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  • Don't they know
    how loud they sound
    they come around and stir up the dirt
    don't they know
    some have allergy's
    and this makes my sneeze!

    Note: today's poems about some builders that are next door making a lot of noise, if you want to see more of my quick poems here One Line Of Poetry A Day I always try to post one every day.

  • I'm in here as well!
    LadySpark wrote:Si is on a business trip, so.... join me?

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  • When I'm alone
    Lord I know your there
    you lift me up
    to the places that are unreachable without you
    you are my strength and my healer
    you deliver me from pain
    you show me mercy and grace
    even when I don't deserve it
    your always there
    and your always good to me!

    Note: Stady tuned there might be a recording for this! and I might expand it so it has more lines.
    Poetry/Songs That Are Written For The Lord Of Hosts

    lliyah Love these so far! :) Great poems Doss! <3
    Mar 26, 2023

    Dossereana Thanks alliyah! :)
    Mar 27, 2023

  • In here to, while I work!
    tatteredbones wrote:Oh now i really need to get busy :oooo where did the time go???
    tatteredbones wrote:Time to power through this coursework
    tatteredbones wrote:Join me?
    writing mood- click the link!

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    tatteredbones Still here!!
    Mar 26, 2023

  • Some more random everyday poetry

    You ask me to tell you why where here
    and I tell you
    but that's not what you want to hear

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  • i like luna's design! i wanted to get better at ai prompt writing so hope u don't mind i used her as an exercise. here are the results

    Spoiler! :

    not exact but... hope this strikes some inspo for you :)

    Dossereana Oh My Gosh these look amazing!!!!!!!!!
    also know I don't mind at all! <333 I'm totally in love with these.

    side note, how you been, we haven't spoken in awhile?

    Mar 25, 2023

    Carina yay!! glad you like it ❣️

    oh yes for sure, long time no chat! life's been pretty good so far. i took this semester off from school since i wanted to use my free time to invest in myself - namely because i have been SO BUSY working full time, maintaining ny relationship/friendships, and enjoying my hobbies. it feels like i have more room to be myself which has been very nice. work is rewarding and cool, but i find my hobbies to be more interesting. lately that includes a tonnnn of dancing and writing. so yeah! it's been pretty chill in da life of carina

    how goes the life of doss?

    Mar 27, 2023

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  • Finished Luna for a Roleplay with @DreamyAlice and also for a novel I'm trying to write!

    Sorry if it's a bit blurry

    DreamyAlice She looks amazing just as you described her!!!
    Mar 25, 2023

  • My heart is on fire
    but my blood is cold
    this is what confusion looks like
    but sometimes all you can do
    is submit to it

    Note: trying to get my poetry up and starting before NaPo really starts!

  • #23in23 Support Group wrote: Save the Date!

    We'll be having a 23in23 pad party on (automatically adjusted to your local time)! Feel free to join and write, do some last-minute prep for NaPo or Camp NaNo, or just hang out! ^-^ Hope to see you there!! <3

    (Note: pad link will be posted on the day of the party. Bringing pizza, snacks, or drinks is highly encouraged =P)

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  • Love is confusing
    but one day you'll understand it
    that's just what comes with being older

    Note: I've started posting in here again, maybe not everyday, but as much as I can. :) One Line Of Poetry A Day

    BluesClues oh I like this <3
    Mar 24, 2023

  • LadySpark wrote:


    Extra, Extra— Read All About It!

    There's something brand new this NaPo!

    There's a new newsletter in town! Welcome to The Orchard, a special NaPo-only e-zine published by the poetry crew to help you have your best National Poetry Month yet! We were so excited to get this newsletter out, we wanted to get a head start and give you a few articles before the official start on April 1st. For the first couple of weeks, you can rely on the Orchard to be your place to look for information & links, events information, and more! As we transition to NaPo, The Orchard will expand to include additional articles— all with the focus of our thriving YWS poetry community.

    Click the link above to check out the first edition! Enjoy!

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  • LadySpark wrote:

    Buzz, Buzz, Buzz! It's time to brainstorm!

    Are you ready for NaPo yet? ... We aren't either! To fix that, @LadySpark and @spatula will be hosting a poetry brainstorm jam on ! Come join us and get a head start on your NaPo planting planning!

    We'll see you there! Click this link on the 25th to join us!

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  • Euphory wrote:
    LadySpark wrote:
    Poetry Jam Today!

    LadySpark wrote:Image

    @LadySpark and @Seirre are hosting a poetry brainstorm jam tomorrow, *! Come join us and get a head start on your NaPo planting planning!

    We'll see you there! Click this link on the 19th to join us!

    *date and time automatically adjusts to your timezone!

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  • Liminality wrote:
    Liminality wrote:Here's the pad link!
    Liminality wrote:*TIME CORRECTION -- I changed the year, now it should be right

    [quote="Liminality"]Heads up, you could be discussing a Taylor Swift song at a poetry discussion!!

    Hello hello! With NaPo coming up, we're having a special song lyric discussion for our Poetry Readers pad this March! The date/time will be (adjusts to your timezone). You can bring song lyrics from any musical artist you like to discuss. Some examples of the things we might talk about would be favourite lines, how the language of the song makes you feel, etc.

    As usual all YWS rules and the content rating system will apply to the pad. Said pad will be posted in the Poetry Readers club and on the People's Tab.

    We hope to see you there!

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if ya mention chickens, i have to show up, that is the law.
— alliyah