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Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:47 pm
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Hannah says...


Knights of the Green Room

For a plain-language explanation, see the spoiler at the bottom of the post.

The Green Room is a region in which danger rises and falls with the tides of bravery. Works here -- perhaps because they only recently appeared over the distant horizon, or perhaps because they tower by virtue of challenge or length over other works -- require a special breed of reviewer to tackle them. That reviewer, possessing the traits of determination, knowledge, and loyalty, faces Green Room works without hesitation, and fights to keep the Green Room clear.

The society of the Knights of the Green Room rewards loyal service with land and title.

Loyal service is deemed to be, at this hour: ten Green Room reviews where your review appears as the first or second review on any literary work.


You are welcome and encouraged to attempt a title.

Should you announce your intent to join the Knights of the Green Room, but be not yet able to provide the ten required reviews, your fellows will nonetheless warmly welcome you as a Green Room Squire, and eagerly await your accomplishment. Please note that no further badges can be earned prior to the awarding of the title.

A reminder that knights value honesty, and as such, all Green Room Reviews must be made after the Squire becomes aware of the existence of the society. Previously given reviews, while no less noble in deed, should not be gathered and offered towards this society.

All Green Room Knights will be listed in a memorial in the following post, with links to their respective logs pinned to their official knighthood number.

Spoiler! :
To become a Knight of the Green Room, follow these simple steps:

1. Pledge to become a Knight in the Great Hall.
2. After pledging your loyalty do 10 reviews of works in the Green Room.
3. Record your reviews in a personal thread.
4. Announce your 10 reviews in the Great Hall with a link to your log-thread.

Remember, a Green Room Review is the FIRST or SECOND review on a work. Even if the work was in the Green Room when you started to write your review, if your review was not FIRST or SECOND, it does not count toward review count in Knights of the Green Room.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to PM Knight alliyah.

you can message me with anything: questions, review requests, rants
are you a green room knight yet?
have you read this week's Squills?

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Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:05 pm
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Hannah says...

