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  • Hey hey, comment on alliyah's post with your NaPo thoughts!

    alliyah wrote:Hey YWS poets! What are you hoping to see / do on YWS during National Poetry Writing Month (this April)? Are there activities you've enjoyed in the past or threads that have been helpful that you hope show up in 2024?

    Are any of you interested in hosting activities or contests or have new ideas?

    Roughly how many chicken poems are you planning on writing during the month?

    There's only 43 jam jars until NaPo begins! If you comment some thoughts I'll send you 25 points! :]

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    Though I probably won't have time to help host anything, I'm excited to see all the event/contest/activity buzz happening! As for what I'll be doing with my NaPo thread this year, well . . . let's just say: Shakespeare Training Arc.

    Spearmint Shakespeare Training Arc?? :eyes: excited to see it!! :D
    Feb 18, 2024

    alliyah this sounds like a very Lim and very cool NaPo idea...
    18 hours ago

  • #alphabetanswers

    Greatest achievement: Continuing to write
    Hardest part of the writing process: Either being satisfied with what you currently can do or reaffirming that it's worthwhile
    If you won the lottery, what would you do? Wish that I hadn't won the lottery, and then seek legal counsel while freaking out
    Joke: Why did Socrates cross the road? Because he was running from some Athenian noblemen who really didn't like him.
    Know a fun fact? I know nothing.
    Last read: Hmm I think it was 'A Blackbird in Silver' by Freda Warrington, if this is for something I've finished reading. If it's just the last book I opened, well that's 'Metadiscourse: Exploring Interaction in Writing' by Ken Hyland, and I'm definitely not reading that cover-to-cover.
    Main writing project: Writing poems, or the work formerly known as Mutant Families
    Note to your past self: There's nothing I can tell you that you will find useful.
    One non-necessity you couldn't live without: My journal!
    Person you admire: Although I've never met them, @Aley!
    Question you'd like people to answer below: Do I ever remind you of anyone? (If you'd like to share)
    Reason to write: Because we can.
    Sports: The mental and social acrobatics of a tabletop RPG
    Tag a YWSer that's a good writer: If you're writing, you're doing good - but I also really liked @keystrings' latest prologue snippet!
    Ultimate color: Transparent
    Volunteer? Yes, probably
    What are you working on? Readings for university
    EXciting news: I'm technically in postgrad now?
    Your favorite unlikely combination: Bedrooms and colanders.
    Zombies? I used to think about them a lot.

    keystrings Ahh I will always love any poem you write! I would say that you remind me of some of my irl friends, at least in a way I think it would be to interact with someone on YWS in real life. I also just very much admire your presence here! And thank you for liking my little snippet — I have to carve out time during the day to write 0-0.
    Feb 18, 2024

    Liminality Aww thanks @keystrings, that means a lot to me :') Oh and that's a cool and interesting answer to my question!

    Yeah that snippet was really a pleasure to read - I'm glad you managed to make the time for it :D

    Feb 18, 2024

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  • OrabellaAvenue
    Feb 17, 2024

    We need 33 people to break the record, and you're invited! Hope to see you there?!

    DreamyAlice wrote:


    I hope everyone enjoyed #UnSoMo now as the official social fortnight or #SocialMonth2024 has started. Here is one more exciting thing for you all. This social month we planned to break a YWS record! All the past YWS records and record holders are mentioned in the The YWS Big Book of Records, but there are collective records as well like the last Great Tortoise Race of 2023 we broke the last Most Users to Complete Team Tortoise in one Month record with 9 members making through the month.

    This social month on YWS we are trying to break the record of Most people in a writing pad at once. It would be a pretty cool record to set. The last one would probably have been for YWS's 16th birthday with around 20 people. We are trying to surpass that goal and yeah that's crazy, chaotic, and of course AMAZING!

    We got this! Do not forget your fruit juices, everyone. Mr.Pineapple invites you to the GREAT PINEAPPLE PARTY hosted by me and @OrabellaAvenue!
    The date and timing is
    (There is a code applied that changes the time to the reader's time zone so it will be different for everyone according to where they live)

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    Liminality Sure! I can show up for a bit :D
    Feb 17, 2024

  • That moment when in the midst of dealing with pressing issues, you make a terrible decision on where to live for a whole year of uni . . . Protip, don't let your family convince you that having a washing machine in your flat (rather than downstairs in some big shared space) is more important than being able to sleep at night.
    Spoiler! :
    Especially if you can't stand noise and your flat is an insistent party zone that advertises itself as having 'quiet hours' when it doesn't and you KNOW that from experience but you still make the bad decision because someone keeps bringing up the washing machine and you just make it so you can get them to shut up and leave you alone so you can deal with your coursework.

