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  • oh woah it's been a year

    thanks guys!

    May 10, 2024

  • LuminescentAnt
    May 9, 2024

    Happy cake day!!!

  • Happy cake day!! Hope you have a great one! :D

  • ┌iii┐ Happy cake day!! ┌iii┐

  • One year!!!!!!! Wahoooo!!! You're so awesome and so glad to have met you, friendo!!

  • HAPPY CAKE DAYYYY!! you are such a lovely person and i'm glad you're on yws, alpaca!! hope you have a great day ^-^ 🎂🍰

  • happy cake day!!!

  • chrysanthemumcentury
    May 9, 2024

    happy cake day

  • Well well
    the green room has indeed ballooned the last time I've checked

    RavenAkuma I know, right? I haven't delved into a lot of short stories because I'm invested in so many ongoing books, but it looks like there are a lot of great pieces coming out.
    May 7, 2024

  • "How does my laugh sound? Annoying?"

    No, I wanted to say. I wanted to describe how your laugh was like an exquisite brandy so intoxicating that I wouldn't mind getting drunk on everyday. I wanted to say how your laugh triumphs over the sweet melodies of violins and sparrows, making me soar into heights I could've never imagined. I wanted to say your laugh was something I looked forward to every single day and the heavens know it. The heavens know how my face glows brighter than their angels when I hear your laugh.

    Yet all I could say was, "It's not annoying. It's pretty cute."

    At least you laughed at my face. You laughed. And everything in the world was alright for that few seconds. I hope nothing steals that laugh away from you.

    alpacaboss A little something I thought off that's too short to publish and too good to let go
    Mar 29, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue OoO This is beautiful!! <333
    Mar 29, 2024

  • Happy holy Thursday!!!

  • I'm lost. Should I post it. Should I wait... I have 3 hours aaaagh!!!
    I'm procrastinating from posting my chapter please help lololol

    alpacaboss why do you procrastinate, my friend
    just do it, no judgement in here :>

    Mar 21, 2024

  • In English we say: You're as bright as sunshine.
    In poetry we say: The sun is jealous of how the flowers turn to you when you come in.

    In English we say: I want to be with you.
    In poetry we say: My heart blooms in your presence and wilts in your absence.

    (just hopping in a little trend I saw online. thoughts?)

    RavenAkuma In English I would say: Well put, friend!

    In poetry I would say: Your perspective creates a rainbow of creativity, and scatters wisdom like a dandelion in Spring's breeze

    Mar 17, 2024

  • chrysanthemumcentury
    Feb 22, 2024

    ssob a cap la alpacaboss

The only person I know for certain I am better than is the person I used to be.
— CandyWizard