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16+ Violence

Adventures of Rose Hood Chapter 7: The Battle of the Transcendent

by keeperofgaming

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence.

Saliad POV

This girl was incredibly strong. My blade was an SS++, a blade that was supposed to be immune to every attack, but this girl was damaging it.

"Sacred Sword!"

I struck as fast as I could and barely clipped her, but she responded with a kick to my stomach that caused me to throw up blood.


I barely got a second to breathe before a roundhouse was coming for my head. I barely dodged and slashed at her cutting her leg off.

As typical for dragons, it regenerated. Her arm was also back, a fact I learned as she punched me with it.

Her martial arts weren't art-skill based; I could tell that much. Meaning, somehow, she'd mastered her own style of martial arts that was unique from any other.

"Divine Blade!"

My Divine moves were the only ones that seemed to do anything, but she was getting faster, and she had begun fully countering my blows.

Attacks that should've crushed her brain were instead either getting launched back or only cutting her arm.

This was getting annoying.


Mammon POV

The girl was that strong. A powerhouse indeed. I had merely guessed that she may have caused trouble, but she was full out battling him as equals. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd say she's stronger.

As a dragon slayer, Saliad has to not only be incredibly strong, but also incredibly smart. So, he made sure he knew of every spell in every application, but this girl seems to have revolutionized her own style.

When she fought Galswell, I thought that she'd died, and I was freaking out, wondering how to explain it to Royce, but then she stood up as little more than a skeleton and regenerated from that.

I heard her explanation that it was a unique application of life foundation, but even still, she'd need immense HP to survive that blow. And life eruption. I heard that much when I ran down to check if she was dead.

That wasn't a spell that I'd heard of. It may be a unique spell, but it was strong enough to rewind her health to full. The entire round was like she was playing with her food after she revealed that thing.

I think it may have been a last resort spell, but normally, last resorts are to take down the enemy. In the final moments she decimated Galswell.

I felt that normally she would've been able to do that here as well, but she didn't out of respect for Saliad.

Wait, his sword was nearly broken, she was winning!


Jalad POV

How, I knew she was strong, but I never anticipated that she'd be that strong. Saliad could annihilate the entire kingdom on pretty much a whim. Any S rank could, but she was winning.

Dallel was next to me with absolute shock at her strength.

I think I may know why she's that strong.

It's ridiculous, but the more I think about it, the more it made sense.

No, that's too ridiculous.

Is it?


Me and Saliad clashed again and again, his sword was pretty much scrap metal and he looked irritated.

"You're strong."

"As are you."

We took a second to breathe.

It was clear that the barrier wouldn't hold up if we were to continue. So, we took a breather to enhance the barrier.

"They are... repairing the barrier?"

The audience was very confused by our actions, but it was clear that neither of us were comfortable with hurting civilians. After the barrier was fully repaired and empowered, we stepped back in the battle arena.

"I'm ready."


Despite not liking each other we'd grown to respect each other on strength alone.

"Draconic Aspect."

And that's why we enhanced the barrier.

"Arcane Oblivion."

Because neither of us were going to hold back anymore.


Did he just say Draconic Aspect?

"That idiot, he'll destroy the city."

Galswell was as shocked as we were. Draconic aspect is a unique skill that one receives from killing a dragon. It gives their strength to the killer. Jalad had an idea.

"That may be why they enhanced the barrier. Though I'm more shocked by what Rose is using."

That's right. Arcane Oblivion. Arcane required mastery of all elements to handle a single drop. Arcane Oblivion was only usable by people with Arcane affinity, but no one had been born with an affinity to arcane in millennia. Galswell nodded.

"Even with an affinity for arcane, she'd require a mana pool the size of a mature dragon's to handle that spell."

"Well, they are about to attack. Let's keep watching."

"Wait, how is she doing that?"

Galswell noticed something odd before we did.


I saw three aspects. He truly did kill Ravi. I had to fight to avenge my family.

