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The Cosmic Dragon: Chapter 18

by Necromancer14

Alice felt pain all over, and her green veins were throbbing. Why did they have to make me look so ugly, she thought. There’s no way I could let Violet or anyone else see me now. The thought saddened her. Everything was so strange, just moments ago she thought that she was some sort of murderer who was loyal to Donnovan. She shuddered at the thought of the memories Donnovan had given her. Kill my own parents? Thinking of them brought tears to her eyes.

She felt a fresh burst of pain as the man, Randy, hit her chin with an uppercut. She felt weightless for a second as her feet left the ground. Not good. I can’t control my movements while airborne.

She was simply no match for this guy. Both of them had gone through the super soldier process, but she was still a teenage girl, while he was a grown man, and the ratio of their strength to each other seemed to be the same as it would be if neither had become ugly frankenstein-esque creatures.

“Listen, Randy, or whoever you are, you’ve been tricked! Donnovan gave you fake memories like he gave me!” she yelled at him desperately.

“Don’t be ridiculous, you’ve been brainwashed by Unknown number one. You’re the one who was tricked, not me,” he replied.

Alice grabbed a chunk of fallen drywall and chucked it at him. Randy merely caught the drywall and threw it back with much more force, hitting her in the stomach. Alice’s eyes felt blurry, and she had the metallic taste of blood in her mouth. Why am I even fighting? I should be running as fast as I can, she thought. Am I doing it to help Shadowscale? Why? It’s not like he even asked me to help.

Alice then grabbed another piece of drywall and threw it at Randy, but without looking to see if she hit him or not she turned and ran as fast as she could. Unfortunately, each step she took sent stabs of pain throbbing throughout her whole body. I didn’t ask for this, she thought, tears welling up. I just wanted a normal life. This is all Donnovan’s fault. He killed my parents, he turned me into this… thing.

She then felt rage building up, until she felt it throughout her entire body, like she was cold and hot at the same time. I want to kill Donnovan. I want to grab his stupid neck and squeeze the life out of his stupid face. But I know I’m no match for him. If I can’t even beat this Randy dude, there’s no way I could take on a cosmic dragon, she speculated. The frustration of the thought only further enhanced her anger.

Alice turned and looked back behind her. Randy seemed to be catching up. Alice put on a bigger burst of speed and smashed through a wall, finding herself in what seemed to be some kind of hanger. She looked in front of her and saw a couple of military helicopters. However, her attention was more focused on the weapons rack she saw to the side of her. Maybe I do have a chance, she thought to herself.


Isaac had no clue what to be doing. For the past two years of his life, he had been consumed by his job, and now he felt purposeless and bored. I suppose I could apply for another job, he thought. But going back to normal life after everything I know? How am I supposed to do that?

He couldn’t think of an answer.

He looked around at his room that was mostly cleared of the clutter now. He’d spent all morning clearing everything up and temporarily moving it to the closet, but there was still a lot to be sorted through. Although outwardly he appeared calm, anxiety was gnawing away at his insides. What if Shadowscale failed? If so, would Donnovan come after Isaac next? Somehow Isaac knew in his gut that Donnovan wouldn’t just let him live his life in peace. I know too much, he thought. There’s no way Donnovan would just let me go.

Just as he was thinking these disturbing thoughts, he heard the doorbell ring. He flopped back in his bed and didn’t think much of it until he heard his mom shouting up the stairs:

“Hey, Isaac! There’s some people at the door who want to talk with you. They say it’s related to your work.”

Isaac felt a deep cold spreading up his spine. Please don’t let it be Donnovan.

“I’ll be right there!” he shouted back down. What should I do? Run? Talk to them? Maybe I’m overreacting, he thought. He also considered the possibility that it could be Shadowscale. I guess I should go down, he decided.

Isaac walked down the stairs, running his hands over the glossy oak stair railing. When he reached the bottom, he walked over to the front door and saw his mom standing with the door open. When he looked outside, he was not reassured in the least.

Three people stood outside on the doorstep, and two of the three were wearing full suits, with ties and everything. The person to Isaac’s left was one of the people with a suit. He was a tall, bald man, most likely in his forties. He also looked like he lived at the gym. He towered over the other two people, and his face had a serious expression.

In the middle of the group stood a young, blonde woman who had a dyed blue streak in her hair. her hair was also tied into a ponytail. She had a smile on her face, and was wearing a suit just like the guy on the left.

The person on the right was not wearing a suit. Unlike the other two, he was wearing a black leather jacket and was leaning against the porch railing with his hands in her pockets, striking a very casual pose. His hair was black, but what caught Isaac’s attention most was his striking green eyes. Something about his eyes screamed “unnatural” to Isaac, but he couldn’t quite place it.

“Hello, Isaac Johnson,” said the blonde woman. “You seem a bit pale. Are you quite alright?”

“Uh, I’m fine,” Isaac forced out, trying to hide his nausea. There was no way these people weren’t I.S.U.E. agents.

“Look, Oriella, Are you sure we need this kid? I don’t get why we’re here,” said the leather jacket guy. The blonde woman gave him an annoyed look.

“I apologize on behalf of my colleague here, he can be rather rude sometimes. We are here to ask you a few questions, Isaac. Is that alright?” spoke Oriella.

“Questions? Oh, uh… sure,” said Isaac. What kind of questions? Aren’t they going to take me away? Maybe they just want to know exactly what I know.

“Excellent. Now, Mrs. Johnson,” said Oriella, addressing Isaac’s mother. “I’m afraid we cannot let you hear our conversation. We will be discussing top secret classified information.”

“I… understand,” said Isaac’s mother with a concerned expression, mixed with curiosity. “You’ll be alright, right Isaac? You do know these people, right?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah,” he lied. He felt a cold sweat on his forehead.

“Excellent. Now if you wouldn’t mind, please come with us, Isaac Johnson,” said Oriella.

Isaac followed her and the other two people. Isaac raised his eyebrows when he saw the two new cars parked in his driveway. One was a normal looking black van, but the other one caught his attention. A sleek black sports car was just chilling in his driveway.

“We’ll chat in the van, which is modified to be soundproof to make sure we are not overheard,” said Oriella. I can’t believe I’m about to willingly step into some strangers’ black van, he thought. Oriella seemed to tell what he was thinking.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t going to kidnap you,” she laughed. That did not help Isaac feel reassured.

All four of them stepped into the back of the van, which had four chairs. Oriella gestured to Isaac to sit down, and then she and the other two people sat with her. The tall man closed the back of the van.

“Excellent,” said Oriella. “Now here is my first question: Isaac, tell me everything you know about the two dragons known as Shadowscale and Donnovan Gaver.”

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