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Who Am I.

by EllieMae

I am,


Old and



A daughter and

sister and



A writer who is


Too quiet.

And an overthinker.



Socially anxious,


Scared and



Depressed and


Hopeless and


Weird and



I am hurting

And have been hurt.




And Traumatized.


Burnt out and


Hard worker, but also

Incomplete, but also



Silly and


Immature and



I am a survivor,

Who is healing.

And I am well-rounded.


You and




Is this a review?



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Wed Mar 20, 2024 7:11 pm
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Coffeewriter wrote a review...

This is wonderful work as usual Ellie! There is so much to say yet so little! I love how at the end after all the “imperfections” shown in the poem you wrote
It really shows that our imperfections are what make us human and makes us different from AI or computers or animals even. I love how you seemingly poured you heart out into the piece and really just made it seem ‘right’. Yknow?
“Silly and


Immature and

This one hit the most, to be honest, I feel like we are all forced to grow up way too quickly. Even people(like me) who are privileged enough to have lovely, caring parents that make their child strong enough to be independent and witty in this day and age, we are still forced to grow up on our own and do things others can’t do for us-just because society expects that of us, to make our relatives proud and to be a normal person and to be “successful” and “stable in life”. I don’t know if I took this section way differently or seriously but I took this poem in a very different way maybe compared to how you wrote it. That’s the beauty of writing in my opinion. You can write something but it can vary in meaning to SO many different people.
I rambled a bit there! Have a good day/night and tysm for reading!

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Wed Mar 20, 2024 1:28 pm
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valentin3 wrote a review...

Okay so obviously this is amazing. (I'm new to writing so my editing skill are low so bear with me).

I like you found a way for things to relate back to each line. I found this easy to read because I personally can relate to it. Now to move on to what I think about each part that I liked (stanza or line idk?) :) Btw these are just my interpretations

1. I am, old and young

-I think this part means that at young age you (the writer) grew up quicker than most kids

2. A daughter and sister and friend

-Just like it says you are someone child, someones siblings, and many peoples friend

3. I am hurting
And have been hurt.
And traumatized.

-This part really hits because it tells you what is going on nessecarliy. Its deep. I read a lot of your other stuff and it seem s to do a lot with trauma. I can relate to that (ik I said that like a million times but it true) I mean your skill to write such deep and rich poetry is amazing. I envy your ability to be honest. Back to the poem though.

It shows that you have been hushed because of this trauma. Became uncertain with people and surroundings. Lonely because of what has happened.

Sorry if this bores you.
Have a good day/afternoon/night
(sorry 4 spelling mistakes)

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