Arcane Oblivion would regularly destroy everything in front of the user, but I wasn't foolish enough to think that would kill him, so I used it in a secret technique I designed myself.

In casting it on myself, I could form it into armor and a blade that rivaled his gear.

"Well, that's unique."

"Designed it myself."

"Impressive. Now I know the level of prey I hunt."

"Same, prepare to die, Saliad."

"After you, Rose."

It was the first time we addressed the other by name. The Announcer took notice of this.

"It seems in this battle. They gained the other's respect. Now they will fight!"

He had it down pat. We charged and clashed, but this time he was as strong as three dragons in addition to his immense skill.

He pushed me back and I countered with Divine Oblivion. He struck at me with Draconic Slash, but I barely dodged it.

He created a new move on the spot, realizing I would be able to counter anything conventional.

"Divine Draconic Blast."

A massive beam of Flame, father's power, and water, Mother and Ravi's power, shot at me. I needed to use my strongest counter.

"Arcane Blast"

Our spells clashed causing an earthquake that we saw shook the stands despite the barrier. We both took advantage of the smoke to attack the other leading to a clash of power.

His aura was on full blast, but so was mine. The barrier blocked most of it, but people outside were still freaking out because of the sheer energy.

I realized that he was trying to tire me, so I decided to go full force. In a single blow I would take him down.

As a dragon I too had Dragon Aspect, but they'd all think that I must be a dragon slayer too. Because Royce confirmed I fought a dragon, so Mammon and the adventurers that heard him would assume I actually killed the dragon.

"Draconic Aspect of Arcane!"

As my Dragon Aspect was my own, it was much stronger than a single stolen aspect. But it was comparable to three. In addition to my own strength being parallel to his strength. He realized that he wouldn't win. So, he started laughing.

"It seems I've met my match. Someone stronger than me, no matter. I will not go down in a way that you can forget me."

Upon realizing his death was certain, he unleashed all of his power in an instant to at least leave a scar that even a dragon's regeneration wouldn't fix.

I was faster.

As he channeled all of power into the final blow, I made my move, and I cut him clean in half. To prevent pain to the combatant I respected, I cut him head down through his heart. No matter how strong an opponent is, only a dragon can survive their brain being destroyed.

"You win."

And with that, the Dragon Slayer, Saliad, breathed his last, smiling as though he'd gotten a gift.


The arena was in ruins, despite the two powers enhancing the barrier, that last move they both used caused it to shatter.

"To think, she's a dragon slayer."

Jalad's opinion of the kitten had raised. As had mine. The thing that allowed her to win was the aspect of an arcane dragon. To think that she had been able to kill one.

I understand now why Royce chose to limit the explanation of her deeds. Arcane dragons were powerful, beyond mythic even. Once matured they were virtually unkillable.

"And the battle is over. The winner of the tournament is Rose! Wait!"

As the announcer stated that she won, she collapsed. That battle clearly tired her to her limit. Her arcane armor and weapon disappeared. I looked over at Galswell, who had a sad smile.

"The dragon slayer is now dead, at least he died happy and with a smile."


"He always wanted to meet his match. That's why he hunted dragons in the first place. To think that his match would be a young catkin that was also a dragon slayer."

Saliad was considered one of the strongest adventurers in the world. A powerful elf that could only be bested by other S ranks. But none of them were his match.

He sought someone that would fight with all of their heart and defeat him through a show of strength. Not through trickery, but through sheer power. One who saw him as an equal despite loathing him. Rose was the only one who fought him like that.

Medics went out to heal Rose and retrieve Saliad's body. The arena was silent. Never has a duel to that extent been seen in this nation. I then understood why they empowered the barrier, not because they wanted to prevent it from breaking, but because they knew that if they didn't the entire city would've been leveled.

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Thu Mar 28, 2024 12:21 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Shalt we commence with the spooky S’more?

