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I Blame Myself

by Casanova

1 Year Later

I can still sense you know, whenever the memory hits the hardest. I can feel the weight-
the weight of the words that protrude ever so heavily out of my mouth when I open myself up,
and express myself to someone who didn't know this life changing event in my life. 
To get some half heart-ed remark of sympathy, to see their eyes dart away and their hand grasp 
my arm- as if to show some kind of support that they, and I, know will never fill the emptiness that 
I try to soak up by entertaining myself with other people in places I don't belong. 

It all feels like a dream, but when I'm alone, the realization that I blame myself, is a heavy burden. 
When I'm asleep, or passed out from a stupor, I can still feel it. You silky smooth hand in mine, the way I held you, ever so teasingly so you couldn't get away, if only for another minute or two,
the way I pleaded for you to spend the day home, and the way your hair spattered across your face whenever you sat up and said ten more minutes. Your giggle chilled me to the bone- and 
looking back on it, even in anger, I realize, I should've told you to go. 
I made breakfast- a souffle of sorts- while you didn't even try to look as beautiful as you did whenever you walked in the room. The persuasion that came forth, at least to you, was too charming of an offer to refuse- so you stayed.

Half an hour later, you were late. You smiled and teasingly snapped at me, reminding me of 
the day, and I grudgingly agreed it could wait. You kissed me, for the last time- and even now, I can still hear the haunting echo of the last time you said you loved me. You grabbed your car keys, and with a wink and a promise you'd be back, you disappeared out the front.

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Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:21 pm
fatherfig wrote a review...

That poem is a deep one, and if it truly happened to you I will give you my whole-hearted sincere sympathy, to have a loved one yanked away from you in such a sad way. <3

I respect this poem but, I also feel obligated to tell you this, you could never have known that this tragic event would ever have taken place, so it is not logical to blame yourself. I know it feels logical, but it isn't, the truth is you would have never hurt her if you are hurting this much because of this tragic event.

I will now begin my review. I like how you explain the heavy feeling of sad words with meaning behind them, it is descriptive and portrays its purpose well. You also describe the feeling of losing someone well, the emptiness it leaves. I understand how you feel that people don't fully understand and can never feel full remorse or sympathy for you, but that isn't true anyone that lost someone close that loved them in anyway could and will feel genuine remorse and sympathy for you and you loved one. The poem is very deep and personal and thank you for being so open with us all and sharing this beautifully tragic poem with the world of poetry. Keep writing, but stop beating yourself up. I hope the overwhelming remorse grows into sad but fond memories.

fatherfig says...

Once for a shallow review.

fatherfig says...

I am sorry I feel terrible for the second post. I hope you don't take it as disrespectful, I needed points really bad I finally scrapped enough together to post something.

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Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:13 pm
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Lib wrote a review...

Hi Casanova!

Hope you're doing well. I'm here to give you a review, today or tonight, depending on what side of the world you're on right now. Anyways, this is really nice! You're words are very powerful here and I can feel the pain that you were going through (if this is real). I didn't see many mistakes other than, in this sentence:

To get some half heart-ed remark of sympathy,

The bold word is spelt wrong, unless you meant it to be that way? I don't know, but great job! I can't wait to read more of your works! Actually, you've done a lot, I might read some from there. :D

Keep on writing!


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