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Finding Nate the Dragon

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Thu Jul 01, 2021 5:35 am
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Carina says...

Finding Nate the Dragon
The Adventurer Chronicles of YWS

A YWS Tagbookx ▬▬ xRoleplay Month 2021


It has been many moons... since the collapse of the Storybook Nation that birthed the rise of the Roleplay Kingdom, and even many more moons since the forbidden Dragons vs. Monkeys War. The World of YWS has always faced times of hardship — such as figuring out what you should change your next avatar to, or desperately wanting the next review star but being too lazy to review — but together, we remain strong. It was a peaceful day across the lands, when all of a sudden, the sky turned deep red and displayed a message.


You look to the person next to you, and then the next. Suddenly, there is chaos across the lands to put together an adventuring team and find Nate the Dragon. The race starts now. Whoever finds Nate the dragon first will get one million YWS points!

how will this work?

Simply figure out your race and class, as well as your home below. If you don't know your race and class, you can make something up, or can simply be a wandering human! You are welcome to use (non-overpowered aka Level <5) magic, or you can swing a sword, or you can swing your punches. Anything goes! Just be aware that this quest will be dangerous, so it is wise to travel in a pack. Tag your friends, form a ragtag team of adventurers, and find Nate the Dragon!

Below is the map of YWS. You can pick one of the four YWS empires and start there.


  • Poetry Plaza: This cozy town is home to many bards, rangers, and nature magic classes, but all classes and races are found here. Everyone is very welcoming, but can be hard to understand since many speak in riddles or slam poetry.
  • Literature Republic: A giant castle surrounded by a moat that is near-impenetrable and sturdy. Knights of the Green Room frequently take shifts around the republic. Home to many fighting classes to defeat Green Room beasts sprawling the hills, but magic isn't uncommon.
  • Roleplay Kingdom: The inhabitants of the Roleplay Kingdom have been displaced by the rough storms of the Storybook Seas, but have been finding their own home on the lands. The people of the kingdom tend to be chaotic and inherit powerful magic.
  • District of Community (D.C.): A quaint, peaceful, rural district full of the friendliest faces you'll ever meet. This is tight-knit community that homes all races and classes. Everyone has a home here. To the east is a ghostly forest where people can shout into the void, dubbed The Wall.
  • Dragon's Den: This is where you want to be. Unfortunately, many Green Room beasts roam the land, and the mountainous area is prone to earthquakes called Pad Crashes. How will you survive?

Once you pick your location, simply tag anyone you'd like to be in your adventuring team, and adventure away! You may even find that there are other squads of adventurers on this quest, and you could merge groups. Or perhaps you don't feel like doing the quest and want to support people passing by with fresh baked goods and magical hugs. Anything goes!

To pace finding the dragon, the story will be divided into three:

    PART 1: Journey Away From Home
    PART 2: Up the Mountain
    PART 3: Down into the Den

When you feel as though you're ready to go up the mountains, say so in the OOC thread. After all, it's about the journey, not the destination.

Starting Note

Spoiler! :
Tagbooks are a special kind of storybook. Instead of making a character profile, the character you write for is yourself - and other members of the site! Your goal is to tag as many users as you possibly can in your posts, while also telling a story. In this case, you're telling the story of adventurers in a setting similar to a medieval Dungeons & Dragons world dubbed YWS off to find the missing dragon named Nate. Your race, class, magic, and weaponry is up to you - just be reasonable!

Tagbooks are usually wacky, random and filled with fourth wall breaks. If you're lucky enough to be tagged, or just want to pop in with a post of your own, you're in for a treat!

Here are examples of past tagbooks:
chaotic lazy

the queen of memes

secret supreme overlord of yws

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
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Thu Jul 01, 2021 5:36 am
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Carina says...

It started off as any other normal day. Carina was humming away, her one brain cell at 100% power capacity during a roleplay binge with @soundofmind. This was her full-time job, and people hardly ever recognized the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this work. From sundown to sunup, she would work with sound on their masterpiece, and then they would step back and look at what fate had created for them.

"It's so... so..." Carina stammered, her face mimicking the 🥺 emoji. "Beautiful."

"I'm fading," sound said as the sun hung high up in the sky. "It's morning, and I now must sleep."

"LAAAAAND HO!" @ShadowVyper yelled at the top of her lungs with megaphone.

Carina turned to catch sound in her arms bridal-style and then squinted towards the front of their ship to see Shady waving her arms, grinning. @veeren was standing next to her, wearing a rat costume for some reason that Carina didn't even doubt, because that seemed pretty in-character for veeran.

Oh. Right. They were on a ship. The Roleplay Kingdom still hadn't found a home after the Revamp War, so they'd been traveling on ship ever since, but... maybe after the Storybooks tab got renamed, they'd finally have a permanent home? Unclear.

"Psst! Hey! @Magebird!" Carina called, seeing Mage at the other side of the ship, hanging out in her little hammock corner. She frequently chilled out there while fervently writing out roleplay replies. Sometimes the wall of the ship were full of her crackbrain ideas for new roleplays, too. "Here!" Carina said, tossing sound like a bag of potatoes over to Mage.

sound flew through the air like a frisbee and then landed like like a feather on top of Mage (we're ignoring physics here). She was fast asleep and curled up like a puppy, and Mage gave her head a little pat before returning to scrawling on her notebook.