Top Graham Cracker - Rose and Saliad fight a battle to the death, evenly matched. After much fighting, Rose comes out victorious, but her hidden identity is hanging by thread.

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - I think it’s Jalad’s POV in the last part, but I’m not sure. I think that the different parts could be broken up into POVS, but that’s just what I think. You don’t have to listen to this.

Chocolate Bar - I like how Rose and Saliad’s battle was unique, how they fought each other as equals. It shows just how strong the both of them were. I also like the fact that they all think she’s a dragon slayer, as that’s the most possible explanation to have. I worry though, about the reactions of Dallel and Jalad if they ever find out Rose’s true identity…

Closing Graham Cracker - A chapter on resilience and fighting for family, I enjoyed reading. Rose has fought all the battles in the tourney, but there is still more in store…she must keep up with the act of “dragon slayer” or else…

I wish you a fantastic day/night! :>

keeperofgaming says...

Little tip, if it's not specified who's pov. It's either Rose Royce or Dallel. So that was Dallel.

But thanks for the review

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Wed Mar 06, 2024 5:10 pm
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RavenAkuma wrote a review...

Hello Again, My Friend!

Oh, snap, I missed a chapter! Anyway, it's me, Raven, and I'd like to review the next chapter in this great story using my Familiar method! Let's dive in, shall we? Heh heh heh...

What The Black Eyes See...

Yes, Rose wins! Haha, what an intense fight! It seems Rose calmed down from her initial fury, then went on to face Saliad with a calmer demeanor. The multiple perspectives building up Saliad and Rose's abilities helped raise the stakes, and of course, the fight's conclusion was both satisfactory and has me eager to know what happens to Rose. Let's get into the details though.

Where The Dagger Points...

No errors could I spy ~ As a recommendation for characterization, free to take or leave, perhaps a little more anger in Rose's initial dialogue would look nice. Even if it's only her internal dialogue. You could still have her respecting Saliad's strength, and taking a calmer turn toward the end, but I just feel like that was a big character moment in the last chapter and I would've hoped to see more of it here. Then it could come off as a more gradual cooldown. But I digress; it worked fine as it was too, especially since being calm and confident also seem like big character traits of Rose, and they came into play well for the conclusion of the fight.

And of course, this is just my opinion and I am not a professional, so please take that with a grain of salt.

Why The Grin Widened...

Despite my remark about Rose not showing enough fury, I do like how she was outwardly calmer in fighting Saliad after reinforcing the barrier. That moment made it seem like her concern for citizen safety, even briefly, overpowered her drive for vengeance. Not only building up a good and heroic character trait, but allowing her to approach the remainder of the fight with a more level-headed and strategic outlook.

The consistency with Saliad was nice, with him taunting Rose and such, and the continued buildup of his character through Jalad, Dallel, and Galswell's perspectives was great.

The spells and incantations were cool, and the action was described well, but I'm not surprised by that ~

This was also great for giving Saliad a motive before he presumably disappears from the story:

He sought someone that would fight with all of their heart and defeat him through a show of strength. Not through trickery, but through sheer power. One who saw him as an equal despite loathing him. Rose was the only one who fought him like that.

Interesting motive, I would've guessed he just wanted the power and perks that came with killing dragons.

And finally, that conclusion -Rose suffering from some magic fatigue, revealing another potential weak spot, and that eerie line that the city could have well been leveled. That was not only another good way to show the power of this fight, but that Rose could be dangerous even if she's not directly targeting someone, and these people are lucky both she and Saliad were concerned about keeping citizens safe. Which could imply that somebody's luck may run out...

Our Mad Thoughts...

Overall, another awesome fight! Nicely done! :)


keeperofgaming says...

Thanks for the review.

keeperofgaming says...

Btw chapter 8 is out

RavenAkuma says...

Lol I noticed that, I missed 7 then saw 8 this morning and thought I was going crazy XD

keeperofgaming says...

lol, understandable

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