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  • hiya Lemon-Lime! how's the procrastination-wrangling going? xD *sends energy and mashed potatoes*

    Liminality Hey mint! It's uh... going xD I've managed to get one of my assignments out of the way, so that's good! Just got to work slowly and strategically through the rest. Thanks for the energy and potatoes :D

    How've you been doing yourself?

    May 23, 2024

    Spearmint ah nice! best of luck with the rest! :D

    i've been doing pretty well! i'm going to take my written driving test today, but that should be one of the last stressors until summer, hopefully? xD and i'm excited for LSS, of course :3

    May 23, 2024

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  • Rose wrote:Woot! Woot!
    (Click on the image to congratulate them!)

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  • I will *eventually* be a little more active here . . . Just got to push through my assignments and wrangle my procrastination habit.

    Spearmint you got this, Lim!!! >:D
    May 15, 2024

    Liminality Thank you!!
    May 15, 2024

  • Spearmint wrote:Congrats to everyone who participated in Camp NaNo April 2024!! Hope you were able to make some progress on your writing goals :D
    Make sure to claim your badges in this thread by May 11th! To claim the Participant or Finisher badge, post a link to your Camp NaNo thread. To claim the Cheerleader badge, post a link to a comment you made on someone else's Camp NaNo thread! Comments made in May still count, since badges were announced late. ^^

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  • alliyah wrote:Happy May!

    Did you know May is Haiku Month? The light little sister to National Poetry Writing Month, Haiku Month is just a gentle challenge to try your hand at writing a few haiku poems over the course of the month.

    And for your joy... some of my favorite haiku-related links:

    Haiku activities
    * Haiku Battle
    * Haiku Train
    * Haiku Battle!
    * Life by Haiku

    May Haiku Poetry Collections
    a message of moments in May [2021]
    Community Haiku Collection [2022]

    Haiku Squills Articles
    Squills: May Haiku Writing (2019)
    Squills: May Haiku Writing (2020)
    Squills: May Haiku (2022)
    Squills: alliyah finds spooky haikus
    Squills: Two Cents: Haiku, by Aley
    Squills: History of Haiku, by keystrings

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  • This is a great poem and a great thread!
    Quillfeather wrote:
    PCrew Pick April 30th

    We have made it! It's officially the end of Napo. There's been so many wonderful poets, full and creative threads, poetic poems, and many fun events! Some of us completed our goals, and some of us didn't. But all of us expanded our poetry collection, read more poems, and contributed to the napo community over the course of this month.

    And as we have highlighted amazing poets throughout this month we have one more poetry pick.
    Todays pick is from the thread The Long Drive already a full thread and the specific poem is Sunday Sonnet #4 : 04/28 by @Ventomology

    This poem uses a wealth of imagery that really puts the reader in the setting. Of starting on a new life journey, standing in an empty apartment. Expertly created. It ponders the nature of connections and the unknowns of life. One of my favorite lines was this
    Will people that I meet become true friends
    or, just as last time, when my time here ends
    will our acquaintance die as a mere sprout?

    It has such beautiful langue and definitely brings out the emotion of the piece.
    I would definitely recommend reading the rest of Ventomology's thread.

    Great job this napo poets!
    #PCrewPick #NaPo24

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  • SquillsBot wrote:BeEEEEp BEEeeeep Booop beep!

    One more ice-cream scoop of April! It'll be sad to see NaPo and Camp NaNo come to a close - but the good news is we have lots of wonderful articles for you to close up the month! Read, like, share, and enjoy our latest Squills Edition!


    5. CAMP NANO APRIL 2024

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  • Big Brother wrote:Hi YWS! Quick PSA on Reporting!

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    If you see something you'd like to report, you are encouraged to send a PM to an Active Moderator from our Junior Moderator, Global Moderator, or Administrator team.

    Things you may want to report include... Review Spam, Possible AI Reviews, Harassment, or if any user is making you feel threatened or uncomfortable. Responding to these reports can sometimes take a little time as our moderators come to a consensus on what ought to be done; but we always take reports seriously and try to let the reporter know that their report has been handled when we can. More about this process and how to report can be found here .

    Thank you!

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  • Rose wrote:Confetti! Confetti!
    EllieMae wrote:
    A new FM has been chosen!!