With the roleplay binge being over and sound asleep, it was now time for chaotic evil. Or at least, that was what Carina thought. She knew that @Vincian liked to call her chaotic lazy instead. Maybe he was onto something here, because instead of walking to Shady and veeren, Carina instead took the moving sidewalk over to them.

That was what it was called, right? The moving sidewalk things from the airports? Carina was too lazy to google. Hence, chaotic lazy.

"Sup, my dudes!" Carina said when she approached, holding her hand out for a high-five. "We gonna get to the Land of YWS and then find this Nate dragon, huh?"

"Yeah, man," Shady said with a nod. "It'll be epic. Think of all the memes that will come out when we find a dragon."

"Memes?" veeren said, voice muffled because of his giant rat mask. "Dragon memes?"

"No, banana memes," Carina said sarcastically, then flicked his rat forehead. "Yeah, dragon memes, ya doofus."

veeren let out a rat-hum. "I wonder if Nate's the lost dragon," he thought out loud.

Carina stroked her chin. "If so, would it be before the dragon?"

Shady squinted her eyes at the two of them. "Is anyone else getting weird deja vu?" she asked.

"Nah, man. Just you," veeren said, eagerly shaking his head and causing a pupil in one of the rat googly eyes to dangle.

"Hey, let's use our banana cannon to throw bananas at the other ships!" Carina said with a grin, already running to the side of the ship to do so. The others eagerly followed, parroting the awesome idea.

"Who are on the ships again?" Shady asked. "I forget. Memory bad. Brain empty. No thoughts."

"Vincian is in that one," Carina said as she pointed at a nearby ship that had sparkles and glitter all over it, because she pranked his ship while he was sleeping and he still had no idea since he couldn't see the outside of it. "I wanna say that @SilverNight and @HarryHardy are on it too? I forget. Someone really needs to take notes of these things."

Shady hummed, pulling out the banana canons from the underground storage area because Carina was too lazy to do it herself. "I wonder who their Crew Leader is?"

"Beats me," Carina said with a shrug. "Their Crew Leader probably smells bad."

"Like rats," veeren said, roasting himself. Hah, that dummy.

Carina gestured to the other boats behind them. "I lose track of who's in what ship, honestly," she said. "But I know of some of the people in some boats. I think @LittleLee, @chikara, @ChieRynn, and @atlast are here somewhere."

"Sounds like the perfect people to banana cannon," Shady said with a cackle, already filling the canon up with bananas. "Aaaaand... fire!"

She fired the banana canon across to the nearby ships, and a banana sprung out like a boomerang, zig-zagging around until it flew over to a ship and bonked @InuYosha on the head.

Carina, Shady, and veeren all cheered in victory, jumping up and high-fiving one another. For a second, time in the world paused, because they were all high-fiving one another like the opening of a sitcom, and the opening credits began to roll.


Time then resumed back to normal, and Carina landed on the floor before clearing her throat. "I'm a wild magic sorcerer," she said casually with a flick of her wrist. "I can do magic things n stuff."

"And I'm a rat," veeren said.

"Thank you, veeren."

"So we're almost to the Lands of YWS," Shady said, looking over the horizon.

She was right. They really were close to landing. The clouds had come in and loomed over the sky like a thick blanket, but Carina could see the forest in the distance. It would be a long, dangerous trek to find Nate the dragon, but so worth it because a million points were at stake here. What was the conversion rate of YWS points to rina points? Carina couldn't remember, but it had to be a lot of bananas.

"It's going to be preeeetty cut-throat out there," veeren said.

"Yeah," Shady agreed. "I heard the people in the Poetry Plaza may act all cute and whimsical, but when it comes to this kinds of stuff, they go crazy. Like, the angsty poetry goes off-the-charts."

"Isn't that one chicken goblin from Poetry Plaza?" veeren asked.

Carina laughed. "Oh! That sounds like @alliyah. I heard she's an artistic goblin summoner who has an army of chickens. A few magic words, and a chicken appears in her arms. It'd be wild if we met up and clashed our chaos magic together, huh."

"I'm a rat," veeren said again.

"That's nice, veeren."

"Ooh, I've heard of @whatchamacallit. She once dipped her toes in the Duo Ocean, and then dived right in. I had to teach her how to swim. Oh yeah, Carina, you did too, right? Isn't that how you learned of alliyah's chicken powers?" Shady said.

"Oh yeah," Carina said, thinking back on her foggy memory. "Sounds about right." She paused for a moment. "@Liminality and @Plume I think also live in Poetry Plaza. Do you think we'll see them?"

"Hopefully," veeren said. "I like poetry. Especially rat poems."

"What about the Literature Republic?" Carina asked Shady, knowing she knew more about those lands than she did.

"Hah!" Shady bellowed. "Don't tell the Knights of the Green Room that I'm on their ship. They don't even know how much cooler roleplays are. I'm in hashtag next up on my next obsession."

Carina laughed through her nose. "Word."

