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the art of almost

by erilea

when michelangelo sculpted david, he carved correctness.

not a vein out of place, a loose curl on a stony head.

it seems our greatest fear

is not taking ourselves seriously. there are those who hate

modern art for what it is--imperfection captured on canvases,

portraits of humanity too large to fit in tight boxes--

but art has always been for truth, and tidy realism

is a lie. it seems our greatest flaw

is wanting to be better than we are, to look in a mirror

and always love what you see.

when michelangelo painted the sistine chapel,

he made almost perfection.

hundreds of years later we will herald him as a master

and still point out his flaws. maybe if one day

david crumbles and the sistine chapel falls,

we will not remember stony perfection

but two hands, almost touching,

gloriously never enough.

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Sat Dec 28, 2019 11:22 pm
RanaNoodles wrote a review...

I really like this piece. It got the message across well even without a lot of punctuation or capitalization. Actually, the lack of them made it more powerful.
I love how you talk about Michelangelo, because he’s so well known, even though I couldn’t tell if you were implying his works were perfect or imperfect. That might have been just me, though.
Also, the line, ‘if someday David crumbles and the Sistine Chapel falls’, was really powerful to me. I don’t know why that’s relevant, but I mean, now you know.
I would only change the last line. I think if you took out the period at the end and kind of left it hanging into nothing, it might be a little bit better, at least to me. That’s up to you, though.
I hope this helps!
-Rana Noodles

erilea says...

thanks for the review!

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Sat Dec 28, 2019 2:47 am
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Rascalover wrote a review...

I love the message in this! I think the lack of punctuation and grammar goes well with this message of being almost enough but not perfect, so I can't tell if it was on purpose or not. I don't have much to say; I just wanted to praise you for your metaphor in writing about perfectionism, which we all crave to reach.
Rascalover <3

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