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16+ Violence

The Adventures of Rose Hood Chapter 6: The Dragonslayer

by keeperofgaming

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence.

Saliad POV

So, that was Rose? Most didn’t see, not even Galswell noticed, but I could tell from the mastery. That was a dragon that just defeated my associate. Even though Mammon clearly didn’t know, he was right on the mark. That was the same arcane dragon that destroyed the exit to the cave, and nearly buried my party alive.

This dragon looked so young, but I knew it was my age. Meaning, it had likely surpassed me by now.

I needed to meet the dragon, but first, I needed to get through the tournament. That level of a fight was exactly what I needed to feel complete.


A man, the captain of the guard, stood before me.


“You look very excited.”

“Well, I just saw someone that may be troublesome in this tournament. I am eager to fight them.”

I pulled out my roster and saw that she was on the opposite side of me.

“Crap, we won’t face each other until the finals.”

“Are you referring to Rose?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Because that’s the same exact way she designated you.”

“Hah, the strong think similarly. How long has she been an adventurer.”

“A few days now. This is actually her first event as one, but because of her sheer strength, they put her in C.”

“Incredible, I must fight this person.”

“Sir, when you fight her, what exactly do you plan to do?”

“I’ve met her before, and I will do the same as she will.”

Jalad looked shocked at the notion we’d met.

“And what is that?”

I smiled in a way that made him shiver.

“See who’s still breathing at the end.”


“Well, Kitten, that was rather interesting.”

Dallel and Jalad took me out to celebrate me and Dallel’s victory in the first round.

“How so?”

“Divine Destruction is a spell that deals over 10 million damage. Even a dragon would’ve barely have survived, so how did you.”

“Life foundation.”


“While normally it wouldn’t survive, I infused it deep within my psyche. It basically protected the minimum I needed to live.”

Life foundation is a skill that creates a small barrier, and dragons can regenerate from a single cell as long as we have at least 1 hp.

“So, you guarded your viscera alone.”

“Yep, as long as I had that, I could stay alive.”

“Your magic knowledge may best even Galswell then. Very few would even think of that. Who taught you?”

“I did experiments with my siblings.”

“I see, are all of them as strong as you?”

“No, most are weaker. Only one is stronger than me. At least he was when we last met.”

“What’s his name?”

“Ravi. He is easily S rank. He could beat our father who was also insanely strong.”

“Wow, so he would be able to beat Saliad, do you think?”


“Well, my fight against you is tomorrow, may the best win!”

“Very well. Just don’t cry after your loss, Pointy.”

“As long as you don’t mewl when I break your bones, Kitten.”

We smiled and Jalad grimaced.


It was the second round of the tournament. Dallel and I faced off at the end of the day. Both of us were preparing for the fight, so we faced each other with wariness.

“Are you ready to lose?”

“Maybe if you trained for another 1000 years.”

“Hah, maybe I will.”

Elves were immortal, but few made it past 150 as they were a warring species.




In the start we clashed. I wasn’t going to make the mistake of underestimating him, especially with that gear, so I pushed with my strength and pushed him back. He was surprised at my strength, and I slashed his chestplate in 2 with my claws.

“How, that’s an S rank ches-”

His words were cut off when I slashed his throat. He realized that I was unbelievably strong. He was nothing compared to Galswell.

I struck quickly and he barely blocked with his sword that broke as well. He switched to martial arts only to have his hands blasted off by my attack and his neck snapped by my kick. He was alive and healers rushed in to heal him immediately.

Once again, the arena was silent before Jalad started clapping, then everyone clapped.

“And the winner is Rose.”


“That one was on you.”


“She beat Galswell, how were you supposed to win?”

“I thought I was stronger than him.”

“He’s a legendary fighter, even if he’s old. He still is insanely strong.”

“I must apologize.”

“No, Rose, you fought and won.”

“But I also thought he was stronger than Galswell originally, so I went full throttle from the start.”

“I see, so you overestimated him.”

“Yeah. Sorry.”

“Nah, it was my error, I talked a big game and couldn’t counter you, but you seem a bit unfair. Your claws cut through my armor like it was paper.”

“Yeah, me and my siblings trained our bodies until they could break anything.”

“Yet, no definition in the slightest.”

“Yeah, none of us look particularly strong, but we can decimate most opponents.”


“Well, I need to go back to my inn.”

“You’ll be safe, right?”

“Of course.”


As I walked out and turned into an empty alley, I felt a presence I hadn’t felt in 90 years. Not since my family's nest was destroyed.

“Hello, little dragon.”