"But yeah, lots of cool people over there that would hold a Call to Arms and find Nate the dragon," Shady continued. "Let's see... @IcyFlame, @SpiritedWolfe, @Spearmint, @Mea, to name a few. They're probably all dressed as knights, ready to go. Or maybe they're magic users? I reeeally need to start taking notes."

Carina nodded. "Aye. And anyone know anything about the D.C.?"

"I know about D.C.," veeren said. "I know a lot of walking bananas and unicorns over there."

"District of Community, ya dork," Carina said.

"That doesn't change my answer, dweeb," veeren said with a scoff. "I was talking about @starlitmind and myself. But also there are tons of amazing people there. Last time I was there, I was in a party with @FireEyes, @Lilliana, @MomoMajesty, and @Tuckster. I remember buying some sammiches and passing by @ImaginativeAlice, @hannah0528, and @AshlynPhoenix too. I saw @BluesClues knitting on the side of the street, and @Arcticus was slam poeting for points. I saw @looseleaf drop a heft donation in his hat. Oh, and
@JustPerks and @Liberty were listening to song sung by the finest street rat around: me."

"Ooooh, can you sing for us, veer?" Carina asked.

"We've landed!" Shady announced, readying to dock.

veeren hummed. "Yeah, sure. Why not make a song in the name of a tagbook?" he mused.

Carina blinked. "What's a tagbook?"

1485 words
chaotic lazy

the queen of memes

secret supreme overlord of yws

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
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Thu Jul 01, 2021 2:49 pm
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ShadowVyper says...

"Wow, you noob," Shady said, shaking her head at @Carina's noobiness. "A tagbook is, like... @GrandWild knows."

At least, Shady hoped she did. Her, or maybe @Valkyria might know instead. Shady realized right after the noob comment that she didn't know how to explain it, either. But she liked to pretend that she knew what was going on, even though she had the attention span of a singular goldfish. What could she say? There weren't many brain cells left to use when 99.5% of your attention was constantly thinking about Classy Rosy Lipped Batfish.


She shook her head, thinking about their phat reward. "Wait, 1,000,000 YWS points? How many rina nickels is that?"

"42, obviously," @FlamingPhoenix cut in.

"Obviously," she agreed, even though she definitely hadn't known that.

Shady sat back and tried to think of who else might be around in the other ships. She felt like a double agent -- realm hopping across all regions of YWS, but currently resting in the RP Kingdom.

She knew that @Messenger, @brotherGeo, @EM8650, @Dossereana, and @TheScribe were some of the talented writers in the Literature Republic. And of course, @mordax was long prophesied to be a thief of our hearts. She thought she even heard something about @Carlito out here hyping up Camp NaNo. That forum looked so cool. She'd seen all the cool kids milling about. The Grown-Up Scientist @niteowl that Shady had always admired was there this year. And so were @mellifera, @AceassinOfTheMoon, @Holysocks and @ChesTacos.

And then she'd seen Knights @Rosewood, @ImaginativeAlice, @Stellarjay milling about the Great Hall along with the most featured of all members, @MayCupcake. Shady made a mental note to ask @CaptainJack if she could share her bananas with them. She needed to make friends for this quest, now didn't she?

Shady looked around. "Can we like get off now? Or do we have to wait for @Big Brother to watch us first?"

318 words
"ur already a big kid scientist in my eyes" - veersies
"u and rina are systematically watering down the grammar of yws" - Tuck
"The chaos quad is here" - FireEyes


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Thu Jul 01, 2021 3:20 pm
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veeren says...

"Nate the DRAGON?" veeren said, dropping to the floor in his rat costume and flailing around like a fish out of water, "I knew a @Nate once."

Flashbacks to bathrooms on fire and wedding rings on bananas flooded his mind. Before he could dig too deep into his old trauma, he sat up.

"If you wanna know what a tagbook is, let me break it down for you," He jumped onto @ShadowVyper 's shoulders,

"A tagbook's a story,
from the front to the back.
We shout out these names,
til our voices are flat.
We'll gather together,
and move like a pack.
But be sure to remember
I'm veeren the rat.

He finished off by break-dancing and moonwalked over to the side of the ship. "I'm hungry. When we land can we visit @MomoMajesty ? I hear they have the best ramen."
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Thu Jul 01, 2021 4:32 pm
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Valkyria says...

Valkyria had been standing by @ShadowVyper making swirls in the water using her magic when she heard what @veeren said.

"I heard that @MomoMajesty's ramen is so good that some people start flying," she said, stars sparkling in her eyes.

Valkyria skipped away, looking at the other ships they were passing. If she squinted, she could see @Vincian at the steering wheel. She could also see @HarryHardy and @SilverNight petting the crows. @Carina and @Magebird were chilling over by the railing, so Valkyria decided to join them.

First, though... she smiled mischievously. Sliding past @soundofmind, Valkyria leaned over the railing and concentrated slightly. Fingers dancing, she guided the water over to where the two roleplayers chatted and lifted the water until it was directly next to them.

Then, she lightly sprayed Carina and Mage with the water. The two shrieked with surprise and laughter.
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Thu Jul 01, 2021 5:10 pm
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SilverNight says...

