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Some People

by Chevy

Some people have nothing,
When all they want is something,
But they don't get anything,
Because some people have everything.

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Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:17 am
Cade says...


There are buckets of recent topics in need of critiques. This, on the other hand, is from 2004, and doesn't need to be dragged up!

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Sat Aug 02, 2008 6:04 pm
Anna Graham says...

I agree. This is an interesting topic, and I think you could elaborate a bit. Maybe give some examples or something.

Otherwise, I think it's a great idea. It's simple, with no unnecessary flair or floweriness.

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Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:47 pm
Muse says...

I like it, but, i think a longer version would maybe be better. Good subject choice, I also think about this.

Good work :D !

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Mon Dec 06, 2004 5:07 am
bubblewrapped says...

I kinda like it. Its a bit short, but it puts into words precisely something I often feel. Well done. A nice little piece, very succinctly put.

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