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Were Not 'Great Again'

by myjaspercat

“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” ― Plato

I’m just an artist.
A poet, a writer, a singer
Just a girl with an insane lifelong dream.

Who’s just trying to find her place in a world
Where the future is hard to see.
Where every news broadcast and internet feed is
Filled with the same story:
Cruelty, Violence, Mockery… repeat.

I can’t voice an opinion without criticism
Can’t debate without being shot down
Because I am told that unless I voted I don’t have a right
To speak,
My first amendment has been taken away from me.

I’m just a student,
Who is trying to understand
The concept between right and wrong.
While I’m being told that kindness and compassion is the right thing
As we sit back and watch thousands of people die because
We can’t trust them enough to let them into our country.
That the starving child who carries only a doll
Or the tired mother who lost her baby
Or the wounded elderly
Might, potentially threaten our home
Because they lost theirs.

Yet at the same time
Inside our own boarders
Properties are being damaged,
People are fighting their neighbors,
Communities gunned down
All because we can’t agree.

And god forbid if your
Black or white
Muslim or Christian
Man, or Female
Democrat or Republican
Apart of the LGBTQ Community

Because women are losing their rights,
Minorities are losing their freedom
Children are losing their lives
America’s not what it used to be,
We’re not
‘Great Again’…

But, I’m just a girl
Just a student
Just seventeen
Too young to truly understand, right

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Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:22 am
Ejay1806 wrote a review...

Hey !! Ejay here for a quick review!!
To begin with, this poem was absolutely amazing!!! I loved it. The way in which you projected your thoughts and emotions is simply awe-inspiring . I know that right now America is nowhere near "Great Again" , and your poem , at a time like this, serves as a dutiful spokesperson for those who are silently suffering . I just felt humbled after reading this .
Thank you very much :)
Keep Writing mate ... the journey has just begun . You have a lot of potential .
Cheers !!
Bye !

myjaspercat says...

Thank you, I'm glad that you liked my poem

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Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:29 am
LadyShadows wrote a review...

LadyShadows here to review the poem you did!

This...Is...Too...Beautiful. I can't put it into the right words. You have pointed out all the evil in America, or maybe in society in general. This maybe a dark poem, but this is still beautiful. It's beautiful because of the evil you pointed out, (like said previously) and as I can tell, you put your heart into it. You maybe a student and seventeen, but I can tell that you aren't blind.

Now as far as the poem goes I noticed the poem is slightly choppy, pretty much meaning that there are long parts and there are short 'stumpy' ones. Be careful with that. I'm not very picky with that sort of thing but some others can be, like teachers and editors. So just a heads up kind of deal. And when it says: Too young to truly understand, right... If you wanted to you could have simply put a question mark there. I know you're not stupid, but even in poetry it doesn't limit to just periods and commas. Just letting you know.

But overall, you did a great job. I loved this piece. Keep writing! :)

myjaspercat says...

Thank you for the review, I appreciate it.

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