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Who is this?

Hello, friends ~

Welcome to the lovely wall of the Wolfe ^^ I am a person who is a person who is actually a wolf. Uh, this one sentence should tell you the state of my mind. Which is fantastic!

I guess you could say I'm shy in one crowd but super spunky and boisterous in the other. You can thank social anxiety for that >.> But hey! I'm all for a good heart attack now and them -- not really but still. I'm usually open for talking to strangers. Dont do that kids. That's bad.

Uhhhh. I'd like to be a computer nerd when I pass the coming of age (or college. Whatever you want to call it.) But I also need to learn about computers, because I know essentially nothing yet. I mean, there's java. But everyone knows java. And if you don't know java, you still know java because it's so basic, my cat can do java. Better than me.

KITTENS ~ I've got two of those crazy things. Expect me to speak of them a lot.

Finally, I'm a lovely JM. That doesn't mean I'm reporting to the CIA your every move That's my undercover scheme But just that I'm around a lot and I review, participate in stuff and overall try to be helpful.

(I did my lines correctly, right?)

See you around! ~ If Noelle doesn't kill me first.


Well, you could say that I like writing. And reading. And writing. You know, the standard. Also, I'm an archery freak. I've been to the world tournament twice now. Then we have running, of which I'm not very good. I try!


Being a good little angel, who learns stuff in school.

Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that.
— Ellen Degeneres