"Why do you insist on staying up there?" @HarryHardy called, having to raise his voice over the wind so that Silver could hear him.

"Because it's fun!" she hollered back from the crow's nest.

The crow's nest was pretty fun, if you liked crows. @Vincian wasn't a huge fan of parrots because they talked too much, so they didn't have one of those on their ship. And Harry had voted for something impressive like an eagle or falcon, but they didn't know how to train those. Silver had sworn vengeance on all seagulls after one of them had stolen her chips, so sea birds were off the table as well.

But all of them had wanted a ship bird, so they had exactly twenty-three crows living in the crow's nest, which had taken on a literal meaning.

"What do you see from up there?" Vincian asked, from his spot by the steering wheel. The crew didn't really have a captain, but since Harry and Silver were still noobs and Vincian had been on the ship for the longest, he had the honor of steering the ship.

"I see... lots of birds," Silver said dramatically as Crow #19 and Crow #7 swooped in front of her, blocking most of her view.

"Maybe we shouldn't have put all the crows in our best lookout spot," Harry said thoughtfully, realizing something that hadn't occurred to any of the crew before. They'd all been too busy admiring their birds for that.

"I don't see why we'd ever want to look at anything other than them," Silver said, shooing Crow #12 away from her hair. "They were a gift from @Plume, second-in-command of all birds just behind @alliyah, the Lady Goblin of Chickens, and they deserve to be in the spotlight."

"True." Vincian glanced to the west. Or maybe it was the north. Who knew? Not Silver, she didn't have a compass right now. "Hey, are those ships?"

"Would you look at that!" Harry left his spot on the deck by the mast and leaned over the ship's railing. "Those are ships!"

"There are? Wait-- stop it, Crow #20, I wanna see!" Silver moved over so she could get a better look. It was hard to hear her crew members over all the cawing. "Oh, hey, who's that?"

"We're in the sea off the Roleplay Kingdom," Harry said. "Maybe they're from there too?"

"There's a good chance," Silver agreed. She'd once lived in Poetry Plaza, and met lots of the poets there like the magical unicorn @starlitmind and the bard named @Arcticus. But then she'd become a citizen of the Roleplay Kingdom. In addition to her crew, she knew lots of other roleplayers. @winterwolf0100 had been on board the ship, but was taking a break from the adventures of roleplaying. @Stringbean and @AceassinOfTheMoon were planning a new one with Silver. Most recently, she'd been writing with @Magebird, @GrandWild, @soundofmind, @Carina and @atlast, to name a few.

"I wonder who that could be?" Vincian mused.

Suddenly, one of the ships fired a cannon. Before they knew it, their deck was covered with something gooey and mushy.

"It's the banana Roleplayers!" Harry cried out, trying to charge but unable to move without slipping on the banana that covered the wooden boards. "They glittered us, now they're banana cannoning us! ALL HANDS ON DECK!"

The rest of their crew came up from the hold. Among their numbers were atlast, @InuYosha (who had been unlucky and come up just in time to get hit) and @SirenCymbaline, who hurriedly rushed to their own cannons. Grand went around and loaded them all with ink-- it was one of the greatest tools a writer could have.

"Get ready..." Silver squinted at the banana ship. "Fire!"

"YEET!" the crew at the cannons shouted in a battle cry as they sent the ink towards its target.

The ink splattered on the other ship's side, spelling out THAT'S FOR THE BANANAS! Silver was proud of her crew's aim.

"Not to distract us from our victory," Vincian said off-handedly, "but what's that in the sky?"

atlast shrugged. "The writing? All I know is that it wasn't us."

"That's a huge reward!" SirenCymbaline gasped.

"Is it?" Silver asked. "Well, what else have we got to do? Let's get this banana off our deck and get moving."

~696 words~
Silver is a chemical element with the symbol Ag (from the Latin argentum, "shiny" or "white") and atomic number 47.

okay but does this mean I have a melting point of 1763.2 °F

silver (she/her)

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Thu Jul 01, 2021 5:22 pm
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FireEyes says...

Fire heard the shrieks of laughter and bolted up. Could it be? The chaos- wait how many were there?- bunch. Fire ran up bringing @AshlynPhoenix with her.

Fire then proceeded to watch a distance away while @hannah0528 sat next to Asher wonder what all the hoopla was about.

"Why did you bring me here, Fire? There's just a bunch of noise!" Asher exclaimed.

"Asher, how do you not know?! This is @Carina, our chaos overlord. And not just that we have @soundofmind, @ShadowVyper, and @veeren! That's all four! There must be something going on, something exciting." Fire kept pacing back and forth until she had enough. She sprung forth, about to pounce on Cari when a mystical person blocked her way.

Black and purple smoke blocked Fire's way until she could make out who it was. "Oh hey @LadyMysterio. What's up with the big times?"

"Oh nothing much. Just waiting for @TheMythMaster to hurry up so we can see what the commotion is about." Lady looked behind her and Myth was panting and running.

"Hey no fair," Myth complained, "You still have your transporting abilities. I got mine removed for today."

