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Leonardo da Vinci

by TheRebel2007

In order to smother my curiosity,
I astounded, confounded, all posterity;
In my work that does serve as the cornerstone
Of Renaissance, of chevisance, and stands as alone.

I have painted and acquainted
Pope and King and those who painted;
Not only that, my beret hat
Spins out robots with armour clad.
Astronomy, Anatomy,
Physiology, and Botany,
Chemistry, and Philosophy,
Sculpture, Palaeontology,
Physics, and on Mathematics,
Architecture, and Acoustics -
I have studied all that and more,
If I list, you will be bore'.

I have been in France and in Rome,
I have drawn bridges as well as domes,
I studied blood 'fore had Harvey,
I said, "Il sole muove no si",
I studied friction as well as light,
I studied where from stems our sight,
I studied cross-sections of the trees,
I invented machines that measure breeze,
I invented fridges that could cool -
I couldn't publish them because of fools
Who would have been behind me if I did,
For hundreds of years, thus, it was buried.

To quench and to drench my thirst for knowledge,
I broke and revoked the superfluous cage
That restricted artists and the painters,
And the poets as well as the inventors.

I have always set a precedent
Of an unchallenged and unbent
Spirit of Reasoning
And of seasoning
My senses and my skills
No matter what's the bills -
I will strive till it kills
And I can't hold a quill.
I quitted love when I realized
Our society's been baptized
To not allow love for all -
That's when I quit my call.

Though I know not why I think
Or why I speak or why I blink
It does not matter in the end.
For, every life is always spent.
But does it matter if it doesn't?
Why care about that never wasn't?
I live today and I shall die
And I do not need to justify
My vocation and my thirst
For knowledge - for which I durst
And dedicated life mine -
My sole love, let it be thine.

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Sun Jul 03, 2022 9:22 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Leonardo Da Vinci was more than a painter.He wanted to explore all the new possibilities.A true artist that he was.I liked how you wrote it.I thought that the words you used were enthralling and beautiful.It’s his message to the world written through the hand of another soul and is to be passed on year after year after year.I hope that you will have a marvelous day and night.

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Sat Jul 02, 2022 3:53 pm
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fleuralplants wrote a review...

This poem is beautiful. The vocabulary used and the way you arranged the words is sophisticated and makes for a beautiful poem. I don't know much about Leonardo da Vinci, other than general knowledge that most people have about him, but this poem gives a good insight into more about him and his endeavors!
My favorite part was this- "I live today and I shall die
And I do not need to justify
My vocation and my thirst
For knowledge"
Great job on this! Keep it up! :)

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