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The Adventures of Rose Hood Chapter 15: The Dragon of Life

by keeperofgaming

I flew for 13 hours straight, the border of the nation was close, so I turned to my catkin form and began using a lot of healing spells on Thalia.

I could almost guarantee that they would spread word, meaning that this nation wasn’t safe anymore for neither me nor Thalia.


“Yes, Thalia?”

“Thank you for killing him.”

“No problem.”



“Why don’t I feel anger? I know they killed my children in cold blood, but I can’t help but feel sorry for them.”

“They did it out of fear of our kind, you understand that as well. The only, in my opinion, that we should’ve held anger against was Galswell.”

“I see.”

Her injuries were bad, but manageable. The curse wore off on the 5th hour, so I was in near perfect condition.

“Where are we?”

“The border of Calesen.”

“Why are we here?”

“Because I heard that one of our siblings is its ruler.”

“That’s a good reason.”

“Rest, I will carry you, we’ll get in easier if you remain in elf form, so please hide your presence.”

“I will.”

I picked up Thalia and we began moving forward, as we approached the border, some elves looked at me with suspicion until they saw Thalia.

“Please, help her, she’s in bad condition.”

Thalia needed healing magic, she would live either way, but without healing magic, it would take a long time to get better. My mana was nearly depleted from keeping myself in the skies with my broken wing.

“You don’t look too good yourself, come with us.”

The guards led us to the border village and called a healer. I saw Thalia being healed and realized that we were safe.

Oh... I guess my injuries were worse than.... I...... thought...



As I woke up, I heard elven voices of awe.

“The king is here? Why?”

“Move, I need to see if I am correct.”

I saw a handsome elven warrior wearing a crown. Of course, it wasn’t an elf.

“Hello, Sister.”

“Sister? Could she be...”

Upon the king’s nod, the elves looked at me in awe.

“Is Thalia okay?”

“Our sister is still resting, though it is surprising that she was named.”

“That elf is another dragon? Incredible.”

“Sister, who did this to you?”

“Won’t tell.”


He was confused.

“But they hurt you!”

“Yeah, but they were scared.”

“And? That was a high-grade curse. It was fully meant to kill you.”

“They regretted it.”

“So, you killed them?”

“No, they were sad when I was honest.”

“Ah, so you guilt tripped them, but why don’t you tell me” I could win.”

“That’s why.”

“Come on, I want to cause destruction!”


“Awe, your no fun, Sister. Anyways, do you have a name?”

“Rose, how about you.”


“Hmph, elven name.”

“I am the elven king after all.”

“B rank adventurer... former B rank adventurer.”

“I see, so it was guild members.”


“Don’t worry, you clearly care for them, so I won’t do anything. Besides, knowing you, you probably were about ready to die to them.”

“How did you-”

“I know you, Rose. Likely you exposed your neck, were saved and they felt regret when seeing that the dragon they just tried to kill was their good friend, am I wrong.”

I looked at him in shock, he did know me well. I realized I should tell him.

“Saliad is dead.”

He smiled,

“That elf met his end, did he. The moment I was crowned, he left the kingdom in a rage with his party. I assume you did the honors?”


“Good... why do you look down, though?”

“Ravi is gone.”

His playful smile immediately disappeared.

“I see. So, we are numbered 9 now.”

“Thalia attempted to nest, but...”



“His party member... I’ll kill him.”

“His head is already on a vacation.”

We smiled in a way that made the elven nurses excuse themselves.

“Good. Either way, I’ve already nested and matured.”

“You matured?”

“Yes, I fought in a war against the Dwarven nation not too long ago.”


“As I matured, I actually nested as well. I found a mate, a kind elven woman.”

“Dragons with elven magic?”

“Yes, they will be powerful, heck they may even be able to overpower you one day.”

“I’m not that strong.”

“You keep underestimating yourself, did it when you were younger, do it now.”

“If I was strong, I wouldn’t need to have run.”

“Don’t confuse strength with bloodlust. You hate killing, it’s why Father didn’t like you as much. Strongest of all of us but hated killing. How many kills do you even have.”

“5, one legendary sorcerer, Saliad, two slavers, and Galswell.”

“See? When I was your age, I had 100 times that.”

“I consider it one of my strengths.”

“I know you do, anyways, I should bring you two to my castle. You could rest better there.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s no issue, we are siblings, after all.”

Elren was among the older of us, 500 years old, and his aspect was life. It made sense the elves took to him.

“500 and the king of a nation.”

“Father would roll in his grave knowing I haven’t torched their villages.”

“He thought with fire.”

“Indeed, he did.”

“Also, I heard this nation had bad blood with Selethon.”

“Of course, Saliad hid there, and they let him.”

“And now that he’s dead?”

“I suppose we could start negotiating, unless they try that again.”

He was referring to the condition of me and Thalia. It was obvious that it would take the power of a nation to deal that much damage to us, and the wealth of a king to purchase arrows with that strong of a curse.

“Neither me nor Thalia hold rage towards them, only Galswell.”

“Yes, they were driven by fear, that’s plain to see.


We began travelling to the castle and Elren gave us fancy clothes that itched.

Thalia was still crying.

“Sister, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“I’m just happy that we are all okay.”

We spent most of the ride consoling her. The rest of the ride was spent telling stories of our adventures.

“So, you were contracted to a half elf? Why?”

“She was a good person, one that I could see myself working for, for her whole life.”

“I see, and she broke it after finding your identity, and you didn’t find offense?”

“Why would I? The whole reason she broke it was because she didn’t want to feel as though she owned me.”

“I suppose, but Dalla Rogers, I think I met her once.”

