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How's it going everyone I'm Terian805, fourteen and from England! 'Afternoon, ay up, wotcha, and all that!
I've loved to write stories since I was ridiculously young. When I have nothing to do, I always descend into my own little world, of magic, monsters, heroes and villains. Even when I take the dog out for walks I have to stop myself from walking into trees!
You might have guessed that the genre I have always been most drawn to is fantasy. Authors like Brandon Sanderson, David Eddings, Christopher Paolini, and JRR Tolkein have always got me encapsulated and thinking 'I want to do that.'

I also love Music by the way. I'm especially a huge fan of House Music. And I mean a "really huge fan." I play the piano, and someday I'm going to learn the guitar, (when I can be bothered.)

So welcome to my page whether you're just passing by, or you've come to read my work. And whoever you are have a wonderful day!

Surround yourself with people who are serious about being writers, and who will tell you, ‘Hey—you can do better than this.’ Who will be critical of your work, but also supportive. And who will not be competitive in a negative way.
— Isabel Quintero