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The Mandalorian (Season 1)

by momonster, NastyMajesty

When Disney tried and failed

to make Star Wars great again

They called up Dave and Jon

To fix their grave mistake.


After Clone wars

They came up with a show

To focus on the

Mysterious Mandos


This show they called

"The Mandalorian" was a real big hit

All Star Wars nerds fell in love with it

And screamed when Bo-Katan said, "Ashoka."


Mando found Baby Yoda, with the help of Kuiil.

And took him to The Client

Mando realized he was attached to Baby

And couldn't let anything happen to him


He shot some people, burned some too!

In the end his Mando friends got him out of this mess.

He left the planet Nevarro on his Razor Crest

And went to the quiet planet Sorgan


There, he makes a new alliance

he meets Cara Dune

He fights off the pig people

Hopefully, he can find where Yoda belongs soon


After this, and almost a kiss, Mando goes to Mos Eisley land

He meets Miss Peli, mechanic and babysitter, and leaves to find a job.

He meets a jerk, they hunt Fennec, they shoot her, and betray each other.

Mando gets Baby back, they leave Nostalgia-Sorry, TATOOINE and go see a friend.


Mando contacts his old friend Ran

And encounters his ex, Xi-an

They leave to rescue a prisoner of the New Republic

Xi-an's brother, Qin, only to be discovered and destroyed


Mando got a tranmission from his old boss, Greef Karga,

inviting him back to Nevarro. He says, "Bring the Child.

We'll use him as bait. Give him to The Client.

And then...You kill him, and walk away a free man."


Mando is suspicious. Is Greef telling the truth?

He goes and gets Cara and Kuiil to help.

Kuiil brings IG-11 to help babysit The Child.

The merry band of 5 go to Karga, and they start to hatch their plan.


Greef, Cara, and Mando go to the small town where this all started

Mando is cuffed, Cara and Greef pushing him along to The Client

Baby is with Kuiil, heading back to the [i]Razor Crest[/i] to hide

The client is shot, so are his stormtroopers, by Moff Gideon, trapping Mando and his friends.


Mando and everyone still trapped, they don't know what to do

Moff brings out the E-WEB and they know they have to get out soon

Moff sends out a flamethrower, leaving Mando seriously hurt

The others leave in the vent they found.


IG stays behind, imploring Mando to take off his helmet

The droid heals Mando and escape into the sewers rejoining the rest

They visit the old Mandalorian base

To find it abandoned, but the Armorer is still there


Mando needed answers, and fast

She tells him of the Jedi, where Baby Yoda truly belongs

"You must bring him home, for This is the Way"

Mando leaves with signet, jetpack and, most importantly, knowledge


They leave for the lava flats, floating in a river

They hope to escape without being found

Stormtroopers trap them, weapons at ready

IG self destructs, killing them. His sacrifice will not be in vain.


The group thinks they are safe, but not for long.

Moff Gideon comes in a TIE fighter to try and kill them,

But Mando blows up his wing, crashing him to the ground.

They celebrate, knowing the stormtroopers will leave. So does Mando, to find Baby's home.


But Moff's not done yet; he's still kicking

And he has the Darksaber to help.

This isn't the end

There's another season...

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Wed Apr 28, 2021 5:50 pm
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creaturefeature wrote a review...

The Mandalorian had me thinking so many things, but all of them are </3

The first line had me cackling. I especially blame the "tried and failed" part because Star Wars could've just ended and everything would've been fine. I feel the same way about the The Mandalorian too, which is probably a very unpopular opinion.

Anyway, I haven't written a fanfic poem in a few years. I'm not exactly sure if this can be considered fanfiction because it doesn't use the characters in that way, but it sounds good and I'm sure you understand what I mean. I agree with the stanzas representing each episode and the thoughts beforehand too because that organizes the setting, and it's easier to avoid specific parts if someone has missed the episode or is unfamiliar with something.

I think it focuses on before too much at times though. Everything that was said in the first three stanzas could potentially be wrapped into one summary because the poem is about the show, not the problems with Disney and previous things they've done. I understand there needs to be some base to start out with and work with as you write, though.

Then, we are introduced to the actual narrative of the show, which is "Mando found Baby Yoda, with the help of Kuiil." It's correct to what happens in the show, but a few steps of introducing who the characters are is missing. Personally, I am very familiar with the show and understand what you are saying, but others might feel left out; I do doubt people who haven't seen much of the show would read this because of spoilers though.

(Baby Yoda is the best too, and I will get into a rather heated argument if someone were to disagree at all with that statement, haha!)

But yes, good poem if someone is familiar with the source you're writing about. I found myself agreeing a lot of statements and remembering fond scenes that happened, which is a good feeling to create in poetry. I don't recommend it to people who haven't watched it though, for obvious reasons and the confusion that might occur.

Well done! <3

momonster says...


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Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:09 am
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MadilynReads wrote a review...

Haha! This is great! I love how you didn’t just sum it up but put your own heart into it as well. Based off of your name and poem I can see you have excellent taste! :p the tatooine/ nostalgia thing got me! Every time I hear tatooine I just think dangerous races and looking wistfully at the horizon..
Anyways, I thought this was a good poem because of the story you told, turning a fast pace series into an epic poem, and that you told your poem as your reactions to it as well as summarizing it. I think that one way it could improve is to give it more of a rhythm as you read it, so your poem is as fast-paced as the movie. Great poem! Keep writing.

momonster says...

Thank you!

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Wed Nov 25, 2020 6:08 am
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Samk642 wrote a review...

Samk642 here for a review!

first off, must say. This is the way!

the stanzas being divided by the episode they represent was a good idea. reading about the nostalgi--- sorry, Tatooine, makes me believe you are an old-school fan. at the minimum a prequel time frame, although my suspicions feel it may be older.

the prose itself is fine. I feel that the wordiness of it is detracting in some ways, but the point of this passage is not to be some eloquent soliloquy, but rather an ode of joy to how the spirit of star wars was returned in this show. just as in the actual movie series, and in the show itself, it doesn't need to be the most polished excellent piece ever. the poem and the show connect in that the heart of star wars is a story being told by passionate creators. it is this trait that elevates any creation from good or acceptable to great! just as in the poem he addresses how Disney had missed its mark in trying to cash cow star wars, so do writers forget. it is not the quantity of words written. it is the heart and quality of the effort produced.

in short, hats off to you good sir for capturing what it means to be a star wars fan

momonster says...

Thank you!

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Tue Nov 24, 2020 4:13 pm
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NastyMajesty says...

Yay! It got the literary spotlight! (:

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Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:36 pm
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SpunkyMonkey says...

I love it!

momonster says...

Thank you!!

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