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Oh shooey!

by Radrook

Oh shooey! Oh booooey.

Oh shooey shooey shoots!

The little bloomin bibbering

Urinated on my boot!


Oh fooey! Oh gooey!

Oh gooey doooy bain!

Da little bummy bimper

is a dooin it again!


Oh batty, Oh snatty!

Oh ratty tatty grat!

Why does dat grinnng grimlin

have ta hates me all like that?


Oh bessy! Oh Fressy!

Ooh fussy fussy fats!

Cuz dats da way da grimy is.

Even Tanta Toes nose dat!

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Sun May 27, 2018 9:15 pm
WritingPrincess wrote a review...

Wonderful. This really made my day. The sheer humour behind it is brilliant. I love the words and the thing about the boot is awesome.
However, at the end there are TWO pieces of punctuation. Is that really necessary? Hey, I know I’m being picky but that’s what reviews are for, right?
I also think you could finish words, use proper English etc. Although this would bring down the humour level, it would be much easier to read.
Overall, I really liked this. Well done and I hope this helped.

Radrook says...

Thanks for the review. Will fix the punctuation typo. Glad you found it humorous. Will see if I can make it more readable.

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Thu May 24, 2018 4:00 pm
Sree wrote a review...

Wow, As usual your poem rocks. It was way much funnier throughout the poem. Can't take the eyes-off. It sounded awesome.

"You nailed your humor like hammer in these following lines:

Oh fooey! Oh gooey!

Oh gooey doooy bain!

Da little bummy bimper

is a dooin it again!"

You know, I was in the speaker's boot. LOL. I enjoyed it to the core. The whole poem was coherent and was entertaining. You have great humor sense and i guess, you like a lot working on those.
Gray woc, key pee dap. LOL.

Radrook says...

Thanks for the review. You were in that boot? LOL! Glad you found the poem funny.

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