Knight Roster
1. Knight Hannah (@Hannah)
2. Knight Attack (@PenguinAttack)
3. Knight Trident (@Trident)
4. Knight Kyllorac (@Kale)
5. Knight Omni (@Omni)
6. Knight Nite (@niteowl)
7. Knight Rydia (@Rydia)
8. Knight Totoro (@beckiw )
9. Knight Lauren (@Lauren2010 )
10. Knight Audster (@Audy )
11. Knight Vyper (@Shady )
12. Knight Ekki Et Cetera (@FermentingFruit )
13. Knight Shino (@Paracosm )
14. Knight of the Wind (@Wherethewindgoes )
15. Knight Judas (@Caesar)
16. Knight Sea (@Searria%20H. Searria H. )
17. Knight Tucker (@dogs )
18. Knight Pig of Guinea (@guineapiggirl )
19. Knight Soul (@Soulkana )
20. Knight Noni (@noninjaes )
21. Knight Auxiira (@Auxiira )
22. Knight Black (@StoneHeart )
23. Knight Animal (@Animal )
24. Knight Aley (@Aley )
25. Knight Jordin (@Jonathan )
26. Knight Barefoot (@barefootrunner )
27. Knight Elinor (@Elinor )
28. Knight Alliyah (@alliyah )
29. Knight Skins (@Sins )
30. Knight Iggy (@Iggy )
31. Knight Arctic (@ArcticMonkey )
32. Knight Sapi (@Sapi )
33. Knight Skorlir (@skorlir )
34. Knight Teen (@KnightTeen )
35. Knight Manisha (@manisha )
36. Knight Valkyria (@Valkyrie17 )
37. Knight Pokey (@megsug )
38. Knight Eloquent (@EloquentDragon )
39. Knight Lyricalrebel (@lyricalrebel )
40. Knight Fortis (@Rook )
41. Knight Dragon (@dragonfphoenix )
42. Knight ShadowHunter (@ShadowHunter )
43. Knight Messenger (@Messenger )
44. Knight Blackwood (@Blackwood )
45. Knight Ariana (@ajruby12 )
46. Knight Cailey (@Cailey )
47. Knight Celestia (@PeanutPhoebe )
48. Knight Onyx (@whitewolfpuppy )
49. Knight Morkish (@Morkish )
50. Knight Althur (@DreamWork )
51. Knight Wolf (@NightWolf )
52. Knight Yubbies (@yubbies21 )
53. Knight Tallygirl (@tgirly )
54. Knight Raven (@D4RKR4VEN )
55. Knight Birkhoff (@birk )
56. Knight Alfonso (@AlfonsoFernandez )
57. Knight timmyjake (@TimmyJake )
58. Knight FireFox (@FireFox )
59. The Silver Knight (@Snowery )
60. Knight Adna (@Adnamarine )
61. Knight Cheetah (@Cheetah )
62. The Tenth Knight (@Tenyo )
63. Knight John Locke (@JohnLocke1 )
64. Knight AEChronicle (@AEChronicle )
65. Knight AlexSushiDog (@deleted5)
66. Knight Write (@WritingWolf )
67. Knight Biscuits (@ExOmelas )
68. Knight Lostthought (@lostthought )
69. Knight Kyana (@Kyana )
70. Knight Lumi (@Lumi )
71. Knight Castor (@Evander )
72. Knight Kayfortnight (@kayfortnight )
73. Knight GreenTulip (@GreenTulip )
74. Knight Dreamy (@Dreamy )
75. Knight Subtle (@Apricity)
76. Knight LiptonCookie (@LiptonCookie )
77. Knight Magenta (@Magenta )
78. Knight 'Fare (@SpiritedWolfe )
79. Knight Wolfie (@Wolfi )
80. Knight Cesare Borgia (@CesareBorgia )
81. Knight Patronus (@BrumalHunter )
82. Knight Catcha (@catcha01 )
83. Knight Buggie (@Ventomology )
84. Knight Strange (@Willard )
85. Knight r4 (@r4p17 )
86. Knight Aurora (@TheCrimsonLady )
87. Knight Kanome (@Kanome )
88. Knight KatyaElefant (@AdmiralKat )
89. Knight icannothearthings (@Sylar )
90. Knight Renard (@Renard )
91. Knight Emerald Eyes (@EmeraldEyes )
92. Knight Morrigan (@Morrigan )
93. Knight Cricket (@ThereseCricket )
94. Knight Satira (@Satira )
95. Knight BlueAfrica, (@BluesClues)
95. Knight Pretzel (@Pretzelstick )
96. Knight EscaSkye, (@EscaSkye )
97. Knight Cairnes (@Kelpies )
98. Knight Nonny (@anonymousx )
99. Knight Masq (@Masquerade )
100. Knight ClippedWing (@bellathebookworm )
101. Knight Chirave (@ChiravianSkies )
102. Knight Chrissy (@PickledChrissy )
103. Knight Myth (@ParanormalMyth )
104. Knight Authorian (@Authorian )
105. Knight Pompadour (@Pompadour )
106. Knight Dino (@Steggy )
107. Knight Ferran (@FeatherPen )
108. Knight Felistia (@felistia )
109. Knight Jack (@Brigadier - Captain Jack)
110. Knight Ellstar (@Sujana )
111. Knight Watchdog (@JediDeadpool )
112. Knight Carlito (@Carlito )
113. Knight Rain (@EternalRain )
114. Knight Royal (@RoyalHighness )
115. Knight Rei (@reikann )
116. Knight Ripple (@RippleGylf )
117. Knight Felistia (@felistia )
118. Knight Mea (@Mea )
119. Knight Kayla (@Virgil (kaylaa))
120. Knight MoonMoon (@Astronomer )
121. Knight Nova (@Casanova )
122. Knight Falcon (@Featherstone )
123. Knight AmyMedek (@AmyMedek )
124. Knight Deleted (@deleted868)
125. Knight JosephGeorge (@JosephGeorge )
126. Knight Squirtlepowiee (@Squirtlepowiee )
127. Knight Ink (@PrincessInk )
128. Knight Saru (@Saruka)
129. Knight VegasLights (@VegasLights )
130. Knight Ruby (@RubyRed )
131. Knight Ink (@inktopus )
132. Knight Birdman (@Birdman )
133. Knight Kara (@zaminami)
134. Knight Cat (@TheBlueCat)
135. Knight Lake @LakeOfCancer
136. Knight @rosette
137.Knight Midnight (@Midnightmoon)
138.Knight DragonNoir (@DragonNoir)
139.Knight MJ (@Atticus)
140.Knight Nonsense (@DeerInBacPac)
141.Knight Querencia (@Que)
142.Knight Writer - (@DragonWriter22)
143. Dame Reine (@Vervain)
144. Lady @LJF
145. Knight Alice (@AliceinBluue)
146.Knight Hattable (@Hattable)
147. Knight Londone (@Daughter... @Clairia)
148. Knight Perks (@keystrings)
149. Knight Manilla (@manilla)
150.Knight Onii (@fishsashimi)
151. Knight Elysian (@elysian)
152. Knight Princess (@WritingPrincess)
153. Knight Akelia (@AkeliaTaske
154. Knight Lives4Christ24 (@Lives4Christ24)
155. Knight Sound (@soundofmind)
156. Knight Nobunaga (@Nobunaga)
157. Knight Shikora (@FlamingPhoenix)
158. Knight EagleFly (@Dossereana)
159. Knight Jster (@jster02)
160.Knight Oliver (@FruityBickel)
161. Knight Paperforest (@paperforest)
162. Knight Coffee (@AvantCoffee)
163. Knight Kallira (@Toboldlygo)
164. Knight Liberty @Lib
165. Knight looseleaf (@looseleaf)
166. Knight Lavvie (@Lavvie)
167. Knight Loonzy (@Hijinks)
168. Knight Myth (@mythh)
169. Knight Kumar (@Hkumar)
170. Knight Hardy (@KateHardy)
171. Knight Lee (@LittleLee)
172. Knight StellarJay (@Stellarjay)
173. Knight Scarli (@ScarlettFire)
174. Knight Stormblessed (@Overwatchful)
175. Knight Star (@starlitmind)
176. The Grey Company(@Riverlight)
177. Knight Andrew (@MaybeAndrew)
178. Knight Momo (@momonster)
179. Knight Chris (@ChrisCalaid)
180. Knight Rosewood (@Rosewood)
181. Knight Carina (@Carina)
182. Knight Alice (@DreamyAlice)
183. Knight Lunar (@LUNARGIRL)
184. Lady Mailice (@MailicedeNamedy)
185. Knight Cupcake (@MayCupcake)
186. Knight Phoenix (@Zyria)
187. Knight RandomTalks (@RandomTalks)
188. Knight Forever (@ForeverYoung299)
189. Knight Lim (@Liminality)
190. Knight Horisun (@Horisun)
191. Knight Alpaca (@alpacaboss)
192. Lady Rinisha (@Rinisha)
193. Lady Kaia (@KaiaJersaga)
194. Knight Mint (@Spearmint)
195. Knight Orabella (@OrabellaAvenue)
196. Knight Foxmaster (@foxmaster)
197. Knight Ant (@FluorescentAnt)
198. Knight Rose (@Rose)

