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If I were a BOY!!

by umaima

Right now, sitting in the class room
I thought what could I actually do
boring, gettting so damn bored now
I thought to think something new

And then suddenly a thought stuck my mind
that what if I was a boy
And then suddenly the whole place started shaking
lightening and thunder in the sky

If I were a boy
I wound never break anyone's heart
treat every girl the way
they deserved to be treated

If I were a boy
I would jump around and say
each and everything I wanted too
without hesitation

If I were a boy
I would do all the crazy stuff
that I could never have done
being a girl

If I were a boy
I bet nobody would object
on anything I ever did
I ever did

Well now lets get back to reality
where I'm a girl sitting in my class room
staring at the window and thinking 
that that would be boring too

(back to chorus)
because if I were a boy
I wouldn't be sensable
and would be as angry as an angry bird     (I have no intension of insulting boyzz.....this was only for fun)

And if I were a boy
I couldn't do any good makeovers
nor have my present BFF's
and all my memories and funny incidents
wouldn't be the way they are

If I were a boy 
I wouldn't have what I have now
And I don't want to risk that for ANYTHING
So finally I'm getting off this lameness
I'm a girl and I'm happy with it
boys might enjoy the things we don't
but they don't enjoy the things we do

(back to normal tone)
So now finally
I quit my silly dream
A 5 mins thing to forget

There are better things for me to do than this
So I would never ever ever want to be anyone else
Especially a boy
Especially a boy

(I didn't mean to insult boys...This was just for fun so people sorry if something made you feel offended)

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Sun Mar 17, 2013 4:55 pm
Rydia wrote a review...

Hi! Sorry about the delay – works had me held up a lot recently, but here I am to review :)

Fragmentation and Obvious Errors

The first thing which stands out to me is you need to proof read! You've got some really obvious errors like 'a thought stuck my mind' which I'm sure was meant to be struck and the fragmentation in this piece is breaking your flow. Let's look at the first stanza as an example:

Right now, sitting in the class room
I thought what could I actually do
boring, gettting so damn bored now
I thought to think something new

The last line is the most obviously awkward but the stanza as a whole is jerky and snaps from one thought to the next, with no smooth transitions in between. You've also got a lot of 'filler' words which are there to pad out the lines and are dragging on what you have to say. In poetry and lyrics, we don't get a lot of words to use and the verses are so compact that it quickly becomes obvious when a word is doing nothing but filling a spce.

Now I'm not always the best at explaining what's wrong or how to fix something, so instead I'm going to try to show you. Here's a few changes I'd make to improve the flow of this:

Drifting off in the back of the class
as the teacher prattles on without a clue.
I'm getting bored, I'm getting so damn bored
and I gotta think of what to do.

If you compare the two, you can see that by using implosive language, such as 'drifting' or 'prattles' it gives the lyrics a stronger sense of rhythm and volume. And instead of filling gaps, it's adding in details to engage with the audience.


I like the idea you've got here and I like how it starts out one way, then flips back on itself. But you need a stronger lead in. Why does this girl start thinking these thoughts? I want to understand what's going on in her head. Does her eyes land on the class clown who's guffawing like an idiot and spit-balling paper at the girl in front of him? What sets her off on this train of thought whereby she thinks boys need to act better?

In lyrics, people want the story. It's good to let them infer a few things, but give them a strong foundation of details to work from. Names are good. Settings, events. All of these things you find in novels have a place in lyrics as well.

I'd also like to see more imaginative ideas of what a person would do as a boy. There are so many ways you could go with this, and I'd love to see a few humorous or silly entries, like pissing standing up, or writing your name in the snow with your pee. Some actual crazy stuff to support the more serious statement that she would treat girls right.


