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likely trying to write a SB


Hi, I'm Clairia! You can call me Clair ;).
Older users have known me as Londone, arden, Elisabet, and Daughter. If you're wondering where I've gone, here I am!
The concept of storytelling has fascinated me ever since I was a little girl. I loved the idea of coming up with stories and writing them down on paper, and that fascination has just stuck with me ever since then.
I also love to sing, preform, and teach. I've been preforming in local theatres since I was nine years old and started doing improv with a group of friends three years ago. We now perform at various locations around my city!
I've been a member of the Young Writers Society since 2017. It's such a great platform and I've had the best time roleplaying, writing, reviewing, and much, much more! The community is so loving and I've had absolutely no problem finding a home.
If you're a guest, I hope you'll consider signing up. I promise it's worth it!



I'm an actress who works in TV/Film. If you've got any questions about the industry shoot me a PM!

"I think; therefore, I am."
— RenĂ© Descartes