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  • 4200 words in 3 hours is exhausting, which doesn't seem fair when you realize it's 23 words a minute :/

  • BluesClues wrote:
    alliyah wrote:This is a good reminder! Friendly reminder that people do not generally post their work on YWS to receive robot feedback, but to hear what real readers think about their writing! :) Using AI to write the majority of your review is also against our site rules. Rather than using AI, why not come up with your own fun and creative template ... like the "Goose Feather Review Template" (featured below)...

    Spoiler! :

    Hello Author, I'm on a search for the Baby Golden Goose - so let's collect some goose feathers as I review your work!

    1 GOOSE FEATHER) Constructive Feedback

    (room to improve)

    2 GOOSE FEATHERS) My Favorite Parts

    (room to praise)

    3 GOOSE FEATHERS) Future Predictions / Interpretation

    (engage with the work)

    4 GOOSE FEATHERS) My "Reader Questions"

    (engage with the author)


    (Sign Off)

    Code: Select all
    Hello Author, I'm on a search for the Baby Golden Goose - so let's collect some goose feathers as I review your work!

    [bebas]1 GOOSE FEATHER) Constructive Feedback[/bebas] (room to improve)

    [bebas]2 GOOSE FEATHERS) My Favorite Parts[/bebas]  (room to praise)

    [bebas]3 GOOSE FEATHERS) Future Predictions / Interpretation[/bebas]  (engage with the work)

    [bebas]4 GOOSE FEATHERS) My "Reader Questions"[/bebas]  (engage with the author)

    [bebas]A FINAL HONK[/bebas]  (Sign Off)

    Big Brother wrote:Hi everyone, with all the fun reviewing events happening right now this is a important message from your moderator team:

    Do not use AI writing tools to generate the majority of your review. While these tools can be fun to experiment with for your own work and can even aid writers as a tool in generating creating prompts and ideas, representing these types of AI generated writing as your own is unfair to other reviewers and unfair to the authors who are hoping for human (or maybe goose?) feedback.

    As a writing website, YWS exists to promote creative writing and the sharing of writing feedback between writers, representing AI generated writing as your own undermines those things, so it is important that we take this issue seriously. AI writing can be hard to spot, so we are relying on you as fellow writers and community members to act with honesty in representing your work and your reviews.

    If a user is found to be using AI reviews those will be treated as both spam and plagiarism, the review may be removed along with the points earned from them, and the user may be banned from the site. Please reach out to a moderator if you have any questions or suspect that you have received an AI generated review.

    Good luck reviewing this month, YWS!

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  • If Anyone would like to be a critique partner for my 2nd draft of Williwaw, please reach out and I will share the link. I know a lot of people have read bits on the Green Room and would like to start from the beginning at some point. This is your chance!

    SoullessGinger Wait this would be awesome. I think you already shared the link, and I'm not sure how much feedback I'll have for such an awesome work, plus I'm about to go to college so I'll be busy, but I'm excited to read!!!
    Jul 20, 2024

  • i never thought the hardest part of writing a novel would be thinking of a title >.<

    LadyMysterio It really is
    Jul 16, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue This is why you find a title first and build off of it XD (Except... yeah not the greatest idea actually)
    Jul 17, 2024

  • Spoiler! :
    @Ventomology @SoullessGinger @LittleLee I am going to be making a Google doc for Williwaw ( still in the planning process) so if you could PM me your details to add you that would be great :D

  • I wrote a love song for my wife and had an artist on fiverr finish it after @Ventomology helped me clean it up :D

    Fortress Undone - A love song - YouTube

    EllieMae Oh my gosh, this is so good!! WOW
    Jul 8, 2024

  • What even is my peoples tab the last 24 hours

    Jul 3, 2024

  • So much of draft 1 is a product that of LMS and boy is it bad. I already thought I would be rewriting a lot of this book, but it's becoming apparent there will be massive overhauls. The story is so meandering and clearly made up as I was going along. But hey, at least stuff was put down and now I can work with it.

    you can always edit a bad page, but not a blank one

  • Reading Draft 1 has commenced >.> um. There's some cringe

    LadyMysterio There is always cringe
    Jun 26, 2024

    Messenger It's not as bad as I thought it might be so far! But also this part might all get rewritten completely so 😂
    Jun 26, 2024

  • In the words of Pooh" "Oh bother"

  • Seeking help on how to proceed with my 2nd draft. Please tag anyone who may have insights and experience :)

    Snoink Read what you've written straight through first. Then read again, this time making notes. Then read again, editing at you go.

    ... there's lots of reading involved.

    Jun 20, 2024

    Messenger Lol. Do u recommend taking a week off before beginning? Also, when would you introduce outside eyes?
    Jun 20, 2024

  • i think I just finished draft 1 of Book 1...and as crazy as it sounds I'm so excited for edits. I feel like I know now what the structure and framework is that im working inside of

    ScarlettFire sorry i missed you in the pad. congrats on finishing draft 1!
    Jun 19, 2024

    Messenger You're good. As. Soon as I got on there I was like what am I doing it's 2AM and I work on 4 hours
    Jun 19, 2024

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  • ChieTheWriter
    Jun 18, 2024



    Messenger 5 years at least 😂
    Jun 18, 2024

    ChieTheWriter so we've probably discussed it before then and i've simply forgotten

    but yeah big fan lol. need to reread the series.

    Jun 18, 2024

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  • approaching 100k and I think I see the end of book 1 in sight

    LadyMysterio Whoo!!
    Jun 18, 2024

The most important service rendered by the press and the magazines is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust.
— Samuel Butler