Member of the After Watch:
Member of the Court:
Unicorn Keeper:
Dragon Knight:

Additional Knight Rosters
Spoiler! :

Members of the After Watch
The follow knights have watched the Green Room diligently in times when it has been cleared, pledging themselves to the After Watch and keeping the Green Room under 15 works for as long as possible.

active & legacy rosters can be found here

Members of the Court

The following are members of the Great Hall Court, meaning they have been at different times commissioned by the Commander (@KotGRCommander) to assist in awarding badges and running the business of the Knights of the Green Room. Each member of the Court reserves the right to list their name in blue in KotGR posts. Each Court Knight earned their title by their individual achievements and exemplary involvement in KotGR.

Eternal Green Room Warrior: Knight Hannah
Chief Battle Advisor: Legendary Dragon Knight BluesClues
Chief Court Scribe: Knight Kale
Captain of the Guard: Knight Brigadier
Court Magician: Knight Alliyah
Castle Grounds Consultant: Knight Perks (keystrings)
Court Park Ranger: Knight Shady
Court Standard Bearer: Dragon Knight Hardy (KateHardy
Court Accountant: Knight Looseleaf

Unicorn Roster

The following Knights are among the few, the victorious, the determined and the persistent who have logged 500 Green Room reviews earning them a Unicorn.