"Myth did you see? The chaos quad is here!" Fire finally remembered how many there were.

"Yeah of course I saw, that's why we're here." Myth took a sour glance at Lady but then walked off.

Fire then excitedly ran over to Cari and proceeded to jump on her back, both falling in the process.
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Thu Jul 01, 2021 5:30 pm
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whatchamacallit says...

whatcha rubbed her eyes and held the page out far from her, wondering if perhaps the couplet would read better from a distance. She wasn't sure why, but she had been struck by dragon-poetry-inspiration this afternoon and was now attempting to catch the majesty of a dragon in words. Of course her imagery included the obligatory description of scintillating scales, since that seemed to be how all poets described dragons.

She was distracted by a tug in her chest and set the poem down. What was that she felt? A tag from @Carina? Or had it been @ShadowVyper? She couldn't quite tell, the signal felt fuzzy. But she definitely got chaotic roleplaying vibes from whoever it was. Shaking her head, whatcha quickly scrawled a response on a scrap of paper.


Spoiler! :
dear chaotic player of roles,
your tag of me struck a chord in my soul
this beautiful, cloud-scraped afternoon,
but unfortunately, the details were ruined
by distance-deformed wavelengths.
so i now go to great lowercase lengths
to send you this response, and i hope
we can all catch up soon. it'd be dope.
p.s. is anyone else getting dragon vibes today?
my destiny has been clouded by smoke of grey
and i can't tell if it's because my glasses need cleaning
or if i'm missing some message fate has been beaming.
sincerest alliterative respectful regards,
whatcha (aka a deck of chaotic cards)

She stepped out of her cottage and leaned over the white picket fence separating her and @alliyah's yard. "Could I borrow one of your flying chickens? I need to send a message to Shady. Or Carina. Or both."

alliyah had been chatting with @kattee, @waywardxwallflower, and @Euphoria8 while gently holding @TheEgg in her arms. She furrowed her eyebrows into an @_@ face and nodded after a moment's pause. "Sure, Herschel has had a boring morning, I'm sure he wouldn't mind a bit of adventure."

"AWESOME, thank you so much!" whatcha exclaimed, scooping Herschel up without hesitation and quickly attaching her letter to his ankle. "Hey Hersch, if you could just drop this off with Carina and Shady that'd be fabulous."

At that moment @Buranko strolled by. "Buranko! Have you been getting any dragon vibes today?" whatcha inquired, still feeling a bit confused about that.

He raised his eyebrows at her. "Haven't you heard? Anyone who can find Nate the Dragon will earn a million points." He waved a flier at her that proclaimed in loud font, HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE THE RICHEST YWSER AROUND! IF YOU CAN FIND NATE THE DRAGON, NOT ONLY WILL YOU SAVE THE FUTURE OF YWS, YOU'LL ALSO EARN ENOUGH POINTS TO POST 5,000 LITERARY WORKS!

whatcha read it in stunned silence. "Uh...okay, logistics though. Who's giving out the prize?" She scrunched her face thoughtfully. "Hmm, dare I say, it seems kind of #classified. Maybe @BluesClues would know. She visits the Poetry Plaza occasionally -- I wonder if I could find her around and ask."

kattee shook her head, barely able to contain her excitement. "Who cares about the logistics? We could have enough points to send out like 20,000 gifts for Christmas in July."

whatcha blinked. "Oh my gosh, you're right! I could donate the points to people so everyone has a sum of points that's divisible by 7!"
u make me go wat cuz u so wat n u can always go what around u watcha


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Thu Jul 01, 2021 6:55 pm
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Vincian says...

One million points.


oh, what he could do with ONE AMAZING MILLION POINTS

Okay, he didn't want to tread over the same waters @whatchamacallit had already talked about. Seriously, just go read her post, it goes into great depth about what you can do with one million points.

But Still!

Vincian had to get those points. And if that meant slaying a dragon, a dragon he once knew at that, then so be it.

His malevolent thoughts were rudely interrupted by a crow mocking him. He shooed it away. "@SilverNight! Control your birds, gosh!" He added under his breath, "I knew we should've gone with a phoenix. Parrots were so out-of-date. I mean, just look at LoonyMaroony @DungeonMaster. At least there wouldn't be 23 phoenixes."

@ShadowVyper screeched through the air something about a land and a hoe. Vincian's pirate language had diminished over the years, but eventually he got it. The first ship made land already! His ship had to be second.

"@HarryHardy, man the anchor! We're going in fast! @Valkyria, HOIST the sails! @SilverNight, tame the crows! I have run out of ship lingo! We're going in!!" Vincian spun the wheel as hard as he could, and the ship lurched.

The ridiculous glitter and sparkles on the side of his ship, gifted lovingly (or so he hoped) from @Carina and her crew, actually came in handy, as the sun reflected off of it and shine in the eyes of the ship next to them. Vincian glanced over and saw @Necromancer14, @Feltrix, @JamesPeterson, and @Terian805. "Sorry!" Vincian shouted, but he doubt they heard him.

