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Crybaby and the clown-Clowns over boys any day! (Chapter Seven)

by vampricone6783

*This is a crossover fanfic with Melanie Martinez and Creepypasta. The main character is Crybaby, Melanie Martinez’s past persona. Melanie Martinez is a singer. The Creepypasta in this story is Laughing Jack the clown, created by Snuffbomb. Laughing Jack is part of the Creepypasta fandom. Each chapter in this fanfic is based on a song by Melanie Martinez under her album titled “Crybaby”. This chapter is based on the song “Pacify Her”. I recommend that you watch the music videos and read up on Laughing Jack for more context. This fanfic was made for fun and is not canon. The other chapters are underneath my folder titled “Creepypasta stuff” if you want to check them out. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall. Enjoy!*

Crybaby blinked back the tears in her eyes. She wasn’t supposed to be there. She was supposed to be going home.

But somewhere along the way, she followed a boy with blue skin and a girl with blond hair, holding hands and laughing with each other.

They went to the daycare, the two of them. The blue boy looked a little sad to be with the blond girl, so Crybaby tried her best to make him happy. She used the magic she had deep within to take off her head, make him hers instead.

He loved her company, found her wonderful, and still…

He chose the blond girl.

Right in front of Crybaby, he and the blond girl were playing with toys, as though she meant nothing.

The blond girl isn’t magical. The blond girl isn’t fun. Why did he pick HER?

You have to go home. Laughing Jack is waiting for you. Laughing Jack wants to play.

Crybaby smiled, swallowing back her sorrow.

Her thoughts were right. Laughing Jack was more important than a boy.

She had to go home.

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Sat Dec 23, 2023 12:32 am
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FluorescentAnt wrote a review...

Hey vampricone! I'm here to leave a winter-themed review for you!

Snow out the window - My Interpretation of the Piece


Another short chapter, but lots to think about here. Crybaby followed a boy and a girl to their daycare, and tried to cheer up the boy, but in doing so, it also made her feel worse. That's when she realized that she had to go home to LJ.

Cold Things - Something(s) I think you can improve on:

Ice 🧊: I think it's a little unclear why she followed the boy and girl. Is it because she liked the boy? Did she already notice that she was sad? And did they notice that she was following them? Knowing these things might help us understand the characters as well as the plot also.

Snowman ⛄: You said the the blue boy was sad to be with the girl, but then afterwards, he chose the blond girl over Crybaby. So did he like the girl or was he sad when he was with her? If it's somehow both, maybe you could explain the conflict a little more and maybe that add to why Crybaby is so upset.

Warm Things - Something(s) I think you did well in the piece

Hot Cocoa ☕: I think you did a good job of describing Crybaby's emotions, like how she felt after the blue boy betrayed her, and how horrible that made her feel. Understanding characters are important, and it seems like you spent some time writing how she felt.

Warm Scarf 🧣: I like how you started with Crybaby being sad about the blue boy leaving her, and then you tell the story from the beginning, until we understand why she is crying. It hooks the reader into reading the story and also makes them ask questions about the story.

A cozy blanket at night - Conclusion


This was a nice addition to the story, it's sad that this happened to Crybaby, but at least she now knows that she has to go back to Laughing Jack, and go home. I hope this review was helpful. Happy holidays!

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