.

“You got it on video, but what if they put us in jail? What if they twist it to make us look like the bad guys? I didn’t want you here for a reason, Mary. This life of mine…it’s supposed to be separate from our lives.” Jane said.

“Your problem is my problem. I know what Jeff did to you, I know how much he destroyed you. I couldn’t spend another night at home while you went out on your own to face a homicidal maniac. They can’t arrest us, because we’re not murderers. He was.” Mary pointed out.

As much as Jane tried to swallow them down, the tears still came tumbling out of her singed eyes, blackened by the flames Jeff set.

“What if they twist it around? What if they say “Poor Jeff, he was only sick in the head, and these women just killed him. Life in prison!”. What if they say that we killed the boy? Oh god, that poor boy…we can’t just leave him here, we have to bury him, we have to let his family know…” Jane trailed off. She took quick, hiccuped breaths, feeling fifteen again, feeling attacked by Jeff again.

“There’s not much life in me left. I could die any day. My health is declining. Going to prison wouldn’t be much for me. But Mary…you have life. You can live. Go on without me.” Jane said.

Mary smiled sympathetically and walked up to Jane. When she was close, she sat down at Jane’s level and held her.

“What if they don’t send us to prison? What if nothing bad happens? Even if we do get sentenced to prison, we can run away. We’re going to figure it out, Jane. Together.” Mary said.

The two lingered in the woods for a little while, cherishing the moment they had, before leaving to find the boy and preserve him at their house until the next day.


Mary had sent the video down to the police station the next day and the boy’s body, whose name was revealed to be Julián Torres. Julián was only fourteen years old, but at least he would have a proper burial.

The verdict was set. Jane and Mary did not go to prison. In fact, many in the world regarded them as heroes. Jeff’s body was left to rot in the woods, eaten away by bugs, foxes, and other wild animals.

Jane and Mary got the happy ending that they deserved.

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Stickied -- Sun Feb 11, 2024 6:10 pm
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vampricone6783 says...

I created Julián Torres.

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Sun Feb 11, 2024 11:04 pm
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aaliyahlaurier wrote a review...

This chapter dives deep into the emotional turmoil and intense conflict faced by the protagonist, Jane, as she confronts her tormentor, Jeff, in a gripping showdown. Here's a detailed review:

- **Emotional Intensity**: The chapter captivates readers with its raw emotion, particularly Jane's visceral determination to seek justice and closure for the trauma inflicted upon her by Jeff. The author effectively conveys Jane's inner turmoil, her haunting memories of past abuse, and her relentless pursuit of vengeance.

- **Character Development**: Both Jane and Mary undergo significant development throughout the chapter. Jane's resilience and unwavering resolve to confront her past demonstrate her strength of character, while Mary's steadfast support and willingness to stand by Jane's side underscore the depth of their bond. The complexities of their relationship, including doubts, fears, and moments of vulnerability, add depth to their characters.

- **Tension and Suspense**: The tension builds steadily as Jane closes in on Jeff, culminating in a suspenseful confrontation in the woods. The author masterfully maintains the suspense through vivid descriptions and intense action sequences, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the climactic moment of reckoning.

- **Themes of Justice and Redemption**: The chapter explores themes of justice, redemption, and the power of solidarity in the face of adversity. Jane's quest for vengeance ultimately evolves into a quest for justice, as she and Mary strive to expose Jeff's atrocities and ensure that he faces the consequences of his actions. Their journey reflects a deeper exploration of moral ambiguity and the complexities of seeking closure and redemption in the aftermath of trauma.

- **Resolution and Closure**: The chapter offers a satisfying resolution to the central conflict, as Jane and Mary emerge victorious, both physically and emotionally. The revelation that they are regarded as heroes by society provides a sense of closure and validation for their struggles, allowing them to finally move forward with their lives and embrace the happy ending they deserve.

Overall, this chapter is a compelling and emotionally resonant culmination of Jane's journey of self-discovery and empowerment. The author's adept handling of complex themes and characters, coupled with a gripping narrative and suspenseful pacing, makes for a truly unforgettable reading experience.

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Sun Feb 11, 2024 10:35 pm
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PKMichelle wrote a review...

Hello friend!
I saw your work in the Green Room and figured I’d check it out!

Per my interpretation, this was a really nice fanfic! I had a great time reading it!

Jane has a deep desire to kill the man who disfigured her, Jeff. She's chasing him around and moving to follow him when, one day, she spots him in the woods, standing over a boy's dead body. A chase ensues until they stop and a knife fight breaks out. This is when Mary makes her first appearance, recording the fight and jumping in to help Jane. Eventually, they subdue and kill Jeff before turning in the footage and being hailed as heroes.

This was a really fun, quick story!

If I could offer any sort of advice, it would be a small spelling thing when Jane was telling Mary she didn't want her to be part of the bad side of her life. You said,

This life of mine… it’s suppose to be separate from our lives.

But in this case, "suppose" would be "supposed," and the text would look more like:

This life of mine... it’s supposed to be separate from our lives.

But, obviously, this is just a suggestion, and it's always up to the writer, so please take this criticism lightly and know that I mean nothing negative by it—only trying to provide a somewhat useful critique.

If I had to pick my favorite part, it would definitely have to be the way you showed how much Mary loved Jane! I especially love when Mary was trying to reassure Jane that everything would be fine and you said,

“Your problem is my problem. I know what Jeff did to you, I know how much he destroyed you. I couldn’t spend another night at home while you went out on your own to face a homicidal maniac. They can’t arrest us, because we’re not murderers. He was.” Mary pointed out.

This showed their relationship wonderfully and I loved how well written and beautiful it was, so kudos to you for that!

Overall, I had a great time reading this! You wrote an amazing fanfiction!

Thank you for taking the time to write and post this, and I hope this review is of some use to you!

Goodbye for now! I hope you have a magnificent day (or night) wherever you are!

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