Saliad was behind me.

“What do you mean, Dragon?”

“I fought your father. I recognized your presence as one of the ones that fled.”

“And what will you do about it?”

“I can’t kill you here, but the tourney is open ground.”

I could feel his smile reverberate through my soul.

“Survive till the finals, then I can kill a third dragon.”

“Heh, or maybe I’ll get called the elf killer.”

“Well, I’ll be waiting for you.”

With that, he was gone.


The next 2 days were the exact same. Both me and Saliad would glare at each other during the other’s rounds. We both stopped pulling punches and decimated the opponents. Jalad and Dallel were concerned about me.

“Kitten, in 5 minutes, you’ll be facing someone who killed the patriarch of dragons. And it looks like you two are going to kill each other. If you aren’t careful, you’ll die.”

“If I die. Can you two tell Sir Royce, he’ll contact my granny and let her know.”

“Why are you content with dying, Rose!”

Dallel yelled at me.

“If you die here, what are we going to do? The Guildmaster told us to make sure you are safe.”

“Yes, he did, but if I do die, I’m sure neither of you will be sad.”

“The heck kind of people do you take us for.”

“Rational ones.”

I walked into the contestant preparation room and left them behind. When someone dies with shift enabled, it would disable. So, if I died, they would realize I was a dragon. They’d be embarrassed they considered me a friend, then rejoice as the dragon slayer killed another.

Well, the fight was starting in 1 minute. I needed to prepare.


“The heck does she mean ‘rational’? What’s rational about not being sad about your friend dying?”

“Maybe it’s related to why she’s so strong?”


Jalad was as confused as I was. We went to the bleachers and looked down at the stadium where Rose and Saliad stepped out, glaring at each other. Something happened between them. I could tell that much. They exchanged some inaudible words, but neither moved.

If only we could hear what they were talking about, but those devices are only for the prelims.

“We are now in the finals. Saliad the Dragonslayer versus Rose the Rising Star. Ready. FIGHT!”

They attacked too fast for anyone to see.


Our first clash caused an earthquake, but his gear is a step above Dallel’s as my claws didn’t break it. We fought back and forth, blows echoing between us. I was going to kill him, or he would kill me, but I couldn’t let that happen.

He killed my father and mother. I was going to take revenge. For 10 years they raised me. I got stronger and stronger. I fought as much as I could. I was the second in strength. I was never able to beat my father, but Ravi, he was able to defeat dear old dad, but still, it was close. That’s why we were all terrified when the teenage elf came in and killed our 10000-year-old father with ease.

Our mother was enraged, but he had a relic that consumed the power of dragons. He used Father’s strength to kill our mother, gaining her strength as well. I promised, along with the rest of my siblings, that I’d kill the man who did it.

“You know little wyrm, I just realized that you’ll actually be my 4th dragon slain.”

I froze, and he cut off my arm.

“What did you say?”

He also stopped and started laughing.

“Ah yes, I remember. A water dragon, blue like lapiz lazuli. He was strong, but I killed him with ease.”

I stood still not moving. Not even moving...

This ***** killed Ravi.


“What’s going on? Why have they stopped fighting?”

The announcer asked the same question we were all thinking.

They stopped and Saliad said something that caused Rose to freeze.

“What did Sal say?”

Galswell was sitting next to us, his leg in a cast.

“Beats me, but whatever it is, they thought it necessary to stop moving.”

Saliad started laughing.

An aura. Powerful. Fury, pure fury. The arena started cracking and the shield was wobbling. Then Rose said something that despite its softness echoed across the arena.

“I was going to kill you before, but now I’m going to make it slow.”

Her eyes seemed to light ablaze.

“That was my brother you smug *******.”


This man. This elf.

‘I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him.’

‘He’s dead.’

Saliad looked at me with a gleeful expression, and in a voice that echoed.

“Well, it seems neither of us will hold back anymore.”


Rose struck first; the entire city shook as she slashed at him. His blade cracked but did not crumble. They fought faster and faster until their movements were blurs.

“What did he do?”

Galswell was also unfamiliar with Saliad acting like this.

“From the sounds of it, I think he killed her sibling.”

“If he did, he wouldn’t brag about it. And this rage, I felt something like it before, where was that?”

Jalad was terrified, his normally tan face was pale.

“Dallel, what did she mean that we wouldn’t be saddened by her death.”

“What do you mean?”

“I may have an idea, but it’s too implausible. And if it’s correct, that would explain two things.”

Galswell was interested,

“What two things?”

“Why she said we wouldn’t be sad, and why Saliad is acting like that.”

