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The Adventures of Rose Hood Chapter 23: The Small Reddish Dragon and the S Rank

by keeperofgaming

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence.

Succeeding in lightening the mood at my expense, Thalia sat in the corner with her face ripped off. She was crying.

“It was a joke...”

“Rude joke.”

Her face regenerated and she looked at me in sad eyes, but I glared at her.

Royce and Dallel were clearly uncomfortable, they had their faces in their hands after all.

Elren had an odd look of anger looking at both of them though.

“Have you two done anything odd to my sister?”

Thalia then sniffed.

“Wait they kind of smell like her.”

“Oh, they rode me on the way over. I think Dallel was nervous as it was his first time though.”

Doleaira choked on her water and started laughing. Thalia began smirking and Elren facepalmed. The duo simply sunk further into the table.

“How can someone over 100 years old be so innocent.”


Jeez, why was everyone acting odd.

Elren put his hand on my shoulder.

“Dear sister of mine. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say, off all of the ways you could’ve put that, that was the worst.”


Thalia started laughing.

“Nah, I think that was the best.”

“You don’t count, Pervert.”

“Pervert? I am offended.”

Ok, now I was confused. How could that be construed to be perverted.................... yeah, I don’t know.

“Oh well, you people are being weird.”


They all shouted at the same time. I just looked at them in confusion.


“Too innocent...”


“How do you know what a harem is, but not what what you said sounded like.”

“Mother’s fantasy section had a lot of harem stuff. She was weird, but I still have no clue how what I said was weird. I mean how is saying they rode on my back weird.”

“That’s not weird, it's how you said it originally.”

“Yeah, I don’t get it.”

“You will when you're older.”

“Anyways let's talk about the serious stuff.”

“Yeah, hmm. Thalia, would you mind going to that kingdom to provide them with armor.”

“As long as they don’t attack me on sight.”

“They won’t.”

“Alright, I’ll make them proper weapons too. Can’t skimp out when fighting Whilders, especially if one is thought to be a godly.”

The non dragons looked at her in shock, but as fellow dragons we understood just how good her hearing was.

“Thalia would you mind carrying the regiment I’m sending to help them?”

“Not at all, in fact, since they know you are a dragon now, I don’t see a need to hide my identity either. So, near the end I could even hold Rose and her boyfriends.”

“They aren’t my boyfriends, but that’s a good idea.”

They agreed and we left after the order was given to the regiment. Elren also gave an announcement revealing the true nature of the king and how Dallel acted to defend the nation.

The elves didn’t apologize, but they didn’t look at him with hatred either. They seemed to be sadder that the king that they loved was planning to use them as sacrificial offerings to summon an evil beast.

Thalia carried the troop, and I flew with the duo I came with. They were in awe in the size difference. My sister, being 700, was 3 times my size. She carried an entire battalion with ease.

Because we were flying, we were able to get close to the city before I landed on my sisters back as a catkin and used telekinesis to put Royce and Dallel on her back.

I walked on the back of my sister with ease and got close to her ear.

“Land by the gate.”


“Don’t fire! It could be the detachment from Calesen!”

“Thank goodness we left Jalad behind.”

Thalia landed next to the gate, terrifying the people in line.

“I’m here on behalf of my brother to speak with you.”

Upon her speaking, the elves dismounted and stood in a formation meant for defense in case they attacked.

Me, Royce, and Dallel dismounted too.

Thalia then turned to her elven form. A lot of guards and visitors looked at her in awe.

“A goddess.”


You, I’ll remember your face. Don’t flirt with my sister.

“Vice-captain Dallel, you are back.”

“Yes, I am, now can me and our guests come in?”


They opened the gate, and the elves came in. The king was standing in wait for us.

“It seems that you succeeded in bringing aid.”

“Yes, they were quite friendly.”

“May I speak with you and the delegate.”

Thalia and I nodded before following him.


“So, you want me to go by a different name?”

“Yes, as we would rather keep Rose’s identity a secret, and the adventurers know that her sister is a blacksmith named Thalia, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out.”

“I don’t mind if they find out.”


“Of course, I’d rather them not know, but if both you and Mammon confirm that I am not an enemy, then they can’t do much, plus we have that helpful rumor.”

“That helpful rumor?”

“Yes, it is rumored that Sir Royce managed to tame a dragon and make it his mount.”

“So, you are saying...”

“If all else fails, then simply identify me as Royce’s pet.”

“Ooh lala~”

Thalia, you look too happy about that.

“I’m sure King Elren wouldn’t be happy about that.”

“Then I’ll handle him. Besides it’s a last resort. Best case is that they won’t find out at all.”

“I guess.”


After we talked with the king, the elves scattered to explore the town and set up positioning on the wall.

I went to Gallson’s with Thalia, so she could start working with the smiths immediately.

As we entered-



There was fire everywhere.


Thalia breathed and the fire started to flow to her until there was none left, except for the ones in the forge.

“What? We’re alive?”

“Yes, my name is Thalia, I came to help produce weapons.”

“You’re a dragon!”

“Yep, also an official delegate from Calesen.”

“You came to help us?”

“Yes, I am a master blacksmith after all.”


“You look elven.”

“That’s a result of my draconic shift. It makes it easier for me to fix up or make new gear.”


They were just wholly oblivious to my presence, so I just left and headed to the guild.

When I entered.

