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One Bittersweet Burn

Not the type with much to say about myself. I'm an aspiring writer, who plans to do lots of Linguistics stuff as a day job. Underneath my uncomfortably formal skin, there is a soft and morose dermis; underneath that dermis is a 'smol' angry sternum believing in justice, dreams and dogs. I had my reservations on committing to a writing society, but so far this has all been a lot of fun - and really helpful, too!

It's been great meeting you all, and I hope I can continue meeting you every day for a long time yet.

(P.S. I really wish English had a separate plural 'you'.)


In addition to writing and reading: Linguistics, language-learning, history, philosophy (a little bit!), science (sometimes!) and world affairs (I try to keep up with them)



I *do* like flipping tables.
— Faye Whitaker, Questionable Content