Their ship skidded across the water, sending waves onto the beach. Poor @veeren and his rat costume got drenched as he was in the middle of making some kind of song Vincian was too lazy to read (sorry). @HarryHardy dropped the anchor and they came grinding to a halt, just before they crashed into the shore. @Spearmint groggily stepped out from under the ship. "Arrrrrr we there yet?" She said dizzily.

Vincian wasted no time and hopped onto land. "Gather around, team!" He cleared some sand off of a rock and slapped a map onto it. Okay, we are here:"


"Uhh, I think that's the wrong map."

Vincian blushed. "Oh, right." He threw another map on top of it.


"All right! We are here, in the new Roleplay Kingdom. Don't worry about settling in, we're not staying for long. We're searching for Clandestine--"

"That's the wrong Lost Dragon," @soundofmind shouted from... somewhere, idk continuity in tagbooks are hard.

"--I mean, Nate. My sources tell me that he's somewhere around here." He pointed to the middle of the map. "We're not gonna be able to make it there on our own, though. There's puzzles, and mazes, and other stuff I haven't thought of yet." Vincian rolled up the map. "If there's one thing I know, it's that dragons are related to the most dangerous of animals. Chickens.

"And there's only one person I know who can deal with chickens."


"There's only two people I know who can deal with chickens." Vincian's eyes darkened (don't ask him how, it's a writer thing).

"We have to find @alliyah."

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Fri Jul 02, 2021 1:09 am
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Liminality says...

Lim, who was also known as Limbo thanks to @MaybeAndrew, awoke with her to-do list flat on her face. She immediately started to flail around wildly, thinking the piece of paper was sentient and trying to eat her. When she finally realised that it was but a to-do list, she sat down on the forest floor, where she had been taking her nap.

What was that feeling? Was it a tag, by any chance? Lim remembered the legend of @Carina, the queen of tags, who was often tagging people across the land left and right. Lim rifled through her to-do list, but the only clues there were the items:

1. deal with mold
2. find out who has been turning the toilet paper upside down
3. infiltrate @BluesClues's club
3. a. back-up plan in case infiltration #1 doesn't work, switch targets to @Euphoria8's club

Lim looked up from the list. The forest was on the very edge of the Poetry Plaza, where gaggles of poetic folk lived and wrote rhyming couplets. @whatchamacallit would be there, cooking up alliteration and assonance, as @alliyah counted her chickens before they hatched in the house beside her. Lim never knew what to do whenever she was tagged in anything, and so she made plans to seek out these fine folk.

Somewhere on her to-do list, she scrawled in the words she had heard, screeching like a broken school bell from the tag:


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Fri Jul 02, 2021 6:24 am
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Carina says...


phpBB [media]

Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

dunnn... dUN... DUNNNNNNN

Well, actually, Carina didn't really know. She just felt like breaking the fourth wall for the checklist challenge. But it was something about @Valkyria's splishy splash magic, @FireEyes attack hug, and random ink cannons from @SilverNight's ship? Who knows. Blame it on the chaos magic is what I say.

Point was, the Roleplay Kingdom was ready to start the quest! What were we doing again? Oh right. Getting a million points. Finding Nate the dragon. Yeah! This would probably wreck the YWS economy and start civil wars, but YEAH! LET'S DO IT!

PART 1: Journey Away From Home
The Roleplay Kingdom

Carina zoned out while @Vincian took charge of the plans, and then she suddenly got the shivers. It was like... she was silently poked. Like she was... tagged...

Another shiver ran down her side. She had heard of the ghostly forest in The Wall, and people would hear of ghostly screams and tagging. @CaptainJack went in once, and never returned. Carina heard he was now a ghost pirate? Maybe? Someone should really keep track of YWS lore.

This didn't feel like Jack possessing her, though. This felt like a specific poke. Like a poke from @Liminality and @whatchamacallit. How did she know? Like I said folks, chaos magic. Just blame it on the chaos magic. She's a wild magic sorcerer, after all. Or chaos goddess. Or queen of tags. Honestly, losing track of who's what at this point.

"Guys!" Carina called, grabbing the attention of @ShadowVyper, @veeren, @Valkyria, @SilverNight, and @FireEyes. "Do you feel that? Feels like someone's watching us."

Suddenly a chicken fell from the sky and bonked Carina on her head. For a moment, she was having PTSD for when she watched Chicken Little and thought the sky truly was falling. She was relieved to find out that it was just a chicken who fell, rather than the sky.

Fortunately, Carina spoke the language of chicken, so she could understand the animal. No one else could understand it though, except for alliyah. Why? You already know the answer to this, folks: chaos. magic. (Although, Carina had a feeling there should be a representative from Literature Republic and D.C. who could speak chicken too. No idea who it could be though. They've literally yet to make an appearance.)

"I'm Herschel in the Poetry Plaza, but with the Roleplay Fleet, I'm Sleepy the chicken!" the chicken clucked, then fell asleep with the note still in its mouth. @soundofmind scooped Sleepy up in her arms and whispered something about the chicken being the unsung hero of the story, but Carina paid no mind to it since she ripped the note out of the chicken's beak and began to read it.

