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herp derp merp

hiya kids

My name is Carina (d'oh). I spend my days sleeping, lounging around, getting distracted, life'ing, college'ing, baking a cake filled with rainbows and smiles so everyone would eat and be happy. I may be in my 20's and already developing arthritis, but I swear I'm not an adult yet.

Fun fact: I am a YWS hobo.

Since you're here, feel free to get comfy on my wall and ask me about: why science is supes kewl, what my favorite joke is, why celery is the worst vegetable to ever exist, how obsessed I am with chocolate, and what my favorite animal really is. (spoiler alert: it's not a bird)

Also, since YWS has a darned 255 character limit on signatures, I've decided to put the hall of fame of quotes here, from 2013 to present day:

"Hai. I liek you. By my friend." —Iggy, 2013

"car8na is awesome" —Veeren, 2013

"Carina is the best person ever and I will send her lots of chocolates for being awesome." —totally Iggy, 2013

"i luv u more than i love Veer and [Omni] ok" —Iggy, 2013

"I have a theory that anything you write anywhere on any domain is automatically marked as spam by the internet overlords." —Veeren, 2013

"Imma tell you a secret. I don't just tell this to anybody. I'm not really a cow. I'm a man." —CowLogic, 2013

"I'm pretty much used to your sentences not making sense." —Omnom, 2013

" ... you were right." —Blackwood, 2013

"Your blog is about fifty times better than The Notebook -- which is turning out to be dreadful, for anyone thinking about reading it." —Prokaryote, 2014

"You're like that one really bright star that insists on shining even when the light pollution tries to drown it out." —Tenyo, 2014

"I never say 'OMG', but... OMG" —BrumalHunter, 2018

"Are you just gonna keep adding quotes in your signature? ... dON'T ADD THIS ONE" —Omnom, 2018


Writing, sleeping, music, orchestra, Netflix, cheese, Nutella, chocolate, pizza, stargazing, colors, cuddling, daydreaming, sunglasses, being short, YWS! --> let's pretend I wasn't 14 when I filled this out


Being a herpaderp. --> wrote this when I first joined; still relevant

No one is perfect; not even your reflection.
— Chalkboard Words