This was pretty fun, but there's a lot more you could do with it! If you clean up the verses and spend more time on it, you could have some really cool lyrics here. I'd like to see a stronger ending, something more than 'well that's five minutes wasted' because this is something most people think about at one time or another and while it's good that she concludes she'd lose a lot, I think there's still always going to be a little of that wistfulness. That kind of 'I like what I have, it's true, but- what if?' attitude which people have to life.

Thanks for the read and I'll review the others soon!

Heather xx

umaima says...

hey rydia (again :D)
really glad that you pointed out my mistakes and will be sure to correct them whenever possible...after I edit this piece I will surely make sure to inform you about it :)

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Sat Mar 09, 2013 3:45 am
dogs wrote a review...

"I thought what could I actually do"

Howdy Umaima, Dogs here with your review again as requested. Ok, whenever you have dialogue or thinking or thoughts going around in the narrator's or characters head. Put them in quotations and in italics. Or just italics, whatever you deem necessary.

"lightening and thunder in the sky"

This line sounds a tad bit awkward, try saying "with lightening and thunder in the sky..."

"I wound never break anyone's heart"

Hey now, getting into some absurd stereotypes here! No it's ok I'm just joking, the absurdity of your writing gives it a nice air of humor. Also, put a comma after "heart."

"I would do all the crazy stuff"

This is you describing what you'd do if you were a boy and that you'd do all the crazy things you couldn't do as a girl. But to the reader, what those are is unclear, try to describe some little things that you'd do. Add in a little more comic edge to this piece.

During the rap, it's important to use rhyme. "too" and "room" don't really rhyme smoothly. Try to make that bit a little stronger. Nice edge to add in though.

"would be as angry as an angry bird"

I understand why you put this in here, but it really doesn't make that much sense. Try to clarify these comic punch lines.

Cute piece, definitely one of the better of yours that I've read. It's smooth and has a funny edge to it, well done. Let me know if you ever need a review. Keep up the good work!

TuckEr EllsworTh :smt032

umaima says...

thanx tucker

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Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:46 pm
therealme says...

This has a similar theme/subjuct to beyonce's song! lol

umaima says...

yeah I got that....but I really didn't know
anyways I made it for run and I had run making it (that's what matters)

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Thu Mar 07, 2013 2:06 pm
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SkyeJane wrote a review...

Heya there Unaima!! Welcome to YWS!! I think this piece is nice!! It seems so fun and carefree, like your thinking about being a boy, but you don't really care.

Because there's already a song name If I Were A Boy, this was hard to read. I know you didn't incorporate any of Beyonce's stuff in there, but it feels almost like I've heard nearly everything in that song......... sorry!

The first few lines seem almost too familiar, ESPECIALLY because you started of with "right now". I'm sure there are loads of other things you could put in to make it a bit more intriguing.

One thing that made it confusing(just from the written point of view) is the lack of labels. I understand that you have verses and little bits that you rap, but I wasn't sure what the chorus was. Then you said "(back to chorus)" and I thought "But what IS the chorus?"

Also the fact that you switch around so much from the normal singing bits to a chorus to rap to chorus to singy bits....... huh? I think it's cool that you have a rap because it's now. In loads of songs there are raps and they open your song up to a wider audience.But, I think one long rap would have fit in better. Or you could have made all the verses (and label them toooo) raps, and then had a singy chorus.

Buuuuut, beside my review (sorry if it sounded harsh, I really do like your song!! :)) I think a lot of people will find this to be a good song. I would love to see and hear where you can go with it from here. Keep going!!!

p.s I love that you came to the conclusion that you love who you are as a girl. You are an unique person and you shouldn't trade that for ANYTHING!!


umaima says...

I didn't know beyonce had a song like that...never heard it too...this was just something I imagined and put it into a song.....thank you for your review, and I am really pleased to know that you like it

umaima says...

by the way my name in Umaima not unaima lol

SkyeJane says...

Glad I could help and oops sorry! Umaima...ok I've got it!!

umaima says...


"Come quickly, I am drinking the stars!"
— Dom Pérignon