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I'm still breathing.

As If The Coldplay Quotes Don't Tell You Enough

It is the 8th of Feburary, 2015. My twelvie years have since passed and a lot has changed. Although my activity here is barely breathing, I still pop in every blue moon. I have some great memories from this place and still hold dear some of the friendships I've formed here and if the opportunity presents itself I'd love to rekindle some of those friendships through other internet means.

I still write original stuff every now and then and keep threatening to do nanowrimo. Poetry continues to be my mistress of the night, and procrastination kills me.

For lack of more to say, I guess I might or might not see you around.

- love noni.

As many of you know, I am the resident not-present ninja to YWS who has a love of poetry. A regular site in chat, I'm rather friendly and willing to promise reviews that you'll have to constantly bug me about or I'll forget. You can also see me in the debates section trying to commit serious posts in religious discussions, doing my best to present a healthy and happy front for atheism.
I've been on YWS for 18 months as of December 10 2012 and have since discovered a love of poetry. Though I do spend many hours procrastinating on working on novels, I have managed to post a few forgotten chapters as well as the odd short story or lyric. Plenty of poetry though!
I am also commonly seen with my two fellow Ninjateers, AnnieBauthor and Payne. We even have a theme song, just check my signature!
My YWS blog hasn't seen a post since mid-last year, though I do have a more often (though still rarely) updated blog. It's the one listed under Website. Be sure to check it out and pester me about posting on it. :)
Anyways, love you all and feel free to spam my wall! <3


Books, spy movies, pie, 80's music, Coldplay, writing poetry, karate, piano and guitar playing, YWS!


Character In Training


Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto (I am a man, I don't consider anything human foreign to me)
— Terence