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Music & Life

by speakerskat


It's that thing

that can either

choke ones soul

or set it free

some have said

it's the gateway

into the hearts

and lives of those

long before us


long after us


travels through time

in an ultimate


uniting us all

in a universal


of sound.


Words and languages

sound and silence

emotions and the lack of

rhythm and the lack of

It's different to every ear

that it falls upon

yet somehow

it's all the same

how can

something so universal

be so diverse.



guides all creatures

taking many shapes

and forms as

history changes 

it changes too,

from the song of a bird

to a complex arrangement

from the hum of car

to the cries of warriors 

this music,

these strange different

symphonies all collide

to form the sound of


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Sun May 28, 2017 12:42 pm
Kaylaa wrote a review...

This is Nikayla here dropping in for another review on this Review Day!

Currently listening to music while reviewing this, so this definitely hits a nerve when I'm reading it. At the same time, I found this poem to be less effective than the last one that I read of yours in a way. This could be accompanied by the fact that shorter poems or ones that have more brevity have less of a chance to have weak points, and this poem is the opposite due to its length. I'm not saying this is a bad aspect for this poem, though, but you're taking more of a chance here. I do have to say that this for the most parts hits the right chords when talking about music.

You portray music in the light that it's a language in itself that anyone and everyone knows, and I have to agree with you in that. At the same time while this poem speaks some universal truths, that's what they are--universal. There's definitely not a whole lot new with this poem, though it does touch on ideas that have already been built upon before, and that's totally okay. Music is a topic in poetry that's been brushed upon many times before, yet this is still a unique experience seeing that these words are coming from your mouth, and I mean that.

There's still a sense of originality here with the subject matter that you've chosen to write upon--it just happens to have been written before with a similar theme. Overall though, this poem is effective for the most part in saying that music is a universal being that anyone can love because it's so diverse and so much of it is for everyone. The one larger complaint that I do have to end off with is the formatting or structure, which isn't all that strong. I'm going to suggest that you play around with it, though the other aspects of the poem work well and I'm a fan of them.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! I hope I helped and have a great day.


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Fri May 26, 2017 5:08 pm
Ishan212 wrote a review...

Hi I am Ishan 212 and I am here to review your poem Music and Life.

Music is something that can't be expressed in words. It is something that can only be understood. It dies not have any materialistic presence but it is really very important. It is something humans can not live without. It is something that makes humans who they are.

Thank you speakerskat for publishing your work and giving us the opportunity to read and appreciate this flawless literary work.
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