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  • i'm taking my first ever in-person class this semester

    which is strange to say as a nearly-25-year-old (gahh, yikes)

    people keep assuming i was in HS during covid when i bring it up lol

    anyway we'll see how it goes

    Elinor I will be 28 this year and people default to assuming I'm in college
    Feb 9, 2024

  • happy cake dayyy!!! 🎂🍰 9 years is amazing 0.0

  • wow, nine years. almost double digits

    i haven't posted anything new on here in absolute ages, and haven't posted anything worthwhile in even longer

    special thanks to some of the late greats for making it happen @Prokaryote @CowLogic @Willard @gringotheamericano @freakforchrist

    and as always @Nate

    see ya at the decade mark

    Rook Happy cake day hatt!!!
    Feb 3, 2024

    Snoink Happy cake day!!!
    Feb 3, 2024

  • fatherfig happy new year ! back hurt chemistry is awful, you?
    Jan 22, 2024

    Hattable same on back hurt, work is awful, jus tryina get thru it week by week rn tbh, but hey there's a light at the end of the tunnel
    Jan 22, 2024

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  • i swear it was just yewis's birthday like 4 months ago

  • hello, it's been a minute. just thought i'd update y'all on my movie-going experiences these past few months

    it's been a minute since some of these movies so i'm just going based off my notes directly after watching them
    Spoiler! :
    so, i saw Barbie a second time after my initial post about it and i actually enjoyed it more. adjusted my rating to... 4.5 stars!? i may have to revisit that rating lol

    i then saw Talk To Me, which was ok ? nothing special, looks like i gave it 2 stars lol rip

    next was GRAN TURISMO: BASED ON A TRUE STORY. my friends and i saw this movie on national cinema day bc tickets were 4 bucks and we all expected it to be pretty bad but we'd seen everything else we wanted to see that was showing at the time so we figured, why not? Turned out to be Pretty Good Actually and maybe one of my top movies of the year ? gave it 4.5 stars

    next was The Nun II - i never saw the first Nun movie, but they fill you in on everything you need to know quite a few times, so i wasn't lost. this movie was not scary tho and i left the theater disappointed. 1 star

    then, after a brief theater drought, i saw Five Nights at Freddy's ! i never really got into fnaf, tho, and just went along with my friends who were much more hyped for it. it was just ok. i realize that it was more enjoyable for fans of the franchise, tho, so, yea - couldn't come up with a rating for this one. my ratings are really arbitrary and follow no actual code of conduct, so let's say 2 stars

    and finally tonight i saw Killers of the Flower Moon. a THREE and A HALF HOUR movie. the movie itself was good, but the theater experience was DEPLORABLE. front row seats were all we could get. several people in our row had apparently never heard of theater etiquette before, yapping and talking throughout the movie, even after several other people told them to shut up. phones going off repeatedly. one of them fell asleep and snored loud as hell. and captain flatulence behind us with no shame, every hour just rippin the leather of his seat. aye aye.

    good movie tho. bit too long. let's say 4 stars for now. i'll have to let it simmer a bit
    anyway this brings my total seen-in-theater films this year to 16 MOVIES, gahdamn (ignoring that i saw a few of them multiple times)

  • Apricity sending you lots of hugs
    Oct 19, 2023

  • Barbie was ok ? 6/10

    considering i only went for Ryan Gosling and the Ken parts were all fantastic, tho, i should probably give it a 10/10

    With that we're now at 13 movies seen in theaters so far this year

  • I saw Indiana Jones and Oppenheimer this past week. I was zoned out for a lot of Indiana Jones but what I did zone back in for was pretty mid.



    Hattable still gotta see Barbie
    Jul 29, 2023

  • me workin six 9hr days for 2 weeks in a row:

    me when the paycheck hits:

    Rook I haven't done this, it sounds awful, but I have these same feelings about when i have to work a 12 hour shift, but then I get a day off
    Jul 20, 2023

    Hattable the shifts themselves aren’t bad, it’s only an extra hour per day (and extra day) on top of my normal schedule, but the HEAT is killin me. The last few hours (including the extra hour) are boring af tho, there’s nothing to do most of the time
    Jul 21, 2023

  • when you're literally just doing your job and some dipshit demands your name so he can report you for... doing your job ??

    it was a third party person that works w my company and i hit 'em with the "i don't have to give you my name" and he cussed me out lmao cry me a river dawg

    my manager went and gave my name w/out getting any of his info tho, unbelievable

    Que it was me
    just reporting you for being cool no worries here
    (for real though that does not sound fun :/ and not great of your manager)

    Jul 18, 2023

    Hattable my manager was caught off guard tbf- she's usually p good but the guy started demanding my name and she had no context and she was like "huh? jon?" and bro sped off lmao. nothing has come of it yet tho, and i've been here almost 4 years so psssh i ain't worried
    Jul 19, 2023

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  • saw Asteroid City tonight, interesting film. bit weird but i enjoyed it. overall theater experience tonight was slightly thrown off by the 25 minutes of ads/previews i had to endure before the movie (if you say the movie starts at 9:20 it shouldn't start at 9:45!!!)

    LadySpark if you haven't seen any other wes anderson, they are a trip. Moonrise Kingdom is my favorite, my partner, Si, prefers Grand Budapest.
    Jun 30, 2023

    Hattable yeah, this was my first wes anderson film (unless i'd seen one without realizing it was him). i've been meaning to get around to grand budapest, tho! keep forgetting that's one of his
    Jul 1, 2023

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