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i wish you good night, good night

Hm. Hello c:

Hi there ~

I am EditorAndPerks, but you can call me Editor, Perks, or anything in between, including old usernames if there's one you remember me by.

My pronouns are they/them and possibly some neopronouns -- I've decided on non-binary, panromantic and graysexual to be my labels for now, possibly pending. If anyone wants to talk about genders and sexuality, feel free to PM me -- I'm still learning every day. ^^

I feel like an old user on here, as I originate from 2014, but I've taken long breaks from this site over the years, so I have both more and less experience than most other longer-than-five-years members.

I love writing in basically any form, from Roleplaying to Poetry to Regular Novel Writing That I May Not Have Time For, but it's all fun and engaging and I can't complain -- much.

Besides that, I wish you all a good day and to keep writing or reading. :p

we went from advice to meth real quick
— ShadowVyper