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Language and the mystery of words

by Buranko

I am
A word, a phrase
An articulate sound travelling
Years of ears.
I am
A talker
Trying to talk
With the untalkable.

I spoke with my cup of tea
It smiled a steam full of syllables

May my attempt be forgiven
For I do not understand its language.

I talked to the lazy wind
It sighed then ran and tickled
The sun's fat earlobes

The sun moaned
Clearly disturbed
Nodded its head and grunted
Pushing the wind away.

Unwilling to stop I talked
To an old, rusty chain
Hugged it, kissed it
The chain simply shrugged and
Turned to sleep again.

I am a word
A short phrase
Incomprehensible by
My comprehensive environment

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Fri May 14, 2021 1:12 pm
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legendarycomputerpoetry wrote a review...


First, I liked how you talked to a multitude of things; a rusty chain, a cup of tea, and the wind. I am sure that those inanimate objects see you as more than a short phrase because you connected with them beyond a superficial level. This poem is riddled with pleasing imagery. I especially enjoyed reading the line "...To an old, rusty chain / Hugged it, kissed it / The chain simply shrugged and / Turned to sleep again." Putting aside the painfulness of kissing a rusty chain, it gives human qualities to the chain AND you!

Great work!


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Wed May 12, 2021 11:46 pm
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nightshadows wrote a review...

Hi! This is nightshadows bring a new comment live to a theater near you! Ok, so enough of my weirdness here are my thoughts:
Totally love this because almost any author feels like they are a story, they are poetry, they are one of the flippin avengers for all i care *lol* But seriously this is really good and it shows a bunch of poetry terms which I love of course like when you were describing on how the wind tickled the sun and how you hugged a rust chain(which i applaud btw because who doesn't have a chain bff am I right) Great job on your poem!

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Tue May 11, 2021 9:01 pm
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PhoenixEmberly wrote a review...

This comes of as a riddle at first. Awesome! I do quite like riddles. And introducing a poem as a riddle is a really interesting concept. It immediately hooks the reader into wanting to know more information which might shine light on the answer to the riddle. This has a nice vibe as well, in my opinion. Relating the word to such aesthetically pleasing elements of nature is a touch I genuinely like. Personifying them is an even cooler touch that to, once again, enjoy. I'm not the best poetry reviewer, but hopefully this was a good review to some extent.

Buranko says...

Totally didn't think of it as a riddle but this riddle side is pretty obvious. Nice point, ty

To be a master of metaphor is the greatest thing by far. It is the one thing that cannot be learnt from others, and it is also a sign of genius.
— Aristotle, Poetics