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  • thank you for the follow!

    SoullessGinger Of course!!! I was going through my followings and noticed I'd missed you 😭😭
    Jul 22, 2024

  • Just posted on my blog for the first time in ages...
    I think I'm gonna keep putting writing that I love, writing that I want to write, that I don't need feedback on there. Writing I want to share and know if it touches someone else. Anyway. That's enough being corny for today

  • y'all ever just:
    yay for people

  • Aww, thanks for the follow! ^^

    SoullessGinger Of course!! I feel like I see you around all the time so I figured why not :))
    Jul 20, 2024

  • Wait you guys I just had the most strange realization that I have in fact run a roleplay before, but it was while we were still in COVID isolation. So I didn't remember any of it. Soooo weird to just like,, not remember that.
    How goofy.
    Anyway, I guess Akhates will not be my first RP but my 2nd, whenever it goes up. I'll prob wait until after I get settled in at college and can figure out how much more I can take on.

    KateHardy Omg I remember being in that xD
    Jul 20, 2024

    SoullessGinger @KateHardy Yeah i was glancing at it and it made me so nostalgic for the Land of the Eternally Bound. That was so fun. Genuinely could not have asked for a better intro to RPing
    Jul 20, 2024

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  • I think that if I don’t go to sleep
    I won’t have to wake up.
    I can stay in this hour
    When you are still just two miles away
    And I am still warm from today.

    I sit and think
    Or read or write
    And my eyes grow puffy
    My body begins to ache
    The sky begins to lighten
    The birds begin to sing

    But if I stay awake,
    I can stay in this night
    When you are still in your house
    Two miles away

    Tomorrow, tomorrow
    I will fly away from you
    And my house and my sister and my mother
    And even though I am flying to my dreams
    All I can dream of is being near you

    If I just stay awake
    Time will slow down
    She will wait for me to crawl into bed,
    And if I don’t,
    She will wait forever.
    I will never have to wake up
    And face a new day
    In which you are a thousand miles away
    Too far to see

    Messy little thing I wrote while trying to stay awake

    OrabellaAvenue Wait I love this so much
    Jul 20, 2024

  • Helloooo, I love Six

    SoullessGinger YESSS literally I'm obsessed with it, I just closed the show, it's all I can think. Whose ur fav queen?
    Jul 17, 2024

    winterwolf0100 I love K Howard, especially Samantha Pauly’s version. Who did you play?
    Jul 17, 2024

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  • Man oh man D&D group is on vacation :( whatever can a girl do without her go to escapism activity

  • Hey guys... wtf.... I leave for two years (we don't need to get into all that) and you CLEAR THE GREEN ROOM?!?! HELLO!?!? That's like,,, a gargantuan task, so slay.
    But I was shocked, minding my own business trying to pick something to review and I was hit with that little ' You have reached the end. ' Quite shocking. Congrats tho, that's insane. As far as I know, this is old news for y'all but I am shocked.
    (you can tell by how many times I used the word 'shock' and didn't realize)

    Spearmint :O i just found out, so there's another one thinking old news is new, i guess xD but that is so cool!! and welcome back ;D
    Jul 6, 2024

  • heehee forgot that the People tab logs all the stories you like.... accidentally took up SO much space reading @Messenger 's awesome story... which you all should read :)

    Messenger You're CRAZY xD but thank you! I have the last chapters I just haven't posted them yet
    Jul 5, 2024

  • Hey guys- I'm considering starting an SB in a few weeks, but to be honest I'm a little nervous about it bc I've never run an RP on YWS before.

    For all of y'all veterans, what are some tips you have for DMing something here? How do you get the word out and find players? What did you discover about DMing that you weren't expecting? What do you wish you had known beforehand?

    The SB idea is a fantastical world on the brink of apocalypse- It's a massive desert with chasms spidering across the face of the planet. In the chasms is a different ecosystem; it's all jungle and mist and whatnot. The desert is ruled largely by the Empire of Dustvelle, an industrial entity that's banned all magic but fire and is slowly taking over. There are only two overworld safe havens; the kingdom of Brhiannon that survives due to the wells drilled deep into bedrock, and the Landspires; home to the avian people who worship opposing goddesses of the sun and moon.
    There are cowboys and sand pirates, gods and demons, drought and a mysterious source of water in the mines, and literally so much more.
    Thoughts? Interest? Lmk if this is something you would be interested in playing in. I'm looking for four to five people whenever it goes up.