It was a note from whatcha. Carina had no idea what she was trying to say because her one brain cell was already working overtime, but she grinned anyways, knowing that whatcha and alliyah probably worked together. If they could get a hold of whatcha, they could get a hold of alliyah! And like Vincian said, dragons and chickens were basically the same thing, so teaming up with alliyah aka The Chicken Overlord would work in their favor!

"Guys!" Carina called again, conjuring up a pencil and paper from thin air to write another note back. "I got this. I've got a direct line to whatcha, and then she'll get in touch with alliyah. We'll find Nate in to time! While I write, can someone be in charge of figuring out how the heck we're going to travel through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, and then through the Lincoln Tunnel to get to the Dragon's Den?"

Someone could figure that out, but she had a feeling only an elf could crack the code. In the meantime, she furiously began to write a reply to whatcha.

Carina wrote:Carina didn't know what to write back. She had to think of a reply, but she could only write in roleplay response. After all, those in Poetry Plaza can only write in poetry, those in Literature Nation could only write in short stories, and those in District of Community could only write with a limit of 280 characters, sent by a blue flying bird named Tweeter™. It was only natural that the Roleplay Fleet Kingdom could only write in roleplay form.

So, Carina had to be strategic with this reply. She thought long and hard about what to write back to whatcha.

Wait, she thought. Wouldn't this be like... a roleplay post... in a roleplay post...?

She shook the thought away, picking up a pencil and paper she conjured in midair (chaos magic is fun), and then furiously began to write the most profound reply ever that would likely bring whatcha to tears.

"There!" Carina said proudly, slapping her hands together as she leaned back with a tilted head. "This oughta bring alliyah to us. Oi, Silver! Where's your crow army? Here. Send this off back to whatcha."

"Aye, aye, cap'n!" Silver said with a salute, sending a thicc crow in the air with the note in the beak to fly back to where Sleepy came from. The crow knew where it was going, because crows are yes very totally smart.

"No more pirate speak, Silv," Carina said. "We're adventurers now."

"So, what'd you write?" Shady asked. "Did you mention alliyah?"

Carina opened her mouth to speak, but faltered. "Oh... oops. Forgot to mention her."

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Fri Jul 02, 2021 8:32 am
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HarryHardy says...

Harry didn't quite know whether to be sad or excited about being back on land. On one hand, the ocean was a place he'd kind of gotten used to over the past few months and he felt a lot more powerful when he was on the deck of a ship. He was quite certain that the change in power had nothing to do with him knowing more about pirate speak than adventurer speak.

At any rate, being on land meant they were closer to their goal, and well, that was quite a hefty goal but it came with a hefty reward. Harry was usually not one to be enticed by monetary rewards, having over 170,000 points to his name he liked to think he had more points than he knew what to do with, but ONE MILLION POINTS was something else entirely. He'd finally found a sum of points big enough to be worth the effort of chasing after it. Also if you're wondering why he suddenly thought in all caps, let's just say its an occupational hazard of being a character in a storybook.

Their Captain, no scratch that, first mate, or perhaps just steering wheel man @Vincian had declared that they had to find @alliyah. That did sound like a great plan. As anyone in the lands of YWS knew, she was the person to go to when you needed anything to clarified regarding chickens and dragons were pretty much overgrown chickens. Everybody knew that. And from the times Harry had met alliyah when she served as Court Magician of the Knights of the Green Room, she had seemed like a very helpful chicken goblin, quite scary and quite powerful, but also kind and helpful, just the kind of person they needed to locate a dragon.

And then their Captain @Carina, who they really should be calling Commodore considering she was leading an entire fleet, although once should never quote Harry Hardy on that title, cause he'd stolen that right out of Pirates of the Caribbean, don't let him ever tell you otherwise. Wait a minute, who is that? Excuse me, its me Harry writing this, and its my point of view, get outta here Mr. Narrator. I'm so sorry, won't happen again.

Now that was out of the way, Harry made his way over to where the rest of the crew @ShadowVyper, @SilverNight, @Valkyria and @veeren.... Harry blinked. Was that a rat costume? Harry just had to tip his hat for the bravery of making a decision like that. The fact that he wasn't wearing a hat was barely an inconvenience.

Harry then realized he'd started a paragraph about something Captain Carina was doing and completely forgotten to write about what she actually did. Moving back to that, it appeared she had secured a direct line to @whatchamacallit who could apparently lead them to alliyah. She also mentioned something about a candy cane forest, a sea of swirly gumdrops and lincoln tunnel, how a forest led to a ocean that led to a tunnel in a world other than Minecraft was beyond him, but he'd learnt not to question the worldbuilding in a YWS tagbook.

At any rate, he thought it sounded like a wonderful quest they should definitely get started on as early as possible. Harry raised his arms and waved them around. As was prone to happen whenever he did that, everything immediately became dark and stormy, the perfect setting for going on a dangerous and epic adventure.

"Cap'n Carina....I mean...DM Carina....I'm not all that well versed in adventurer speak, but perhaps we should begin setting out on our journey, I have a plan for getting through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, and you're going to love it. It involves those banana canons you fired at us, a bowl of ramen preferably cooked up by the wonderfully talented @MomoMajesty, maybe some ink from our ink canons although that one appears to be optional and someone to do...uhh...well Captain Jack Sparrow does this best so I'll let him show you."


