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Crybaby and the clown-A new friend, perhaps? (Chapter Two)

by vampricone6783

*This is a crossover fanfic between two characters named Crybaby and Laughing Jack. Laughing Jack was created by Snuffbomb and is part of the Creepypasta fandom. Crybaby is the persona of singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez. I thought to myself one day “What if Laughing Jack was in Crybaby’s life?” This is Chapter One of the series. I already made the introduction on my profile. This part of the story is based off the song “Soap” by Melanie Martinez. I recommend watching Melanie Martinez music videos and googling “Crybaby Melanie Martinez” and “Laughing Jack” so you can know the lore of these characters. There will be flower petals in this story. There are no flowers in the original music video (also, Crybaby and the Johnny’s interaction is a little bit different in the music video. Johnny is Crybaby’s new boyfriend, he makes his appearance in Melanie Martinez’s music video “Soap”) BUT this is a fanfic, so things are going to be a little different. With that being said, I hope that you enjoy this chapter. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall.*

 Oh, this new boy was so nice. So much nicer than Alphabet boy.

Crybaby giggled at the thought. LJ took care of the body. No one knew.

But this…this Johnny! He thought of everything. He was always there for her and never failed to make her smile.

She threw flowers in the bathtub. She wanted to smell nice when she saw him.

How would she ever say the right words? She didn’t want this relationship to end. Crybaby often felt like the very bubbles in her bathtub were clogging her throat, rendering her unable to speak.

LJ said to say just be happy, but..what if she got it all wrong? What if she destroyed what they had? What if-

“Hey. What’s wrong?”

It was Johnny. He was standing next to her. He must have already arrived.

“Johnny, I-I-I just…it’s so hard for me to tell you. I-I-I really do love you, but-“

He put a finger over her lips.

“You don’t have to say anything. I know how you feel.”

“You do?” She asked, a weight lifting off her chest.

“Yes, I do.”

And the two of them hugged one another.

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Tue May 02, 2023 12:16 am
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cookiesandcream123 wrote a review...

Hi there, here to leave a review!

Oo, very mysterious indeed... o_O The ending would be so cute if Crybaby hadn't...you know... Alphabet Boy in the last chapter lol. But anyways, I love how the chapters are simple and sweet, yet really impactful. You're great at building suspense!

If there's one piece of constructive criticism I might give, it would be to clarify who Johnny is a bit more. Maybe changing the start into "Oh, this new boy(friend) was so nice..." or adding a sentence like, "Her new boyfriend!" after "But this... this Johnny!"

Or... I'm not sure. Something like that, to introduce Johnny as Crybaby's new boyfriend, so we know quickly that it's not LJ or anyone else. Only that got me confused for a sec; the other stuff I figured out after reading the previous chapters.

However, it's up to you! In other places, I think leaving out the info. worked really well. (Ex: "LJ took care of the body"... was really effective.)

The ending is so bittersweet. I kinda want to ship them, but... HMMM

vampricone6783 says...

If you watch Melanie Martinez music videos, you%u2019d see that they were briefly a couple.

Thanks for reading!

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