    Ley Hi!

    When I first started RPing, I felt the same way, so don't worry! It can look intimidating at first, but It's so much fun once you get into it. And your idea looks awesome! Fantasy is a super successful and popular genre for Storybooks here on YWS.

    My best tip for DMing would be not to stress. And yes, I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. Build your world, offer a certain amount of slots, add of pics/banners if you'd like to spice it up a bit, describe your expectations, and you're all set!

    When I first started DMing (which was around... 2013, I'd say?) I was not expecting that many people to join, but they did! I also found myself shocked at how amazing it was to watch people make character based off the world I created. :3

    I wish I would've known that it doesn't need to be perfect. RPing is never perfect, it's okay if a SB dies out or if people are too busy to write. The best part about RPing is that you could always pick up where you left off later. I also wish I would've known RPing is a lot of collaboration (for SB's specifically), which to me, isn't a bad thing! It's always fun to get to know and write with your fellow cast.

    You're always welcome to PM me or any other RP Mod if you need more advice, or if you want help DMing <3

    Jul 4, 2024

    soundofmind First off, your idea sounds really fun and super solid. I think first and foremost: roleplaying should be fun, for the DM, and the other writers involved.

    I've DM'ed for years, and I tend to be a pretty high-commitment, high-motivation person when it comes to writing projects w/others.

    Running a roleplay can be a lot of work, especially if you feel like you're driving the plot all by yourself. One thing that greatly relieves the pressure is letting the other writers get really involved with working together to tell the story, and lean on each other to generate ideas. Create a world with enough clarity and an ultimate goal (be it individual character development or a set ending plot point for the story). Encourage agency w/in the writers in your group to contribute ideas, take ownership for their own characters' arcs, and to have the confidence to reach out when they need it. Also encourage one another as writers in general - highlighting one another's strengths in writing, but also just as people, for an overall enjoyable team dynamic.

    Things I've done as a DM that help me a lot:
    Setting expectations from the start helps a lot. Set expectations for crew involvement, story direction, etc.

      - Commit: I sign up for the project, know what I'm signing up for and I follow through on it to the best of my ability
      - Plan: I plan ahead with my team, plotting, and mapping out story/character arcs to keep writers driven, inspired, and feeling successful. You need clear vision to move forward
      - Communicate: If you need something, have an opinion, or feel a certain way, let your team know, and encourage others to do the same! Be that about story preference, writing style, or practical things like wanting help brainstorming or needing inspiration, talk to your team. Lean on each other. Learn one another???s strengths and play to them
      - Reminders: Be intentional, stay on top of things, remind people and schedule stuff if needed.
      - Collaborating: Working and writing together simultaneously or in the same space can fuel writing like nothing else. It helps you grow in confidence, accountability, and peer-feedback in live time!
      - Be Understanding: Roleplay is meant to be a fun escape from life, and an outlet for creativity and growing as a writer if desired. If it stops serving that purpose, it's okay for people to step away to tend to their personal need or other responsibilities in life. It's great when stories can be finished, but this context doesn't always guarantee that: but what is hopefully experienced along the journey is a good time <3

    Jul 5, 2024

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    SoullessGinger SLAYYY YESSS who's ur fav queen
    Jun 19, 2024

  • Guys the last time I updated my profile/about section I was like 16. I've finally updated it to be more accurate to my current brain, thankfully. Hopefully I'll find the time and creativity to revamp my whole account vibe but we'll see!! Happy summer to everyone, and since it's graduation season, congrats to those who are graduating!

  • Ginger I hope you're doing well!! I saw that you got into your dream college which sounds AMAZING!! Would love to see you back at some time ^^

    SoullessGinger Thank you!!!! I'm hoping to be back more consistently this summer, so lmk if you're organizing any RP things and need writers :)
    Jun 18, 2024

    Omni omg hiii! Yes! rp month is right around the corner and I'm definitely gonna be doing a lot of rping then
    Jun 18, 2024

  • Oh my LORD, it has literally almost been two years since I've been here, but I miss writing so much. Things get so ridiculously busy. So much has CHANGED omg. I graduated, I took a gap year, I got into my dream college. And now I finally have time to do some writing. I hope everyone is doing so well!!

    EllieMae Good to see you :D
    Mar 25, 2024

    Spearmint welcome back!! also congrats on getting into your dream college woooo!! :D
    Mar 25, 2024

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You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way.
— Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind