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Gloomy, Randy and No Whiskey: Maturity Rating: Over 13

by Elizabeth

Alone I sit in my room with an empty bottle in my fat hand
I’m waiting for a sign to get the fuck online
But that "boyfriend" isn’t moving his ass from the seat

Fina-fucken-lly he’s off and asleep
So I can get online and wait for the perverts to come out
I can’t handle myself alone, everybody needs love
Everybody wants to fuck around sometime
Break the laws no matter what
Catch my drift? Do ya?

Typing away at 65 words per minute
Chatting my ass off until the clock strikes one
I’m about to log off and stare into the mirror for an hour
But then somebody beeps me and I check
I dun no who he is, or what, but I’m used to it
Internet perverts are the kinda criminals that are hard to catch
The kinda guys that are innocent in reality

Ask me if I drink and I say, “Naw, I dun got nuttin’ to drink anyway.”
He said he would love to see me throw vodka over myself
Then have a couple of his friends and him lick it off
Fucken sick bastard, it cracks me up to see men act like men

Here I sit with this empty bottle in my hand and this whiskey soul
There he sits half way around the world
Beggin’ for sex like some lost puppy for shelter
I don’t really mind what people do with their gloomy lives
I don’t give a shit if they are horny or not because they beg for sex anyway
All that I really care about is that I will be strong enough to keep on NOT caring
All I really need to do that is a little bit of whiskey
But there is none in my bottle so I throw it away
Just like I threw away my life

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Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:34 am
deleted6 says...

I read this, and i can't say much more you must have been angry fro some reason.

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Tue Jul 05, 2005 12:53 am
Elizabeth says...

bum bum bum i really liked this poem, why do I only get 3 replies?!!?!? SOMEBODY BREAK THAT CHAIN!!!

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Sun Feb 13, 2005 3:07 am
convintojm says...

there's defintly some really good lines in there. overall i don't really know how i feel on it but parts of it really strike me. as for what you're getting at i'm not even sure i care sorry to say. i guess that makes me a bad reader.

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Sat Feb 12, 2005 4:36 pm
Firestarter says...

I picked the second option.

I liked this; it wasn't exactly poetry, more of a controlled outbrust (if there is such a thing). The word choice gets bit repetitive, and some lines aren't that great, but the overall effect of it was the best thing.

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Thu Feb 10, 2005 12:40 am
Bobo says...

I don't know if I should have picked the first or second option... um... I can't think of anything to say!

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