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Just give me credit for trying.

  • Spoiler! :
    Had to miss clinicals today because I was so sick this morning. And I had almost made it to graduation with perfect attendance!! Now all my classmates are going to give me such a hard time tomorrow. I could swear I didn't take this decision lightly, and I feel so terrible about screwing up my attendance record like this. I was so close to making it!

    LadyMysterio <3333
    18 minutes ago

  • Stop what you're doing and look at this little model.


  • Spearmint
    12 hours ago

    *slides in*
    hi Kaia!! you are a super cool person and if i knew your address, i'd send a huge bouquet of purple flowers to congratulate you on simply being who you are :D
    also, you are so close to graduating-- i believe in you!! <3

  • Totally mentally, physically, and emotionally drained after another 8 hr clinical trying to please my impossible instructor, my patients, and the nurses on the floor so they say good stuff to my instructor about me; it's a lot and I'm an introvert on top of it. Literally thinking today I made a huge mistake deciding to jump into nursing school and should have started with a CNA at best because I don't know a freaking thing about what the hey I'm supposed to be doing 70% of the time at clinicals. All I can do is hope I have wonderful coworkers when I get out of the jailhouse, cuz I don't know a dang thing compared to my classmates. Feel very lost all over again.

    But on the bright side, I hung an IV med today and saw a JP drain pulled.😉

  • Found a way to combine 5 defining realizations all in one scene... Hmm...someone may just end up having a mysteriously suspicious hypoglycemic "low" in the future...*rubs hands mischievously*

  • When I get out of school, I'm gonna write like my life depends on it. It does

    Quillfeather I say this knowing full well I have about 5 years of school left including college
    Jul 16, 2024

  • Spoiler! :
    Looking at all the fantastic events going on right now...and realizing that just the thought of being involved in all that is too much right now. Super sad. A year ago this would have been so thrilling!

  • Phantom hospital smells I should have left behind 7 hours ago...

  • Okay where's an open wfp?(Guess I'll go cry into the chatroom with orangutans as sympathy)

    Quillfeather I'll cry too because the chat room doesn't work for me
    Jul 15, 2024

  • Air conditioning is out at my college. Oh boy. And a final to take on top of it. *Hereby retires*

  • Today was really rough. I seriously feel that my instructor has a psycho internal demand to knock other people to the floor to fan her own ego.

  • When everyone goes to bed right as I'm getting up :'(

  • I hate asking this question but I think I must. I really haven't found any rules on YWS about this, but maybe this is being selfish? I don't know. Please comment your thoughts and if you've run across rules about this, please let me know!!

    Spoiler! :
    So as many of you know, I am completely, COMPLETELY rewriting I Knew to the point that it tells a slightly different story. I have already had almost all the chapters reviewed, liked, and commented on for the previous draft.

    But now with this new draft I am eager for reviews. I am tempted to republish them under a second version, but I realize that that may be incredibly unfair as I have already had these chapters in a more primitive form reviewed for me.

    Please let me know if it is legal to publish anew an old piece with a new version.

    And if that is legal, do I have reviewers who are interested in reviewing the second version? I am not willing to release a second version if it's going to mean loading up the groom room unnecessarily with chapters no one wants to review. And maybe this whole idea is very selfish.

    Pleaseeee comment thoughts below. And if you feel that this is not fair, PLEASE express these thoughts below. I want to do whatever is legal and doesn't make anyone annoyed at me. ^^

    Also, these chapters would not even be released in bulk. I suspect one every month or two until I graduate at least.

    this will also be a way to eat up my points so I need to review again

    RavenAkuma Well I never read your original draft, but I'll gladly review the new one at least! :D

    Spoiler! :
    Tbh, I absolutely get your concern though, and I thought this could be a good idea for a club. A sort of "old gems" club. Normally we would just dig up some old gems on YWS that newer members may not have heard of, and people can request reviews on updated chapters/stories and stuff...Unless there's something like that already and I'm sounding crazy here XD

    Jul 14, 2024

    TheMythMaster Oooh, yes I've wondered this too
    Jul 14, 2024

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  • Thanks to two back to back clinicals at a hospital that greatly refreshed my mind on what the heck I was tryna write, my stubbornness to crash through an immense amount of homework that left me with time to write, and a much needed but much resented break from I Knew, I broke through writers block again. :D I felt like I was writing like a pro today!

    *Feels accomplished*

    RavenAkuma Yay, good for you Kaia! :D
    Jul 14, 2024

  • It has been exactly a week since I have opened the I Knew documents because nursing school hit very hard last week. Now I'm scared to open them. 😟

You're given the form, but you have to write the sonnet yourself. What you say is completely up to you.
— Madeleine L'Engle, A Wrinkle in Time