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The Poet's Lark

by TheRebel2007

Blue is black when the sky is dark -
It turns back when there's a spark,
So thus harks the poet's lark
As the stray dog barks at the rotting bark.

To dream is to be alive, they say -
To scream is life's ogive, I say;
Then to pray and neigh all night and day
Is to say, "I'm dead, may there be a way."

My pen dots blue these white sheets,
My brain sorts through life's front row seats,
As it beats, repeats, meets and hits
At bits, then sits and greets on life's retreats.

To write on this paper my life's plights
Doesn't bite on the vapours when they light
Cigarettes alight - and its white light bright
Fights entropy's kites when it sights the greatest height

As the ganja-smell of the black chalks at the socks
Of the banjo knell which rocks through the walks
Does talk and knock on my locks to stalk
The lark that docks on my heart's beanstalk.

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Tue May 14, 2024 3:13 pm
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ClearNights wrote a review...

Wow is my first opinion of this. I loved reading your poem, and hearing how it flows. Your rhyming skills are incredible!! I often find myself struggling to rhyme, so it's awesome seeing someone so good at rhyming. The fact that you were able to represent themes so well within this poem is quite the trait. And the way you use words entrances the reader into this other world. Overall, I really liked this poem and the thoughts behind it, you are a wonderful writer!

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Tue May 14, 2024 2:21 pm
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ZayZayAG wrote a review...

I recently had the pleasure of diving into the enchanting world of "The Poet's Lark," a poem that left me utterly captivated from start to finish.

From the very first line, I found myself drawn into a realm where words danced delicately across the page, weaving a tapestry of emotions and imagery that resonated deep within my soul. The poet's mastery of language is nothing short of breathtaking, effortlessly conjuring vivid scenes and stirring sensations with each carefully chosen phrase.

What truly sets "The Poet's Lark" apart, however, is its ability to evoke a profound sense of peace and tranquility. As I read through each stanza, I felt myself being transported to a place of serenity, where worries melted away and the beauty of the world unfolded before me in all its glory. It's a rare gift to find a poem that not only speaks to the heart but also soothes the spirit, and this piece accomplishes that with grace and finesse.

But perhaps what I find most remarkable about "The Poet's Lark" is its universality. While deeply personal in its exploration of emotion and experience, the themes it touches upon are undeniably human, speaking to the shared struggles and triumphs that unite us all. In a world often filled with chaos and uncertainty, this poem serves as a gentle reminder of the power of hope, love, and inner peace.

In conclusion, "The Poet's Lark" is a true masterpiece of poetic expression, offering solace and inspiration to all who have the privilege of encountering its beauty. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone in search of a moment of respite and reflection in their busy lives.

TheRebel2007 says...

Honestly speaking, this is the most praise I have ever received in any review of any of my literary works. What can I say except... I do thank you! Thank you so much for your review, ZayZayAG! :p

ZayZayAG says...

No problem!

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