Galswell looked curious.

“I won’t say in case it isn’t true, but something is wrong.”


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Wed Mar 27, 2024 12:28 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

Hello there, human! I'm reviewing using the YWS S'more Method today!

Shalt we commence with the spooky S’more?

Top Graham Cracker - Rose must face off against Saliad, the elf who had slayed her family. Tensions are high, but strengths are evenly matched…

Slightly Burnt Marshmallow - I think that you meant to put a question mark when Saliad asks how long she was an adventurer, but if not, then ignore this.

Chocolate Bar - I love Rose’s fury at Saliad increasing when she faces him. He’s not just any opponent, he killed her family. This match is going to be different from the other ones, I can tell. I also like how Jalad and Dallel are more nervous after hearing Rose tell them they won’t be sad…things are getting crazy!

Closing Graham Cracker - The mystery of Rose’s family is growing! She’s so certain that Dallel and Jalad won’t want to be friends with her anymore after finding out her identity, but what if she’s wrong? I’ll just have to see…

I wish you a marvelous day/night! ^v^

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Sat Mar 02, 2024 4:25 am
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RavenAkuma wrote a review...

Hello Again, My Friend!

It's me, Raven, and I'd like to continue my review of this book with chapter 6 -and as of now, be fully caught up with this lovely story! Let's dive in, shall we? Heh heh heh...

What The Black Eyes See...

Ah, this chapter did not disappoint in delivering on that epic staging of the last one! So much to go through, so much to dissect! From Rose's fight with Dallel, to that last fury-induced clash! Let's get into the details though.

Where The Dagger Points...

No recommendations for content! This was an awesome chapter! Though I was having trouble with the multiple POV swaps in past chapters, as I think I mentioned, they're actually growing on me here. It's still a little hard to tell who's talking initially at times, but I catch on quickly enough, and I love the multiple perspectives on these fights, new characters, and more complex topics like Rose's family.

Anyway, on a minor note, I noticed you missed a couple of question marks again:

“Hah, the strong think similarly. How long has she been an adventurer.”

Even a dragon would’ve barely have survived, so how did you.”

~ On a side note, I loved this detail as well as the description of the life spell, as a way of showing that even Galswell had the potential to seriously hurt Rose. Raises the stakes even more, and puts more anticipation into the next fight.

That is all for here.

Why The Grin Widened...

The biggest thing I noticed was the multiple character shifts, all very well handled and making progress with their individual development. It almost feels like we're going into a whole new arc of the story.

- First, within that fight and preexisting dialogue, it feels like Dallel has been turned into a friend of Rose's, rather than a rival. Granted, it was a trivial rivalry at first, just taunting and name-calling, but a rivalry nonetheless. Now I sense respect within Dallel's dialogue with Rose, and a sense of companionship with his reaction to Rose's statement about her own death. The same, in that sense, goes for Jalad. It felt nice to see these positive traits/changes in the characters, and it leaves me hoping Rose comes to realize that her assumption about them is wrong.

- I initially thought Saliad, when with Mammon, had a calm aura that would make him perhaps a chaotic neutral force despite his dragon-slaying past. The end of the last chapter made me suspect something more, even though he was still relatively calm and not showing direct hostility. Oh, did that change here! The menacing, fearless threats he shot toward Rose started to change the pace, tying into the other impressive character shift...

- Rose! The shift felt gradual, and I liked that. She seems confident and undaunted as Saliad threatens her, then her inner dialogue becomes more agitated as she makes the connection and thinks about her family, then after the revelation of Ravi's death, she finally loses that composure; for the first time, I see her show true aggression and fury, and it felt not only like a huge moment in the story and a milestone in her character development, but it was handled so well! Nice!

The fight itself was tense like the last, but I like that it was more dialogue-centric. With a character like Saliad, and Rose displaying a change, it felt more appropriate and had me more invested.

And of course, great ending! Both Saliad and Rose are still in play, there's no guarantee Rose will pull through this time, and the fact that Dallel and Jalad may be catching onto Rose's true identity has me on edge. Especially since they just started to show that respect and companionship -will it be affected if they do find out? Will they even guess correctly? So much to learn!

-and, on a minor note, I found Galswell conversing with Jalad and Dallel interesting. I don't know what to think of his character, if he's just there as a tool for the reader to learn about Saliad or if he's going to have a bigger role, but either way, it stuck out to me.

Our Mad Thoughts...

Overall, very exciting chapter and very well-delivered. Nicely done! :)


keeperofgaming says...

Thanks for the awesome review, you're good at it.

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