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  • April 20th #NaPoCheckIn #NaPo24

    1. How are things going?

    Not that great at the moment! I know 6 more poems is feasible but this is a qualitative not-that-great, not a quantitative one xD I was in a much more ‘too many ideas’ mood when I came up with this concept for a NaPo thread and lately I’m in a more ‘too many feelings’ mood, which can sometimes conflict with practicing technique. I mainly wish I could be writing more NaPo comments for people, even if it’s just a few more.

    2. What is your favorite poem you've read so far?
    @Ventomology’s eclipse poem!

    3. What is your favorite poem you've written so far?

    Hmm I think I have more favourite lines than favourite poems, but the first one I wrote ‘You Change Me’ is densest in terms of good lines, for me at the moment.

    4. Do you have a least favorite poem you've written... why?

    Again, no whole poem that is my least favourite but there were a couple of lines I could’ve done without.

    From ‘The Act of Holding’:
    recalling how your windows breathe or close,

    Forcing the meter just makes the meaning weird – why breathe or close? Those two words just don’t match.

    From ‘The Night is Good Enough’
    The night will wake and swoop
    down from its shimmering perch

    Awkward enjambment.

    And while I like most of the lines in ‘You Change Me’, I don’t love the formatting - it’s too crowded, and yet I worry spacing it out a bit will ruin the build-up.

    5.Most unusual image / metaphor you've used?

    “A pit invades the ground” - The Debt

    6. How many chickens does your NaPo thread have so far?

    None :( – but there is one bird image in ‘For the Night is Good Enough’.

    7. Do you feel your thread matches your NaPo title?

    Yeah, it’s very not-sun-like, but I like it well enough anyway.

    8. What's your plan to get to the end of the month?


    9. Unexpected things you've noticed in your writing / writing process?

    Well, this is more about my reading process, but I feel like I’ve broken the block I had for a couple of years on reading/commenting on ‘personal’ poems, so that’s neat.

    I think this NaPo thread of mine has taken my writing in a weird turn, that’s not quite the same as where I was in 2020 but is definitely different from what I was doing in 2022-23. I seem to have gone back to ‘miscellaneous observations about life and people’ but without entirely shedding ‘weird or fantastical dream imagery apparently divorced from gritty reality’.

    Also, trying to use iambic meter for most of these really just gives the writing a different energy.

    10. Throw out a prompt for fellow NaPo writers!

    Write something based on an old poem you’ve written, e.g. try to improve on the execution or maybe change the form or imagery and see what happens.

    I'd like to tag @AmayaStatham and @Spearmint for a NaPo Check-in!

    Thanks for the tag @alliyah! And good luck with NaPo everybody!

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    [b]1.[/b] How are things going?
    [b]2.[/b] What is your favorite poem you've read so far?
    [b]3.[/b] What is your favorite poem you've written so far?
    [b]4.[/b] Do you have a least favorite poem you've written... why?
    [b]5.[/b]Most unusual image / metaphor you've used?
    [b]6.[/b] How many chickens does your NaPo thread have so far?
    [b]7.[/b] Do you feel your thread matches your NaPo title?
    [b]8.[/b] What's your plan to get to the end of the month?
    [b]9.[/b] Unexpected things you've noticed in your writing / writing process?
    [b]10.[/b] Throw out a prompt for fellow NaPo writers!

    Liminality Gotta love the font becoming smaller after I quote stuff xD
    Apr 19, 2024

    Ventomology OMG what thank you!!!! I am actually so touched by people's reactions to that poem haha.
    Apr 20, 2024

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  • woah hi lemonlim! could i use 1 or 2 of your lines from your napo thread to make a poem? (about how parrots repeat their favorite words)

    Liminality Sure! Permission granted :)
    Apr 18, 2024

  • Limmmmmm i just started a linguistic anthropology course for fun and i found a link to this cool article/story: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1994 ... et-my-wife
    the way it flips sayings and removes prefixes is hilarious XD

    Liminality Oh wow, that's pretty clever! xD I liked "she was commital".
    Apr 11, 2024

    Liminality And ooh a linguistic anthropology course - that sounds cool!
    Apr 11, 2024

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  • alliyah wrote:

    Announcing... a WINNER

    Announcing the long-awaited results of the "Best New Review Template" contest! Come see the wonderful review templates everyone came up with (maybe you'll get inspired) and read who the winner is... here .

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  • Rose wrote:Last day to claim your NaNoTags Badge!

    Hey everyone! Today is the last day to submit your participation URLs for #NaNoTags . If you haven't already, make sure to visit this thread and claim your shiny badge! Happy writing!

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