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Dossereana Of The Thriveing Forest

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About Dossereana

Hi my name is Dossereana, I have two sisters on her the oldest is felistia and my middle sister is FlamingPhoenix, I am the youngest sibling. I am writing lots of story's. One of them is called Blades Of Kosatara Book One Deceived By Trust.
Its about an eagle named Taloneye hew is now training to became a great solder, ones he becomes a solder, things take an epic tern, when his going on patrol one day.
Then I have another story that I just started writing, I have not thought of a name yet. But its about a girl hew is a worrier of a king, her father was killed years back by a diffrenet kings army in war, and she is urging to get revenge.
I also love to write poetry, I have wrote a lot of poems,just a lot of them are not on YWS yet. But be sure to check out my wall for some images of my two or three dogs pumpkin a girl and her bread is an Airedale, then these Teddy, And Bubbles, they both are siblings and there bread are West Highland White Terriers.


I love writing my story, and I am starting to do polymer clay, I love to play with the three dogs as well.



Spend your days thinking about things that are good and true and beautiful and noble, and you will become good and true and beautiful and noble.
— Matthew Kelly