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Clouds are unravelled | into thin white lines | when the forked tail darts from them.


A tent folds neatly
into the square of my mind,
blocking out the glare
of brick-walled terrace houses
huddling and cramping each other.

1. I am a hobbyist writer who's afraid publication/ taking things too seriously will affect her authenticity.

2. I enjoy reading things that are unique, nuanced and 'grown-up' in a sense, with complex themes and characters. (At the same time, though, I appreciate things that are just absolute chaos.)

3. Trying to fit in is a bad habit for me.

My avatar is from the anime Serial Experiments Lain.


Reading, languages, casual gaming, having friends, comedy



Never use your shield as a dinner plate, for that is when the enemy is most likely to attack.
— The KotGR Commander