    Liminality Granted, it's hard to tell if any other flats you might want to move to are insistent party zones . . . and that's why networking is important xD But I'm not going to try and fix it because I'm alone in a foreign country, nobody (really) listens and in real life, you can't put people off of something by convincing them there's a ghost that will take its spooky revenge on them unless they stop partying.
    Feb 13, 2024

    Liminality Also like maybe if the organisation that runs the flats also helps organise some of the parties even though they're supposed to be 'tame' parties . . . yeah, maybe that's a red flag. I have all these great observation skills but only after the fact xD
    Feb 13, 2024

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  • The temptation to just want to work on every single one of my creative writing projects at once is getting to me . . . I know it's much harder to get things done that way though xD

  • alliyah wrote:Friendly PSA!

    COOP zine (edited by alliyah & Rook) still has ongoing calls for poetry and art related to chickens! That's right! You can get your wonderful chicken poetry published! You can check out the instructions and requirements here: https://coopzine.wordpress.com/

    Also we are getting ready to publish a special edition that instead of being about chickens is entitled "Duck, Duck, Goose" so ... you guessed it! We are looking for duck and goose themed poetry and art! So if you have any of that (maybe from the search for the Golden Goose) check out our submission info over on our site.

    If you have any questions or concerns contact myself or @Rook! We'd love to have more YWS authors and artists involved with our next issue~

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  • I've come into a weird point in my reading life where it's like I know how to analyse what I read for themes, character development, etc. but I've almost forgotten how to explain/ describe how I do it? I feel like I used to be able to describe my process, and today I was trying to think about it and I struggled.

    I think maybe it's something like . . . I have an intuition or flash of insight while experiencing the story, or I understand one thing that's being said, and then I begin testing to see if various details of the story line up with that thing or disagree with it, and what that means overall. Does that make sense? Or am I just rambling? :P

    Liminality Or like to use less vague language -- I might read a character doing X, then X reminds me of something the story previously said about the character. Then I look at other aspects of the character's behaviour to group together with X and fit into a pattern of that character trait - and I go "hmm, this character has this trait, and maybe this trait will give them problems in the next part of the story, which they have to overcome, and that's how the writer conveys the message that this trait is not always good".
    Feb 10, 2024

    Spearmint Hmm the way you just described it in your comment does seem like you're explaining how you do it, though! >.> Perhaps you're just catching on more intuitively than before??
    Feb 11, 2024

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  • Spearmint wrote: Social Month Pad Party 1

    Hey hey, everyone!! Hope you've been enjoying the #UnSoMo hashtags and events so far! Feel free to check out the event calendar to see which hashtags are running or to start one of your own. :]

    Now, it's almost time for the "official" two weeks of Social Month!! We'll kick it off with an all-day pad party on Sunday, February 11th. Events included are:

    • Chatting and hanging out with other ywsers
    • Playing online games like gartic phone
    • Meeting Pie Napell the party pineapple

    You are applesolutely welcome to bring fruit-related puns, your grapest party snacks, and most impeartantly, yourself!! :D
    The exact start time and pad link will be posted on Saturday. ^^ Make sure to keep an eye out for even more fun events, like a record-breaking pad party in a week!

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  • A great thread!
    Spearmint wrote:want to keep track of all the social month events and hashtags? want to announce your own? check out the Social Month Feb 2024 Event Calendar!! :D

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  • Okay so I've gotten my spare laptop set up, and should be good to go on that for the time being :D
    Liminality wrote:Hi guys, so my computer is needing repair for ... an indefinite amount of time. I'll probably be looking for and setting up another pc to use (I do have a spare laptop) for a bit, but I might be here on and off the next few days or using my mobile.

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  • Hi guys, so my computer is needing repair for ... an indefinite amount of time. I'll probably be looking for and setting up another pc to use (I do have a spare laptop) for a bit, but I might be here on and off the next few days or using my mobile.

    fatherfig <3
    Feb 8, 2024

    Spearmint hope it gets repaired quickly! :D
    Feb 9, 2024

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  • Hey hey, I'll write you a poem about a (family friendly) topic of your choice if you do the survey below! :D (You can even answer it if you don't usually read Squills or have never read Squills before - tell us what sort of articles would make you want to read Squills!)
    Liminality wrote:I'd love to hear what Squills readers would like to read in Squills! You can send your thoughts to me via PM or answer the questions from the article. :D
    Liminality wrote:
    SquillsBot wrote:Beep bop boop bop :] We've got your VERY. FIRST. Squills edition of 2024! How exciting is that? This January edition has surveys (including one where you can give your opinion on what you'd like to read in Squills!) and reading recs and even more inside! Take a look!



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  • Join this cool contest!
    alliyah wrote:Hey everyone! Happy #UnSoMo or #SocialMonth ! :)

    Here's a contest for the Best New Review Template I hope you'll check it out, especially if you're someone who is always coming up with creative review templates.

    Deadline: Feb 29

    Prize: 1000 points, 3 month Squills Advertisement, Template will be rush submitted to Resource Crew to be considered for YWS Knowledge Base approval

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  • woah i missed your birthday 0.0 happy (late) birthday, Lim!! hope it was a great one! :D

    Liminality Thanks, mint! :D
    Feb 5, 2024

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