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  • keeperofgaming
    1 hour ago

    The Entirety of chapter 3 of the Prime control is out if you want to read it.

  • I've made a new character in the story, the Prime control

    Her name is Aoi- William's clingy childhood friend with absolutely no romantic interest between the two.

    I got Ai to draw her


    Ignore the back, she cannot dive her hand into the fabric of reality

  • The best thing about writing poetry is the people reading it understand it more than you do.

  • After asking 15 people this was the winner, 6 to 9


    keeperofgaming I decided to use the other one. Something just hit me just now, and I realized that that fit the story and the character better
    Apr 10, 2024

  • Which is a better cover, left or right. Note- This is Taurael


    RavenAkuma I think they're both good, though I would probably vote the second one here ~
    Apr 10, 2024

    keeperofgaming Thanks
    Apr 10, 2024

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  • keeperofgaming Hello there
    Mar 28, 2024

  • Hey there! So many reviews already, great job!!!

    I hope you are doing well! I just dropped by to suggest this amazing thread people on yws use for codes, you may see people quoting a few parts of the work in their review to give feedback or sharing that these were their favourite lines, or to make their words in bold or italics. All of those codes are listed in this thread.

    For example, while you quote a favorite part of work, you can use the code

    [*quote] the lines you wanna quote [/quote]
    (just remove the asterisk and it will look like this~

    the lines you wanna quote

    The Big Book of YWS codes

    If you would need any help feel free to pm me^-^

    keeperofgaming Thanks, I was wondering about that.
    Mar 20, 2024

    keeperofgaming By the way, would you mind reviewing some of my work?
    Mar 20, 2024

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  • aaliyahlaurier
    Mar 18, 2024

    hello hello !!!! part six of my book, candy, is up. if you havent started it feel free to start your reviews from the beginning <3 have a great day

  • I asked AI to make Rose, Look how well it did.


  • Question for you all, after I'm done writing Rose's story, should I write about the Eldritch Employee or about the Keeper of Rage?

    keeperofgaming I'll write both, but I just want to know which one I should do first.
    Mar 13, 2024

    RavenAkuma I have not explored that far yet so I am not a fair judge, but I would say go with whatever you're the most prepared and excited to write for ~
    Mar 13, 2024

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  • aaliyahlaurier
    Mar 6, 2024

    Candy Part Five is officially up now!

  • To give you guys an idea of how crazy Rose's story becomes, this is the latest written, not posted, chapter title.

    Spoiler! :
    A Ballad of Sin and Fear

    RavenAkuma How foreboding. That's a cool chapter name!
    Mar 7, 2024

    keeperofgaming Thanks, unfortunately, it will be a while for yall to read it, even if I get my dad to allow me daily uploads
    Mar 7, 2024

  • OrabellaAvenue
    Mar 3, 2024

    Hi there! A belated welcome to YWS. ^^ If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or another moderator! We'd be happy to help. Or if you ever want to chat about anything, I'd be happy to listen!

    keeperofgaming Thank you for the welcome
    Mar 4, 2024

  • Hey friend! A late welcome to YWS :D my name is Ellie, so nice to meet you! Hope you enjoy review day today!!

    keeperofgaming Nice to meet you, hope you enjoy it too.
    Mar 1, 2024

pain is that feeling when you are feeling hurt, but it never goes away leaving me hurt. oh it hurts.
— Dragonthorn