“You did?”

“Yes, she used to be a ranger captain, but she left shortly before I took the throne. Something about wanting to settle down.”

“Yeah, her arrows hurt, makes sense she would’ve been a ranger captain.”

“Did she know you were a dragon, Elren?”

“Nope, in fact, they didn’t know I was a dragon until they tried throwing the throne at me. I revealed myself, thinking that they’d rescind the offer and let me leave out of respect to my actions, but they surprised me by simply emboldening their request.”

“The only one that wasn’t happy was Saliad?”

“Yep, upon learning I was a dragon, he left in a fuss, saying that he only let me live out of respect.”

“He never mentioned you, though he was quite eager to mention Ravi.”

“I’d imagine that. Man hated dragons with a passion. I think if I was not nearly as accomplished a warrior, he would’ve simply tried to kill me, elves protecting me and all.”

“He did have respect for power. At the start of the battle, he boasted and acted superior, but by the end we fought as equals.”

“Yes, he had that at least. Can’t be a dragon slayer without respect for power.”

“Well, we are almost there.”

“Ah yes, you can meet my mate, and~”

He smirked before saying something that caused us to smile.

“My daughter.”

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Sat Apr 06, 2024 3:52 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Shalt we commence with the review?

Top Graham Cracker - Rose and Thalia travel to the elven village, where they are healed, and reunite with their brother, Elren, who had made a life of his own in the elven kingdom.

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - I think you meant to write “fought” instead of “thought” when you’re talking about the father fighting, but if not, please ignore this

Chocolate Bar - I love that the elves still accepted Elren as their King, even though he was a dragon. They trust him to rule, and that’s rare in this universe. I’m excited to see what his daughter is like.

Closing Graham Cracker - A lovely little chapter introducing another member of Rose’s family. Everyone has their own distinct traits, which I love, and makes them all the more interconnected.

I wish you a beautiful day/night! :>

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Sun Mar 24, 2024 3:16 pm
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RavenAkuma wrote a review...

Hello Again, My Friend!

It's me, Raven, and I'd like to review the next chapter in this great story using my Familiar method! Let's dive in, shall we? Heh heh heh...

What The Black Eyes See...

Ah, how exciting! Despite the anticipation built in the last chapter, it is good to see that Rose still doesn't feel bitter and defends her friends, and I'm further surprised by Thalia -to the point I love her character even more. And yay, another sibling gets revealed, alongside even more information! Let's get into the details though.

Where The Dagger Points...

No recommendations for content! Rose's dialogue with both Thalia and Elren was cute and informative, and you showed us some of the complex emotions that were coming from Thalia's tragic situation. I do have one minor recommendation for grammar, with this sentence here:

“Ah, so you guilt tripped them, but why don’t you tell me” I could win.”

Here you had an extra quotation mark and a missing question mark. That is all, great writing job ~

Why The Grin Widened...

Ah, there was so much I enjoyed with this one!

First of all, I enjoyed the introduction to Calesen. It was cool and interesting to see members of a nation react with awe and admiration to Rose's dragon nature, instead of fearing her and immediately trying to kill her out of fear. It really shows the difference between this place and the last, which in itself makes it easier to believe they hate each other.

Thalia really caught my attention and liking with this moment:

“Why don’t I feel anger? I know they killed my children in cold blood, but I can’t help but feel sorry for them.”

“They did it out of fear of our kind, you understand that as well.

The fact that Thalia is actively grieving her children, even crying in front of her siblings later on, yet still shows mercy to humans...Well, I thought it once again reflected a sense of wisdom and emotional control that a dragon, a 100+ year creature, would have. She and Rose -or perhaps this was the influence of Rose in the first place- really show an understanding for humanoids, and how they really want to do everything they can to avoid a big conflict with them. Such a stark contrast between their true nature and what common rumors from the humanoids make of them.

Thinking along those lines, I also was interested in seeing this:

“Don’t confuse strength with bloodlust. You hate killing, it’s why Father didn’t like you as much. Strongest of all of us but hated killing. How many kills do you even have[?]”

I love this line from Elren, about not confusing the capability to kill with the will to kill (so true and works so well with this story!), but how it also links into a point about their Father was awesome. It really sounds like their Father was a more violent kind of dragon, which I was curious about. How this could've influenced Rose and her siblings, or even the perception of dragons by humanoids (as it sounds like the fight between him and Saliad is quite famous) fascinates me.

Backtracking a little bit, I love the characterization of Elren, like here:

“Come on, I want to cause destruction!”


“Awe, [you're] no fun, Sister. Anyways, do you have a name?”

(pulling up this quote, I realized there was a minor "your-you're" slipup, very minor mistake I missed the first time). Anyway, I like how Elren has some similarities to Rose and Thalia, that he's not outright aggressive and seems to act out for the sake of family, but that being said, he's certainly more eager to act out than his sisters. Like perhaps, on a scale of Rose's demeanor to Ravi's demeanor, he's in the middle. It made him feel like a unique dragon, but still a dragon, if that makes sense. And needless to mention, his urge to get revenge for his sister -but backing down after realizing she cares about the perpetrators- was a frickin adorable family moment ~

And finally, here:

He smirked before saying something that caused us to smile.

“My daughter.”

Yes, cute! Little dragon time! And a dragon with elven magic? That sounds awesome!!

Our Mad Thoughts...

Overall, very exciting chapter that gave us a lot of great character moments, nicely done! :)


keeperofgaming says...

Thank you once again for the missing question mark and the review.

By the way, if you want to check it out. Part 2 of the prime control chapter one is out.

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