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  • Tomatoes!

    Rose and lettuce :)
    Apr 1, 2024

    Rose and some more veggies :D
    Apr 1, 2024

  • *drops a bag of potatoes here*

  • Quillfeather wrote:
    3 Icecream Scoops Until NAPO

    So that means it's time to sign up for
    April Madness
    Only 5 spots left
    Sign up here

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  • This is so up my street *presses join*
    Horisun wrote:New Club Alert

    This idea has been knocking around in my brain for months, and I'm really excited about it! Below is a quick explanation; if it sounds interesting to you at all, I'd love if you could check it out!

    Spoiler! :

    Horisun wrote:Welcome to The Green Room Book Club!

    A large portion of the Green Room is made up of ongoing novels by our site's members, (as of this post, there are more than 80 works classified as chapters in the Green Room, and over 20 unique narratives), this book club is made with the goal of incentivizing more reviews on those ongoing works.

    So How Will This Work?

    Once a month, we will feature an ongoing novel randomly selected based on volunteers from the Green Room. (If you would like your novel to be featured, message me, @Horisun, and I'll add you to the list.) In order to qualify, you must have more than ten parts currently published on the site, and at least one of them has to be in the Green Room at the time of you volunteering it to be featured.

    On the first of each month, we will announce which project is being featured. Members of the club then have the next four weeks to do as many (non-spam! reviews on the selected work as they can. Check out alliyah's article from Knowledge Base on Review Spam, if you haven't already -> Avoiding Review Spam

    The winner of this challenge will receive *600 points in addition to whatever they receive from reviewing literary works. Any member of this club who did at least one review on the featured work will receive another 50 points.

    Also! If the author of the featured work is amiable, we will take a page out the book of English teachers across the globe and do a "pop quiz" on the work. The winner of which will receive another 100 points.

    (*this number is liable to fluctuate between months while I figure out what works and what doesn't. I will make a post each month if changes to the above figures occur.)

    Additional Notes

    -If you've already left a review, or several reviews, on the featured work, those will not count towards your total number of reviews for the month.

    -Only those subscribed to the club will be eligible to win points or participate in Kahoot's.

    -Spam reviews will not count towards your review total.

    -The featured book will (hopefully, so long as people are interested,) be announced on the first!

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  • AilahEvelynMae wrote:Image

    There is just one more day to submit poems to the March 2024 Free Verse Competition! Poems will be accepted until the end of March 21st (in whatever timezone you are in). Each participant can submit up to five poems! So feel free to submit some more if you have not gotten to five yet.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to me and I am so happy to help, in any way!

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  • t/w for mentions of anxiety

    Spoiler! :

    My doctor's just changed my anxiety medication; the previous one was working super well for me but there are some issues with supply and other things so I haven't had a choice. I've changed medication before and it's never been a walk in the park but this change has,,, hit me. I've not had a full blown panic attack in about 7 years and since changing to the new medication over the weekend I've had 2. I'm exhausted and cannot for the life of me remember how I used to deal with these all those years ago.

    Good vibes welcome as I ride this new rollercoaster, and here's hoping things balance back out soon.

    Spearmint ahh hope things work out for you soon <333
    Mar 19, 2024

    momonster you're in my thoughts, icy, hope things go smoothly for you going forward <3
    Mar 19, 2024

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  • AmayaStatham I love the colours! <3
    Mar 19, 2024

    Quillfeather Ahhh the colors are absolutely perfect and icycream haha
    Mar 19, 2024

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  • #IceCreamChallenge #NaPo2024 #CountDownToNaPo #NaPoGoals

    Day 2

    This is my first NaPo attempt, so my goals are quite conservative (I'm doing Camp NaNo too, for added chaos).
    NaPo Goals:

    Write at least three poems (stretch goal of five)
    Leave at least five comments on other threads
    Attend a poetry jam (my timezone makes this super difficult, but let's try!)
    Have fun!

    Spearmint oooooooh good luck with your first NaPo, Icy !! you'll do amazing >:D
    Mar 18, 2024

    IcyFlame thanks mint <3
    Mar 19, 2024

  • #NaPo2024 #CountDownToNaPo #IceCreamChallenge

    I'm playing catch up so excuse the multiple posts!

    Day 1
    I've seen a lot of wonderful poets over my years on YWS and will definitely miss some people off the list, but just going to shout out a few that have stood out to me!

    @Audy, @LadySpark, @starlitmind, @Spearmint, @alliyah, @Liminality, @Arcticus @Horisun and @Charm

    I don't know much about poetry, but I know I like pretty much everything you all produce and I've loved following your poetry journeys.

  • alliyah wrote:Image

    Wanting to stretch your poetry muscles in this second half of March before NaPo starts?

    Check out Poetry Crew's The NaPo Prep Ice Cream Sundae Challenge which will feature some NaPo Prep Challenges and a chance to earn a cool ice cream sundae badge if you collect the links for 3 challenges & 2 poetry jams during the course of March! Follow #IceCreamChallenge for more info ~ (your first challenge will be out tomorrow!)

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  • The technician repairing the coffee machine is taking forever (it's been an hour) and please don't ask me to go into an important meeting with no caffeine

    Dossereana <333 really hoping that it gets fixed in time, you need your CAFFEINE!!!!!!
    Mar 12, 2024

  • AilahEvelynMae wrote:Image

    Are you wanting to get involved in writing poetry, but don't know where to start?

    Today is March 7th, which means we are officially one week into March! Submissions for the Free Verse Poetry Competition are open for two more weeks, until March 21st. We are accepting poetry from all levels of writing. Whether this is the first poem you have ever written, or the 1000th, we would love to see what you have to write!

    What if I don't write poetry and don't know where to start?

    The cool thing about free verse poetry is that, well, it can be almost anything! Browsing the forums page can be a really great place to take a look at what other people have written. There are also a lot of amazing new poems in the Green Room. An incredible resourse you can access here on YWS is the Poetry Discussion and Tips Forum, which explains how to format poetry!

    How do I submit a poem to the Free Verse Competition?

    All poems for the March 2024 contest can be submitted right here! Each participant can submit up to five poems to be considered. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the contest, how to write a poem, or anything. I look forward to reading your poetry and writing together, as we prepare for National Poetry Month (NaPo) in April!

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