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The Cosmic Dragon: Chapter 22

by Necromancer14

Alice was sitting in a black van, which was headed towards the New York city airport. Shadowscale was there as well, along with Melissa Remington and a couple other scientists. Melissa was currently explaining what had happened to her and the other scientists.

“At first they were experimenting on a few of us like lab rats. However, after Miss Wilkins ended up as a successful test subject, they ceased their experimentation, and we were left in the cells. A couple days later, shortly before you made your escape Shadowscale, a group of armed individuals opened our cells and said they were breaking us out. We followed them, and sure enough we all made it out. We then met with Oriella who was very interested in our work regarding teleportation. She offered to hire us, and I told her I would think about it first,” narrated Melissa.

“It seems the G.D.A. had everything figured out. I wonder where they got their information from,” said Shadowscale, musing.

Alice sat in silence, listening to their conversation. Now that everything seemed to be over, her emotions were catching up with her, and she was doing her best to fight back tears. Mom and Dad are dead. Why? Why did they have to die? she thought. She looked down at her hands, which had various green veins traveling along her skin. And also I look like this. I’m a freak show now. Who cares if I have super powers now, I’m basically a frankenstein monster.

She was distracted from her thoughts due to the van pulling to a stop. Several seconds later, the back door was opened and Oriella stood in the entrance.

“Excellent, since I’ve now finished clearing things up with the Gaver family, it’s time to discuss what I shall do with you lovely folks,” said Oriella. “Starting with you, Shadowscale. I’m guessing you want to return to your home planet, Draconica?”

“Yes I do,” replied Shadowscale, with a surprised tone. “How do you know its name?”

“I, like you, used to live on another planet,” replied Oriella. “My planet was called Blacklight. Due to an unfortunate accident, X and I ended up here, where we founded the G.D.A. As for why we know of your planet, well, we intercepted a deep space probe from yet another planet, apparently called X-8. From the probe, we acquired documented information about multitudes of planets and galaxies, including Draconica.”

Shadowscale frowned. “I know of X-8. I’ve never heard of Blacklight though.”

“It’s a more obscure planet, like this one,” said Oriella. “But in any case, we are getting off topic. We were discussing your return to Draconica. Dr. Remington, I was hoping you would assist us in rebuilding what you call your X-portal. Besides the fact that it would be incredibly useful to us, it would also allow Shadowscale to return to his home planet. Will you help us?”

“Yes,” said Dr. Remington. “I will attempt to rebuild it.”

“Excellent. Now, Alice,” said Oriella, turning to Alice. “I don’t think there’s any way to undo what’s been done to you. However, I believe we could patch up your outside better so that you look more normal, and could return to daily life. Randy already agreed, so what do you say? In return though you’ll join the G.D.A. and help us on missions. After all, your speed, strength, reflexes and endurance are all superhuman now.”

They can fix my appearance? Thought Alice. That would be great. But do I want to go on dangerous missions? Well, I guess that’s a small price to pay to be able to live among friends again.

“Yes. I agree to your terms,” said Alice.

“Excellent. After we’ve flown to our base of operations, we’ll get everything down in writing and clear up any questions,” said Oriella.


Isaac pulled out his phone, and typed out the number that Oriella had given him. I’ve decided. I’ll work as an investigator for the Global Defense Agency, he thought. Someone on the other end picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is Oriella,” said Oriella on the other side.

“This is Isaac,” said Isaac.

“Excellent! So you’ve made a decision?” asked Oriella.

“Yes. I’ve decided that I will take the job.”

“Excellent! Thank you for picking us, Isaac Johnson. We’ll send someone to pick you up and bring you to our headquarters. Also, you’ll be working with a partner.”

“A partner? Who will I be working with?”

“I believe you know her, her name is Alice Wilkins.”

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