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  • So I have this weird thing where like if I train someone at work to do X, and then they screw up X, I automatically have this secondhand guilt, like if I’d done my job better, they wouldn’t have screwed up. Like on one level I know I did my job the best I could and no one’s going to blame me for what someone else did, but I still feel some responsibility. It doesn’t help that I feel like I’m really bad at explaining things so it’s possible it is my fault and I trained bad. Ugh, why am I like this?

  • Words I never thought I’d read in a work context “Can you please add me to the emails?” Like sure I’d be happy to spread the love :P

  • Next fic chapter is up! It's a bit long, but whatever. Hopefully it was worth the wait? The Interlude-Chapter 6 - The Letter (part 3) (Good Omens Fanfic)

    tag party: @BluesClues @WaffleCat @Plume @vampricone6783 @IcyFlame if anyone wants to be added/removed let me know

    BluesClues yes omg I'm so excited
    Sep 9, 2023

  • My friend, after updating me on the latest work/family drama: “So…that was fun. But like not really fun…

    Me: I have known you for 25 years and I cannot remember the last time you used the word “fun” to describe something that was actually fun.

    Side note-holy crap I have known my two friends for 25 years I can’t even with time anymore.

  • Me when I try to explain to myself that if I just focus on work properly, I won’t have to stay on as late. Also me literally every time the work phone rings.
    Messenger wrote:Use at your discretion


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  • Good Omens fic update-I promise I’m still working on it! It’s just gotten longer and angstier than I anticipated. Like it’s gone so pear-shaped that these two almost go on a whole tangent about the origins of “pear-shaped” in the middle of a Very Important Conversation. Plus I need to finish a rewatch and my power was out all weekend and then this week has been nuts at work so yeah…hoping to have some of it up this weekend!

    BluesClues perfect hehe (not about the power outage or things being nuts at work, but the fic being longer and angstier, delicious)
    Aug 31, 2023

  • So my friend’s kid turned 13 yesterday, and said friend was briefly on YWS back in like 2005. Which means that, hypothetically (I don’t think the kid is into writing) a YWSer’s kid could now join YWS. As if that fact didn’t make me feel old enough, I was out shopping and saw the too-familiar chokers of my youth.

    Snoink I have a nephew and a niece who are both on YWS. My oldest is 9 currently... *gulps*
    Aug 28, 2023

    IcyFlame stop this both of you I don't like it
    Aug 29, 2023

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  • I might have needed to watch s2e6 of Good Omens a couple times to get this whole thing right-ish. Ah, the sacrifices we make for art. Next two chapters are up.

    The Interlude-Chapter 4: The Letter (pt 1)

    The Interlude, Chapter 5-The Letter, Part 2 (Good Omens fanfiction)

    Aug 17, 2023

    BluesClues @WaffleCat
    Aug 17, 2023

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  • Good omens Fanfic update-still obsessed, literally I have been on a pre-planned vacation for the last three days and pretty much all I have done is stare at pretty water, avoid social interaction as much as possible, and brainstormed ideas that are good, bad, and extremely silly (shoutout to the Google docs app on my phone lol). Side note-solo travel is the best, idk why people travel with others it seems like a pain haha. The reunion scene might currently look like a bad Choose your own adventure book at the moment (as does everything else) but I think we’re getting to a proper ending, which would make this better than the actual show lmao.

    BluesClues my body is ready 😤
    Aug 15, 2023

  • Okay I have never been this obsessed with anything I have ever written. Chapter 3 is up, as are some edits to Chapter 2 that I was originally sticking in a later chapter but realized I should probably set the scene for earlier. The Interlude-Chapter 3 (Good Omens Fanfic)

  • Ahh so I can’t post this whole chapter yet, but I love this excerpt so much I have to share it. Good Omens spoilers since the fic takes place after s2 so it wouldn’t make sense otherwise

    Spoiler! :
    (brief context, Crowley can’t see Aziraphale yet for plot reasons, but he does have a Letter to read under Muriel’s watchful eye)

    The next page was very dense, and from a glance included some Bible verses. “Oh, throwing the Good Book at me, very All-Holy of you, great job Almighty Archangel.”

    “You know, if you want to investigate the biblical prophecies of the End Times, you sort of have to quote the Bible, Mr. Crowley.”

    “You ssssaid you hadn’t read this, inspector.”

    “I haven’t. But I’ve helped with said investigations, kinda figured they’d be mentioned.” It would have been a terrible omission if they weren’t. And part of their job, Muriel reasoned, was to make sure there were no major omissions. Though hopefully the analysis wasn’t so long and tedious that Crowley missed the point entirely.

    “Thought you ssssaid this wassss a love letter. Doesn’t feel like it.”

    “I never ssssaid that. You asssumed.” After a couple drinks, Muriel felt like hissing right back at the serpent. She was confident that this was a love letter, in a sense, but surely the demon had known Aziraphale long enough to know his love letters wouldn’t be pithy sonnets? “If he didn’t find it important, His Holiness wouldn’t have included it.” To be fair, there were probably a lot of unnecessary words in there, but Crowley would just have to read those to get to the necessary ones, wouldn’t he?

  • Good Omens fanfic update-first two chapters are up. I've got parts of the next few written and I'm honestly having so much fun with this I don't want to do things like work or eat or sleep lmao. So...thanks Neil Gaiman? I guess?

    Plume oooo I cannot wait to read+review!
    Aug 8, 2023

  • Update 2-I’ve written like 4,000 words on my phone and it’s nowhere near done and it’s absolutely ridiculous and probably only one person (me) would find it funny but I might post the first chapter anyway in the spirit of free literary work day (not that I need the points lol).

    Also the comments on Neil Gaiman’s Instagram are sending me. He’s doing some comic book signing thing which is cool and all but the top comment “great imma take my therapy bill and have him sign and pay for it after the good omens season 2 finale”

    niteowl wrote:Update-I am now writing a fanfic entitled “fanfic nonsense because if I don’t write it down I’ll scream” as if I’m not well over a decade too old for that lmao.

    niteowl wrote:I know I haven’t been on in a hot minute, but friendly PSA to my fellow Good Omens fans who haven’t watched season 2 yet: do NOT watch the last episode on a weeknight where you have Things to Do and Places to Go the next day. Trust me on this one. I mean the season as a whole was great but those last 10 minutes…oof.

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    BluesClues me watching your wall for this chapter like 👀👀👀
    Aug 6, 2023

    niteowl Ahh I’ll have to post it tomorrow. My personal laptop is being slow as heck so I’m going to have to use the work computer.
    Aug 7, 2023

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  • Todays thing I can’t stop thinking about-our new corporate overlords put on a quarterly virtual town hall meeting where they talk about profit margins and synergy and all that good stuff. Idk I only ever half listen on these because they’re almost always on Fridays which are very busy days for us. But anyway, they play random pop music before and after the meeting. After the end of yesterday’s they played…”Watermelon Sugar”. Which is…a choice. Like they know that song isn’t about fruit, right? Also the CEO said at one point “we need to touch all our customers” which I know he meant metaphorically but still, can we like not?

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