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How do you do, fellow kids?

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
M.S. Data & Analytics (ongoing)
Ph.D. in Derp 8)

My name is Carina (d'oh). I may be in my 20's and already developing arthritis, but I swear I'm not an adult yet. My background mostly consists of number crunching, stapling papers, and tinkering a small slice of R&D, but creative writing has always been a secret pleasure of mine, so here I am! Since you're already here, feel free to drop by my wall for a chat.

fun fact: i am a yws hobo

Quote Hall of Fame:

"Hai. I liek you. By my friend." —Iggy, 2013

"car8na is awesome" —Veeren, 2013

"Carina is the best person ever and I will send her lots of chocolates for being awesome." —totally Iggy, 2013

"Let's ask Nate who he loves more."—Veeren, 2013
"Oh dear."—Nate, 2013

"I have a theory that anything you write anywhere on any domain is automatically marked as spam by the internet overlords." —Veeren, 2013

"Imma tell you a secret. I don't just tell this to anybody. I'm not really a cow. I'm a man." —CowLogic, 2013

"I'm pretty much used to your sentences not making sense." —Omnom, 2013

" ... you were right." —Blackwood, 2013

"Your blog is about fifty times better than The Notebook -- which is turning out to be dreadful, for anyone thinking about reading it." —Prokaryote, 2014

"I just realized that it was your short story that fueled my love for UAVs. Anyway I think it's neat that you changed my life, even just in a small way. Hope this inspires you to go places with your writing; it certainly inspired me."—Joe, 2014

"You're like that one really bright star that insists on shining even when the light pollution tries to drown it out." —Tenyo, 2014

"Even though the birds don't love you, I love you."—AfterTheStorm, 2014

"There's a song called Regina that I've trained myself to hear as Carina instead."—Alpha, 2015

"I never say 'OMG', but... OMG" —AstralHunter, 2018

"Are you just gonna keep adding quotes in your signature?"—Omnom, 2018


salsa dancing until 5am; late night philosophical talks; discussing methods to reduce climate change; obsessively micromanaging my life to retire in my 40s; drinkin cider while watchin anime with friends; finding a scenic spot to marvel at; pretending to be an ocean water bender; roleplaying my bizarre character with others; spamming derpy messages on yws


Being a herpaderp --> wrote this when I first joined; still relevant

Pigeon poop is the best way to solve problems.
— Pompadour