"Savvy,...I mean...does that sound good?" asked Harry.

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Fri Jul 02, 2021 2:02 pm
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Valkyria says...

"Ooh, Harry, that looks so dangerous!" said Valkyria, admiring the storm that @HarryHardy had conjured. "Now this is perfect for adventuring."

She turned into a hawk -her favorite bird- and flew into the air. But the gusts of wind whipped around her, and Valkyria was finding trouble controlling her wings. She angled down, intent on reaching the ground when a powerful gust of wind sent her careening over @Carina, @ShadowVyper, and @veeren's heads.

Valkyria landed roughly into @SilverNight's crows, and they all squawked -do crows even squawk- indignantly. Valkyria turned back into a human and shook her head.

"...But terrible to fly in," she muttered. "Sorry, guys, sorry -What did you say about my mother?"

She balled her fists, ready to engage in combat, but Silver grabbed her shoulders and turned her away.

"No fighting with the crows," she said, lightly pushing Valkyria, pouting, towards the group. "They are the ship's birds, and @Plume graciously gifted them to us."

"Val, we need you a moment!" shouted @Vincian, so they could hear him. When Valkyria was close enough, he said, "Thanks to Harry's need of authenticity," -Harry smiled sheepishly- "we need the best path where the storm won't be so bad."

"On it, Capt -er, first mate -no- On it, Vincian." Valkyria saluted him. She pondered changing into a land animal, but this way would be less of a hassle. She placed her hand on one of the trees and closed her eyes. After a moment's pause, she opened them.

"There's a pretty good path that will lead us to the candy cane forest," she told her crewmates. "It's kind of windy, but it's short."

"Good enough then," said Harry.

"Let's go!" said Valkyria. She noticed a vine lying on the ground, and she focused on the water that was in it. When Vincian turned around to relay the news to Carina and @soundofmind, she used her magic to lift the vine. The vine curled around Vincian's hat and plucked it off his head. Valkyria snickered.
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Fri Jul 02, 2021 2:35 pm
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Plume says...

Plume looked up from the many scrolls she had taken from the Green Room last time she had visited the Literature Republic. She was just about to gather her thoughts and leave some reviews when she felt a tug. It felt like... a tag?? Subconsciously, she knew there was something going on. There was a lot of chaos magic all around, and there was also a lot of buzz about some dragon. And what were, dragons, really, if not very large birds with scales instead of feathers and a little extra pizazz?

There was something else familiar in the air, too. A flap of wings. A caw here and there. Caws that were as familiar to her as the poetic structures she was all too fond of using.

There really was no mistaking it, she realized. One of the crows she had gifted @Carina's ship (which @SilverNight had been taking marvelous care of) was flying near (and maybe even over!) Poetry Plaza!

She flung open her window, scaring away all the other birds who had been perched there.

"Mama's coming!!" she yelled (or rather, crowed) out of the window. "And sorry," she added, quieter, addressing the birds who were indignantly ruffling their feathers, upset at being startled. She gave each a quick peck (get it?? because they're birds??) on the head.

Plume turned away. She knew the crow was heading to @whatchamacallit, so that was where she would go. And with whatcha, she hoped there would be another prized member of the bird brethren of YWS: @alliyah.

Plume grabbed her keys and motioned to her treasured silver duck, Bethany.

"Let's go and find that crow!"
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FireEyes says...

Candy cane forest? Fire thought about what might be needed. She brewed up a thought and rant to go get supplies. Er- she only brought back one supply she thought that everyone would need- sweet leather jackets.

"OI, EVRYONE! LOKEE HERE!" Fire held the jackets up in the air for everyone to see despite her small size.

@veeren looked confused. "Why do we need leather-"

"Because if we're going to find and potentially slay Nate the Dragon, we'll need some protection. These babies can protect from Dragon fire breath to an account of accidental arson on a church where you need to save small children."

"Can I still be a rat?" veeren inquired.

"Yes you can still be a rat but with a sweet leather jacket."

Everyone at a nearby radius made a ._. face.

Fire became flustered and added, "Oh and y'know if I can't control my fire eyes. hehe. Er uh @Magebird! Can you duplicate these so everyone had enough?"

Mage looked back from a long prolonged period of staring off into the second dimension. "Oh yeah, sure." She waved her arms around- or that's what it looks like Fire doesn't know anything about Mage magic- and *poof* everyone had a leather jacket. Some to their dissatisfaction.

"Mighty @Carina! May I have your attention for a wee amount of time?" Fire tried to sound all regal n' stuff but didn't pay off so well.

"Yeah sure." Cari walked on over, interested in what Fire had to say. "what is it you wanted to speak with me about?"

"Dearest Cari, I know you have only one functioning braincell. Therefore I gift to you my master braincell, Curthewstonadle. (Pronounced cur-THEW-ston-AYD-dle) He is the biggest braincell boi. I think you need him more than me."

"Why thank you young Fire. I shall treasure this gift forever in this quest and onward." Cari kindly accepted Curthewstonadle and somehow put him into her own brain with chaos magic.

Fire walked off till the next time she could be useful.
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