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  • I think I'm late to join the party but hey congratulations. Wish you a very happy and blessed married life. <3 :D

  • happy belated wedding!!

  • belated congratulations on getting married!

  • Dossereana
    May 19, 2024

    I hope your wedding was as wonderful as you are alliyah!!! congrats on being married!! <333

  • LadyMysterio
    May 19, 2024

    Congrats on being married!!!!

  • not sure what time zone you're in, or if i'm late or early, but happy wedding day! i wish you and your husband all the best with all that lies ahead for you, and i hope you had a wonderful and special day <333 he sure is a lucky guy!

  • AHH it's today!! Hope you have a splendid day! <33

  • Have an awesome wedding!

    alliyah Thank you <3333333333333
    May 18, 2024

  • It's tomorrow!!! Will say some special prayers for you!!! God bless you!!!!

  • Happy wedding-eve! I hope you have the best time ever and I am praying everything goes well for you. :D

    May 16, 2024

    herbalhour WOOO!
    May 16, 2024

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  • Happy cake day! I'm so glad to have met you <333 Hope all goes well with your wedding, have a nice day!

    alliyah Awe! I am SO EXCITED! (Less than a week!)
    May 13, 2024

  • Happy cake day <3

    alliyah Thank you!
    May 13, 2024

  • Liminality
    May 12, 2024

    Happy Cake Day alliyah! I'm always glad to have met you on this wonderful site, as you've been a formative presence in my life. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, compassion, expertise and sense of humour. All the best!

    alliyah This is so sweet Lim! I am so very glad to have met you too - not only in how you've influenced how I write (& think about) poetry - but also because of what a wonderfully kind and thoughtful person you are too. <3 Thank you!
    May 13, 2024

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