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Noelle, you can lead a writer to their computer and give them coffee, but you can't make them write.

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[Picture of me and old friend Emily]

I literally only write stream-of-consciousness.
I never start something and finish it at a later date. This makes writing long works, or multiple chapters of something REALLY hard for me. Everything I've written, I've sat down, written, then published (With some corrections at reviewers suggestion)

As for WHAT I write, I mainly only write random poetry I think of.
My stories (unless I receive a request to write under a certain set of guidelines a story for someone) will be short, silly stories. Poetry... pretty much anything I think about. However, feel free to ask me to write anything! In the past (not on this site) I have written lots of material for other people.


Rollerblading, reading (duh xP) watching movies/tv-shows/anime, and.... MORE READING!! =^-^=


Professional Sky Contemplator. Side jobs include; Eater of Food, Writer of Words, Climber of Trees, Cuddler of Cats, Stealer of Pies

"There is nothing to fear from someone who shouts."
— Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart