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  • "How does my laugh sound? Annoying?"

    No, I wanted to say. I wanted to describe how your laugh was like an exquisite brandy so intoxicating that I wouldn't mind getting drunk on everyday. I wanted to say how your laugh triumphs over the sweet melodies of violins and sparrows, making me soar into heights I could've never imagined. I wanted to say your laugh was something I looked forward to every single day and the heavens know it. The heavens know how my face glows brighter than their angels when I hear your laugh.

    Yet all I could say was, "It's not annoying. It's pretty cute."

    At least you laughed at my face. You laughed. And everything in the world was alright for that few seconds. I hope nothing steals that laugh away from you.

    alpacaboss A little something I thought off that's too short to publish and too good to let go
    Mar 29, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue OoO This is beautiful!! <333
    Mar 29, 2024

  • Happy holy Thursday!!!

  • I'm lost. Should I post it. Should I wait... I have 3 hours aaaagh!!!
    I'm procrastinating from posting my chapter please help lololol

    alpacaboss why do you procrastinate, my friend
    just do it, no judgement in here :>

    Mar 21, 2024

  • In English we say: You're as bright as sunshine.
    In poetry we say: The sun is jealous of how the flowers turn to you when you come in.

    In English we say: I want to be with you.
    In poetry we say: My heart blooms in your presence and wilts in your absence.

    (just hopping in a little trend I saw online. thoughts?)

    RavenAkuma In English I would say: Well put, friend!

    In poetry I would say: Your perspective creates a rainbow of creativity, and scatters wisdom like a dandelion in Spring's breeze

    Mar 17, 2024

  • herbalhour
    Feb 22, 2024

    ssob a cap la alpacaboss

  • OrabellaAvenue
    Feb 17, 2024

    Wanna help us break a record? Join the pad if you can! Hopefully we'll get to see your kindness and positivity! :D (No worries if you can't make it)

    DreamyAlice wrote:


    I hope everyone enjoyed #UnSoMo now as the official social fortnight or #SocialMonth2024 has started. Here is one more exciting thing for you all. This social month we planned to break a YWS record! All the past YWS records and record holders are mentioned in the The YWS Big Book of Records, but there are collective records as well like the last Great Tortoise Race of 2023 we broke the last Most Users to Complete Team Tortoise in one Month record with 9 members making through the month.

    This social month on YWS we are trying to break the record of Most people in a writing pad at once. It would be a pretty cool record to set. The last one would probably have been for YWS's 16th birthday with around 20 people. We are trying to surpass that goal and yeah that's crazy, chaotic, and of course AMAZING!

    We got this! Do not forget your fruit juices, everyone. Mr.Pineapple invites you to the GREAT PINEAPPLE PARTY hosted by me and @OrabellaAvenue!
    The date and timing is
    (There is a code applied that changes the time to the reader's time zone so it will be different for everyone according to where they live)

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  • who wants angsty poems?

    feel free to drop the kind of angst (angst about relationship, angst about not being good enough, angst about friendship :>)
    I'm gonna make one anyways but I wanna know your thoughtsss

    Spoiler! :
    never enough
    never enough
    never enough
    always too much
    but somehow not enough
    "i hate you i hate you"
    but what does that mean
    confusion strikes twice
    two slaps to the face
    like i gave him
    but my punishment was just
    or was it unjust?
    like what i gave you
    i'm never enough
    never enough
    but always too much

    Feb 7, 2024

  • I'm simply honored to be called best poet for 2023. Thank you, everyone! This was such a lovely surprise. Hugs to you all :>

    EllieMae You deserve it!!! Love you and everything you write :D
    Feb 5, 2024

    Kaia Well deserved, well-deserved
    Feb 5, 2024

  • herbalhour
    Feb 3, 2024

    helo paca boss do u rp

    alpacaboss helo

    wat is rp....? hehe

    Feb 4, 2024

    herbalhour role play
    Feb 4, 2024

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  • your friendly neighborhood alpaca is feeling under the weather :<

    OrabellaAvenue Aww, I'm sorry. Feel better soon!
    Dec 28, 2023

    Kaia Oh no!! Hope you feel better soon, friend!
    Dec 28, 2023

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  • herbalhour
    Dec 26, 2023


    alpacaboss llama

    Dec 27, 2023

  • New work out! Excited to hear what you guys think

  • alright so it's currently Christmas break on my end.
    And I have no idea what to write

    Spearmint ever considered adopting a plot bunny? ;)
    Dec 12, 2023

    alpacaboss oh what I never knew about this before lol

    Dec 12, 2023

  • LuminescentAnt
    Dec 8, 2023

    Nice to see you around! I've missed reading your very awesome poetry :)

    alpacaboss awww thanks! just released one a few hours ago. hope you like it :>
    Dec 8, 2023

    yes I've been inactive for quite some time.
    life has been good. Busy but good.
    perhaps I'll be more active in the latter weeks
    but in the mean time, I'm brainstorming for my next piece :>
    see you all soon

    OrabellaAvenue I'm glad life is going good!! I missed you. Good luck with your project - I wonder what it will be. ^^
    Dec 2, 2023

    Kaia Glad to see you are alive and well. Was thinking of you just the other day.
    Dec 3, 2023

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