Knight @Iggy
Knight @Virgil
Knight @BluesClues
Knight @KateHardy
Knight @niteowl
Knight @alliyah

Dragon Roster

The following Knights have went above and beyond in courageously defending the Green Room, by logging 1000+ Green Room reviews. Their service to the site and to the Knights of the Green Room are legendary and worthy of celebration - we honor their efforts by designating them "Dragon Knights".

Dragon Knight BluesClues: Official Announcement
Dragon Knight KateHardy: Official Announcement


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1334 Reviews

Gender: Female
Points: 25864
Reviews: 1334
Thu Nov 07, 2013 4:12 pm
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Hannah says...

Badge List

Ongoing Challenges:

All challenges below can be completed by any previously qualified knight at any time. Badges, and any further honors, will be awarded upon completion and receipt of proving links. All Green Room Review counts are cumulative and must be numbered and linked in your log to count.

» A Sword: 15 Green Room Reviews
» A Shield: 20 Green Room Reviews
» A Helmet: 25 Green Room Reviews
» A Horse: 35 Green Room Reviews
» Full Armor: 45 Green Room Reviews
» A Jousting Lance: 55 Green Room Reviews
» A Coat of Arms: 100 Green Room Reviews
» A Jeweled Chalice: 150 Green Room Reviews
» A Chest of Silver: 200 Green Room Reviews
» A Chest of Gold: 250 Green Room Reviews
» A Unicorn: 500 Green Room Reviews
» A Dragon: 1000 Green Room Reviews

Spoiler! :

Special Ongoing Challenges:

» The After Watch: After the Green Room has been cleared on a Review Day, those knights who pledge to keep the Green Room under 15 works by reviewing along with their fellow knights are eligible for the After Watch Membership badge. Pledge your support here.

» Fellows in Arms: Bestow a Green Room Review upon a fellow knight or squire. From the receipt of this reward forth, you have, with your fellow, mingled your blood in one vessel.

» The Head of a Wild Boar: Face and conquer a foe that once made you shake in your boots. Stare down the beast that no one wants to take down. Whether it's an extremely long piece or a form you could not previously bring yourself to touch, record the events of your encounter and submit such narration along with your link to receive this reward.

» The Green Girdle: This noble prize is awarded to a knight should they begin a review on a piece while it is in the Green Room, but have that piece rescued by a different knight while they are writing. This is, hopefully, some consolation. The knight must show his post as the third review on a piece within proper time to claim this badge.

» The Badge of the Shrubbery: Any Knight who bestows a Green Room Review to a piece dating prior to October 2012 will receive the Badge of the Shrubbery, as in the Outer Lands, that's the area where such shrubberies start to grow.

» The Badge of the Golden Goose: The Knight who first viewed the clear horizon and recorded it for posterity during the company's move toward the Castle in the Forest is granted the right to hold the Golden Goose, a symbol of the Knights' valor, bravery, loyalty, and teamwork.

» The Scribe Badge: Any Knight who competes in a Library contest and wins entrance to the Knights of the Green Room library will be additionally awarded with the scribe badge, to recognize their excellent compositions.

» A Village: Provide Green Room Reviews on five consecutive chapters/parts
» A Hamlet: Provide Green Room Reviews on ten consecutive chapters/parts
» A Town: Provide consecutive Green Room Reviews on one entire novel/stories
» A Kingdom: Provide consecutive Green Room Reviews on two entire novels/stories

Special consideration will be given for novels/short stories reviewed in entirety except for the first chapter: this will count as sufficient valor for a town or kingdom.

Spoiler! :

Completed Challenges:

Below, find the badges from all past main or special challenges.

Spoiler! :

Main Challenge 1, Main Challenge 2, Main Challenge 3, Main Challenge 4, Commander Challenge, Main Challenge 5
Image ImageImageImageImage Image

Current Main Challenge:


you can message me with anything: questions, review requests, rants
are you a green room knight yet?
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