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Open Letter to Mom pt 3

by Thisislegacy

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

Dear Mom,

I want you gone. Please leave me alone. You make me feel crazy with all of these emotions that I don't want to face or deal with. And I shouldn't have to deal with them. You tell me to be a child and then make me walk on a tightrope making me be an adult.

You're so bipolar. You're nice then mean then nice again. I don't have to deal with it anymore. I blocked you on my facebook again. You threaten me that if I don't bend to what you wish then you will put my dad in jail. I'm not putting up with it anymore. 

You are poison to me, and I'm done drinking. I'm not the bad guy for not changing the plans that we made for today at the last minute. 

I don't care if you get me in trouble anymore. I'm not putting up with your shit. Take it to court, they will see my side. I know the system is biased towards the benefit of mothers, but I don't see you as a "mother" to me. Not anymore. I wish I could say I hate you, but I can't hate anyone, not even the people that used to bully me almost to suicide. (and you didn't even believe that I was being bullied). 

I'm done mom... Goodbye hopefully for good. 

Your horrible daughter. 

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Mon Jun 26, 2017 12:00 am
Elijah wrote a review...

Hey there, Eli from Team Marlins here for a review!

I have not read previous parts of this work which I might correct but this is actually the first one I am seeing so I think that it is just fair to take a sit and give my full attention to this part. It sounds like they are not that much connected to each other, all rants but full of emotions letters towards your mother so I guess it is not a problem to start from the end and rush to the start I guess?

I totally understand this letter, I am struggling with my own mother as well and I am sure many of us still do. The ones who live with their mothers and restlessly need to argue with her about matters that sometimes just make no sense or let's say they never make sense. Mother have that twisted way of thinking. Sometimes they think we are too dumb to understand, sometimes they realize how old we already are and want to give us something mature to do or say or whatever. But they do not realize that this whole thing that they are trying to do like mix things in one big bowl is confusing the kids, us. Mostly this is about the teens, I suppose? Because we are in that age in which people do not really try to understand us. And if they do try, they actually fail if they are not in our shoes.

So I totally agree with your rants, I am sure each other letter that I wish to read and review soon is something similar and I am sure they will be a great read as well!

Keep on writing!

Thisislegacy says...

Each letter tells different parts of the story, although there are parts yet that I need to write. This is my way to express things that I have long held inside of me. I believe that individually they could stand alone but should stand together.

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Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:08 am
rosette wrote a review...

Hi, legacy.

I think I read one of your previous letters and reviewed it, so I'll just go along and do the same thing here. Though I'm not too sure how much of a review it'll be, or if you're even really looking for one. Rants, for me, and I'm sure for you, as well, are just well, rants. They don't need reviews or critiques or opinions. It's just something to get out of your system.

Have you tried blogging some of this stuff out? I find that helpful, every once in a while.

But this is really sad. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this mess, but please don't call yourself horrible. You're not. It's not your fault you're in this situation. I hope you can see that. <3

If you need to talk anything out, my PM is always open. Take care!

Thisislegacy says...

Horrible is more for aesthetic since I insult myself in all of the letters at the end. I haven't blogged really. Part of why I do this is to see if people understand the emotion because I do have issues with showing emotion instead of just telling it. Plus this is a good way to get things out of my system instead of holding it all in, although I know I haven't written out everything in detail or at all in general.

rosette says...

Yes, it is a good way. But that's okay, I think we can kind of get just what you mean without filling this with details.
Thank you for sharing! :D

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Fri Jun 16, 2017 6:39 pm
Tuckster wrote a review...

Hey there! MJ here to try and comfort you, since I can't really review this.

First off, I want to tell you that I'm so sorry that you've been going through this. You're a beautiful person, and it's sad that you have to deal with this. I want to reassure you that I am here to talk, even though you don't know me. I promise I'll listen and try to help. Just PM me whenever you need to.

Secondly, I want to encourage you to find the balance between keeping bad influences out of your life and finding ways to still love the people who hurt you. I'm definitely not saying that you should just find a way to work out your differences with people who are damaging you, emotionally and mentally. But on the other hand, you mentioned in your letter that you don't hate your mom, but you can't hate anybody, even people who are awful to you. Your mom doesn't control you or determine your future. She doesn't have to decide how your life will end. You are strong enough to persevere, even when it seems that the world is turning against you.

And then, as a final encouragement, keep on going. The world is full of possibilities; you are full of potential. You can do anything. You can keep going. There is hope. There is life. You don't have to choose to give up on life, you can keep going. You can press on. You are strong, brave, and fierce. The storm will rage, but you have the power to dance in the rain. And let me say it again, if you ever need to talk, even though I'm a stranger on the internet, just send me a PM. I promise I'll try and help.

Best wishes & keep going,

Thisislegacy says...

To get more of a whole story, I have 2 other parts to this "Open Letter"
of sorts even though I secretly don't have the guts to show her.

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