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Crybaby and the clown-Poison your villains! (Chapter Six)

by vampricone6783

*This is a crossover fanfic between two characters named Crybaby and Laughing Jack. Laughing Jack was created by Snuffbomb and is part of the Creepypasta fandom. Crybaby is the persona of singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez. I thought to myself one day “What if Laughing Jack was in Crybaby’s life?” This is Chapter Six of the series. I already made the introduction on my profile. This part of the story is based off the song “Milk & Cookies” by Melanie Martinez. I recommend watching Melanie Martinez music videos and googling “Crybaby Melanie Martinez” and “Laughing Jack” so you can know the lore of these characters.  This is a fanfic, so it will be a little different than what actually happens in the music videos. Another nickname for Laughing Jack is “LJ”. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

Crybaby watched as the wolf took a seat next to her at the table. She had woken up in a box and upon opening it, found herself in a room with pink fuzzy walls and minimal furniture.

There was a note on the light blue fridge that told her to “leave the cookies on the table no later than three o’clock”.

Through tears, Crybaby had made the cookies, but with a bright epiphany, added a dash of poison.

With greedy, glinting eyes, the wolf took a cookie and bit into it.

At first, nothing happened.

But then, he coughed, sputtered, and fell to the ground, screaming in gargled gasps.

Crybaby laughed as the wolf struggled for life. Was that how Laughing Jack felt every day? Bringing down those who had hurt him? Those who had deserved it?

Her smile grew as she laughed. Just like that, she was free! Just like that, she was the one in power!

Laughing Jack…was he still waiting for her?

Crybaby’s smile fell, her laugh faded out, as the wolf slowly died at her feet. They had such an awful fight earlier, would he forgive her? Would they still be friends?

Would she be able to tell him how she poisoned a monster? She, sensitive little Crybaby?

Would she have anyone?

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Stickied -- Sun Nov 12, 2023 12:44 am
vampricone6783 says...

The rest of the chapters are under my folder “Creepypasta stuff”!

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