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Dossereana Of The Thriveing Forest

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About Dossereana

Hi my name is Dossereana, I have two sisters on her the oldest is felistia and my middle sister is FlamingPhoenix, I am the youngest sibling. I am writing lots of story's. One of them is called Blades Of Kosatara Book One Deceived By Trust.
Its about an eagle named Taloneye hew is now training to became a great solder, ones he becomes a solder, things take an epic tern, when his going on patrol one day.
Then I have another story that I just started writing, I have not thought of a name yet. But its about a girl hew is a worrier of a king, her father was killed years back by a diffrenet kings army in war, and she is urging to get revenge.
I also love to write poetry, I have wrote a lot of poems,just a lot of them are not on YWS yet. But be sure to check out my wall for some images of my two or three dogs pumpkin a girl and her bread is an Airedale, then these Teddy, And Bubbles, they both are siblings and there bread are West Highland White Terriers.


I love writing my story, and I am starting to do polymer clay, I love to play with the three dogs as well.



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