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The Shadow Queen

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About ShadowQueen

You have acquired a unique ShadowQueen*. Congratulations! Remember that while having a ShadowQueen around is an interesting and fun experience**, there are some things you should know about her. Here is some information for spending time with her!

- ShadowQueen will eat any chocolate she is presented with. Please do not have chocolate around her unless you are prepared to lose it to her.***

- It is possible that ShadowQueen will switch between speaking English and French randomly. This is not a glitch in her system, she's just bilingual.

- ShadowQueen has music playing at nearly all times. The music may distract her from the task at hand, but she refuses to turn it off.

- The type of writing ShadowQueen is most emotionally invested in is RPing. And by that, she means the tearful, dramatic kind of RPing. They might be heartbreaking, but she's into that kind of stuff.

- ShadowQueen may decide to quote song lyrics for no apparent reason and at any given time. You'll get used to it eventually.

Thank you for purchasing this ShadowQueen, and enjoy your time with her!

*Purchase non-refundable. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, you are stuck with her.

**ShadowQueen is usually non-murderous. However, due to the occasional manufacturing error, she may react unpredictably in certain situations. If she kills you and death persists for more than two weeks, please contact the manager.

***Alternatively, you may battle with ShadowQueen to the death if you wish to keep your chocolate.


Reading, writing, music, acting, singing, guitar, and traveling.


A student, a writer, and a self-declared hot chocolate enthusiast.

"Be happy, my friend; and if you obey me in this one request, remain satisfied that nothing on earth will have the power to interrupt my tranquility."
— Mary Shelley, Frankenstein