“Hello there, my name’s Asura. I heard a dragon came here as a delegation, so I’m here. Got any idea where they are?”


“Because I wanted to know if they knew where I could find a small reddish dragon that owes me a mock battle.”

“Huh, that’s interesting, she’s at Gallson’s.”

“Ah thank yo... wait a minute.”

He looked at me...

“Nevermind, I’ll find this dragon now. HAHAHA!!!”

“Well, he’s hyper as usual.”

Mammon walked in and looked at me with a lightly amused smile.

“Hello Mammon, he seems eager to find this dragon.”

“I’m sure he will. After all, dragons don’t break their word.”


I exited the guild and snuck outside the gate using my time seize spell.

I got out of possible eyesight and turned into my dragon form and walked back to the gate.

“I am here for Asura, I promised him a duel upon our next meeting. I heard he was here.”


“Ow, please do not yell I can hear you fine.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“It’s alright, but I was coming to tell you I was ready for a duel. I think we should duel in the same valley we met.”

“Awesome idea!”

I began to fly over to the valley, and he ran at the same speed as I flew.

Within 60 seconds we made it to the valley.

“Come on then, are you ready?”


Then we struck at the same time, neither of us holding back. After all, we had no one nearby to hurt.

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Sun Apr 14, 2024 5:02 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Shalt we commence with the mutated S’more?

Top Graham Cracker - Thalia warns the elves of the threat, Asura wants to battle Rose, and the question of who cares of the true nature of the dragon siblings…

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - I feel like you meant to say “of” in the part where Elren talks to Rose about her choice of words, but if not, then please ignore this.

Chocolate Bar - I love how Rose kept her word with Asura and how she’s going to be challenged again. After all, she deserves to have those fights to test herself. I also like how Rose seems to think that everyone around her is weird when she talks about being a dragon for Dallel and Royce…

Closing Graham Cracker - Rose and Asura are going to have a duel. Who will win, no one knows. The elves have been warned, only the Godly threat remains…

I wish you an amazing day/night! ^v^

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Fri Apr 12, 2024 3:56 pm
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RavenAkuma wrote a review...

Hello Again, My Friend!

It's me, Raven, and I'd like to review the next chapter in this great story using my Familiar method! Let's dive in, shall we? Heh heh heh...

What The Black Eyes See...

Wow, there was a lot that happened in one chapter! I love how you used more humor to break up what could otherwise be a boring process; moving troops and getting them in position. Thalia and Rose make everything more enjoyable ~ Let's get into the details though.

Where The Dagger Points...

Nothing much to put here! I thoroughly enjoyed all of this; Rose, Thalia, and Elren getting things set up, Thalia meeting the blacksmiths, and finally the arrival of Asura. There was just a very minor spelling error in this one sentence:

“How do you know what a harem it, but not what what you said sounded like.”

I think "it" should be "is" here, and maybe a question mark toward the end here.

That is all, great writing job ~

Why The Grin Widened...

Ah, what I enjoyed...all of it? I can't condense the whole chapter in here, but I would try, haha!

Okay, like I said, love the humor. Immediately starting off by telling us Thalia got her face ripped off also added some shock value that I found most enjoyable. Dragon regeneration really is crazy though! Also, the awkward tension between Rose, Royce, and Dallel certainly isn't helped by her siblings:

[quote[Doleaira choked on her water and started laughing. Thalia began smirking and Elren facepalmed. The duo simply sunk further into the table.[/quote]

Hilarious, and I also like this because as many people with siblings can attest, this is realistic; this is such a brother/sister reaction and method of taunting, it makes the characters more relatable as well as enjoyable, so props to you for building them and their bonds up this way ~

Thalia carried the troop, and I flew with the duo I came with. They were in awe in the size difference. My sister, being 700, was 3 times my size. She carried an entire battalion with ease.

WOAH, didn't think Thalia was that much bigger than Rose. Cool note for character design ~ And when discussing how Rose could go incognito for the upcoming mission, separating her dragon form from humanoid, the method they discussed was actually clever. Demeaning or not, the name's been thrown out, why not use it? *but I'm with Thalia in the sense that it's still worth teasing about ~

“If all else fails, then simply identify me as Royce’s pet.”

“Ooh lala~”

Thalia, you look too happy about that.

And finally, probably my favorite part of this chapter, the return of Asura! I just freakin' love this character; his introduction in the mythic Whilder fight was chaotic and brilliant, and now this...


Yes, yes, yes; love the chaos, love the energy! I imagine him as that one character in the anime who just comes at random times, screams a lot, kicks a bunch of a**, then disappears. And that's a compliment, because I love those characters, heh.

Our Mad Thoughts...

Overall, another great chapter, nicely done! I want to review the next one today as well, so stay tuned for another review!


keeperofgaming says...

You pretty much summarized Asura, good job

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Thu Apr 11, 2024 2:44 pm
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Animist1 says...

Hi i am Animist1 this is a great episode, pls keep it up i am waiting for the next episode. I hope to see how thier battle goes out if they will win. And also about Rose fight with Asura on the valey they met each other. I hope they also meet thier other simblings so that they can be reunited as one big family.

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Thu Apr 11, 2024 1:58 pm
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Animist1 says...

This episode is super interesting, i will always wait for up coming episodes, i just want to say keep it up, till the next time. Can't wait to see what happen's in the next episode....... Thanks Author

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